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An OS on VanGre was requested, and nothing came in my mind of what to write about them, but at last I wrote something!

Hope you all enjoy reading it!



Namaskar mere Dosto….

You all might be knowing my name!! And by chance if not then let me first introduce myself! My name is:






Haan Angre…you all might have heard “Johru ka Gulaam”,  today let me increase your vocabulary by telling you another one and that’s my case and also please don’t laugh after reading it. It is:

“Vanshu Ka Gulaam” 

Yes yes you all read it right because I’m not “Johru Ka Gulaam” instead I’m “Vanshu Ka Gulaam”. I’m not someone who’s always listening to my wife Ishani’s order instead I’m the one who ‘Kasam khaakar kehta hun ki main sirf Vansh ki manunga aur kisi ki nahi’ (Pledge that I’ll listen to what Vansh says and none’s other than him)

My day always starts with “Angree—-Vansh calling him” and ends also with “Angree—-Vansh calling him”

Don’t know what will happen of my life?? Will I be able to live peacefully or not!? All day ‘Angre..Angree’

My head starts spinning!

Well on the positive side I’m always happy working with bhai….

He’s such an understanding person that he didn’t even say anything to me for wearing such Ts’ that expose my well built upper body, well on the contrary his sister, I mean my wife Ishani becomes a wild cat after seeing my body….!

Sometimes I do think that is Vansh bhai ever jealous of my body?? You know nah what I meant, well no bashing allowed! I know, I have a great body

Sometimes I do think that is Vansh bhai ever jealous of my body?? You know nah what I meant, well no bashing allowed! I know, I have a great body.

Okay coming back! You know why I said “VANSHU KA GULAAM”, well the reason behind this is that Vansh bhai always has to call me whenever I’m in the mood to relax or when Ishani is in the mood of something!

Lekin…lekin when Bhai is in the mood then toh he’ll just send everyone away and spend some quality of time with Riddhima Bhabhi!

Even Riddhima Bhabhi has told me that Angre looks like you are Vansh’s first wife and I’m his second!!

My heart was saying to give a reply that, Yes Bhabhi I get soo happy when Bh….

Vansh: Angre…Angre?! Where are you??

Looks like I need to stop my story here only, will meet you some other time when I’m free..




Angre: Yes bhai.

Vansh: Where have you been Angre, I have been searching you for a while now!?

Well, why was Romeo searching Mercutio, instead he should be searching his Juliet 😉



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    Lovely and nice one

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    It’s kind of reality …bechara angre 😅😅 amazing post more like this

  5. Amazing❤… Vanshu ka gulaam 😂…

  6. Awesome OS…..☺☺vansh ka gulam…😁😁😁😁very well said angre…..😂😂😃😃

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    I really feel pity for angre!!! Zindgi barbaad krke rkh di hai bechare ki vansh ne!! BEchara!!!

  8. Awesome ☺️❤️… bechara Angre😂

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