My possessive wife (Part-7)

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Hi……………..its jaan back with next part. Missed me…..? sorry for making you all wait for long time. and thanks a lot for your support till now, hope you people will keep supporting me till the end.
So for those who don’t remember my ff anymore, here is the link

Recap: suji and ram on tour. Ragsan alone in home.

A beautiful morning bringing new hope and new start.
Sanskar woke up disturbed by the soft rays of the morning sun. and found himself on sofa along with ragini, whose head on his chest and his arms around her. morning rays increased her beauty. He was adoring her.
San: a real fairy. Gudiya.
He smiled to himself, then brushed his thoughts. He made her lie on the bed comfortably on bed, changed into his track suit and went to his workout.
Sometimes later ragini opened her eyes and found herself on bed, she remembered last night’s incident. It was the first ever movie date with her husband. Well not a perfect one but it was their first movie date together. Sometimes such unexpected and imperfect thing brings such a happiness that a planned perfect one cannot. It was a blissful morning for her. she got up and went get fresh.

Later ragini was in kitchen preparing coffee for her husband, she went to her room to give him and found him all set to leave for office. She wanted to ask him but she dint knew how to start the conversation. She went to him and placed his coffee. He looked at her, and sensed the she was struggling to ask something. So he thought of starting the conversation.
San: good morning
Rag: good morning
It came as a whisper, and she cursed herself for that. She was dreaming of romancing with her husband, when she can’t even speak to him properly.
San: do want to tell something?
She nodded her head in no.
San: hmmm ok. I will be late today as I have an important deal to crack.
She just nodded her head while playing with her dupatta.
San: I cant join you in breakfast as I have to leave early.
She nodded again.
San: don’t skip your breakfast.
She nodded again. And by now he was hell irritated. He sighed and took his belongings. He was surprised that he dint shout at her. this was the first time in his life that he was talking so patiently to someone even though he was irritated. He thought of leaving from there before anger take over him and he do something which he regret later.
San: if you want anything then just call me.
She nodded. ‘impossible’ he muttered under his breath and left after bidding bye to her. as soon as he left, she took sigh of relief. And sat on bed. But soon something struck in her mind and she ran to balcony and saw him going. She admired him with a dreamy smile on her face till he was out of her sight.

It very long day for ragini. Whole day went by dreaming about him, missing her parents (ram suji). Watching some movies. She was in deep thoughts. About their life, their relation. God knows what turn it will take. But she can’t stay quit, she will have to try from her side. For her, its him or none in her life. but for him….? will he accept her any day? Or will he stick onto his decision of getting rid of her. if he does that where will she go? Obviously not to her parent’s house, coz she knows what respect will a girl get when she was threw out of her husband’s life. then where will she go? Will he accept diya if she comes back to him? if so then how will she live without him? she was dreaming about her husband from the time before knowing the meaning of it, is this what she got for such a long wait? Later she went to her room to have a nap skipping her breakfast as well as lunch.

It was 9 at night. Sanskar came back home. He told her that he will be late. But he knew that she will be alone. So he wrapped up his work as soon as possible. As soon as he entered he found his mansion empty with pin drop silence. He called servant.
San: chandan….
Chan: ji bhaiyya
San: is ragini at home
Chan: ji bhaiyya. She is in room
San: hmmm
He was about to go, but chandan called him.
Chan: bhaiyya, wo babhi dint came down and she dint had anything form morning.
San: WHAT!!! Why dint you called me then? Is she alright? Ok do one thing bring our dinner to our room.
Without waiting for reply he rushed to their room. He thought of bursting on her but found her sleeping. He took a deep breath to control his anger. He went to her and sat by her side. He checked her temperature. But it was normal.
San: ragini
He called her slowly, controlling all his anger not to scare her, coz he knew his anger is his worst side ever. Ragini slowly opened her eyes and saw him. then she closed them again thinking that its one of her dreams. But when she heard her name again, this time quite loudly she woke up. She looked around and found it was night already. She got down
Rag: so….so… sor…ry I dint rea…lize. I will bring you something to eat. (she stammered)
She was about to go, but sanskar held her wrist and pulled her back so that she was facing him.
San: why did you skip your meals?
He asked strictly. But instead of answering she bowed down her head. Which only added fuel to his burning anger. Of Course he was concerned for her. she is his friend , his parent’s gudiya, his responsibility, his wife.( though he is not ready to accept)
San: answer me dammit……..
He shouted on top of his voice, scaring the hell out of her. tears ran down her eyes. He closed his eyes to control himself. He was about to say something but was interrupted by chandan
Chan: bhaiyya…….
He came along with their dinner. Sanskar nodded while he came in hesitantly, placed the food on table and ran out room to save his life. Sanskar Maheshwari ‘s anger is something which everybody is afraid of. Even his parents doesn’t talk to him till he cools down. but that poor girl is struck there. He turned to her
San: rag…..

Again he was cutoff by the ring of her cell phone. She was about to go but he pulled her again, but this time strongly that she landed on his chest. He held tight by her wrist and took her phone only to find was his mom calling. Ragini for once thought that she was saved. But her bad luck
San: (on receiving the call) hello
Suji: hello sanskar… how are you, how is gudiya? Why her phone is with you?
San: I am fine mom. But your gudiya is not
Suji: what happened to her?
Ram snatched the phone from her
Ram: sanskar what happened to gudiya? We will come back asap…..
He was cut short by sanskar.
San: dad nothing to worry. She did not had anything from morning. And as far as I know even yesterday night she dint had had her dinner properly. She is fasting for some unknown reason
He said all these by glaring her while she bend down her head.
Ram: what??? Let me talk to her.
San: NO
Ram: but sanskar…
San: dad I SAID NO. you will not talk to her till tomorrow. Its her punishment or rather part of her punishment.
Ram knew he cannot convince this angry bird so chose to let him handle the situation.
Ram: plz take care of her.
San: I will
Saying this he cut the call.

@ sujiram side.
Suji: what happened ram. I want to talk to gudiya. Is she fine?
Ram explained what happened, now both of them were worried
Suji: I knew this. I told you she will feel lonely if let her alone with him. she will be thinking some useless stuffs and ignore everything. But you will not listen to me na
Ram: but suji, I was necessary to let them some privacy. They will understand each other. Its for their good.
Suji: I am telling you ram, I know sanskar ‘s anger is his worst. if anything happened to my daughter you will face the consequences.
Ram: what? Why me?
Suji: coz its you who have spoiled him
Ram: suji it was you who was pampering him.
Suji: ha but you should have controlled him.
And their nok-jok continues

@ragsan side
San: so what made you to skip your meals. Dint I warned you in morning.
She nodded her head.
San: are you dumb. Why don’t you speak?
Rag: so…so..sor…sorry
San: this is the first and last time I am excusing you. And get one thing straight, you will answer me while I am speaking to you and that to looking at me, not just nodding your head.
Again she nodded
San: ragini.
Rag: so…sorry
San: ok reason for this stunt of yours
Rag: I was alone. So…. i…. i…

San: ok. From now I will be there with you till mom and dad returns, now go and get fresh . We will have dinner together.
Rag: only till mom and returns? (with innocent and scared face)
Sanskar could not help but smile. He nodded his head in disbelief
san: go and get fresh, I will be back
saying this he went to another room. But when he came back he found ragini was lying unconscious. Sanskar immediately rushed to her. he called her name, patted her cheeks but she was not responding. He took her to bed and made her lye on it. He sprinkled some water on her face. When she gained conscious her immediately hugged her. ragini was shocked to core.
San : don’t you dare do this again. Plz.
Rag: sanskar I am fine. Plz calm down.
San: ha I can see that.
They had their dinner in silence. Ragini was happy to see his concern at the same time she was scared about his anger. Sanskar was confused with his own behavior. For a moment her felt his life came to an end. For a moment he thought she is more than a friend to him.
He gave her meds and made her lie on bed. Soon ragini dozed off, all thanks to meds. But sleep was far away for sanskar
Sanskar pov
What’s happening to me? Why did I behave like that. Why did I hugged her? ha she is my friend, in fact my beat friend who saved my mom, brought happiness and liveliness to my life and my family. So I hugged her as a friend. But at that very moment I felt that she was more that friend. But what? Wife…. Or lo….love? no this cannot happen. I cannot love anybody again. What if…. What if she too will leave me just like diya did? I cant bear heart break once again. I took three years to gather my broken self. And this time I can never be able to do that again. This time if at all my heart breaks, it will be broken forever. But even ani was my best friend, even she left me. Even she broke me. Then what is ragini to me? Friend or love?
He looked towards her and said ‘WIFE’. Yes she is MY WIFE. She is not diya or anitha. She is ragini. Ragini sanskar Maheshwari. Wife of sanskar Maheshwari.

After a long battle between his mind and heart, he jumped to a conclusion and he found some kind of relief. With this he went to bed and laid down beside her. he looked at her angelic face and muttered ‘my wife’. He dragged her to himself and placed her head on his chest and dozed off.

Precap: new entry in ragsan ‘s life. will they become close or get separated.

Plz do drop your comments. Goodbye till the next part. TC.

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