My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-31 (Romantic Engagement)

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Ragini nd her family with parth cme to mm..swara ,ap nd lisa welcoming them..ragini shocked to see lisa as ragini doesnt knw lisa was still here..sanskar forgt to tell this thing…lisa came to ragini nd hugs her..
Lisa:congrats..u r lucky
Ragini brks d hug nd gives a faint smile..
Parth( whispered in ragini ear):is she Lisa
Ragini nodded
Parth:she is looking hot
Ragini glares at him..
Parth(forwarded his hand to lisa) parth ragini’s frnd..
Lisa:hello..nice to meet u
Parth:u r looking h.. gorgeous
Lisa:thank u..u too looking handsome..
Parth smiles wide..
Ragini gives a unbelievable look to parth nd ask to swara that where is sanskar…

Ragini comes to sanskar room where he was getting ready..
Sanskar:what baby..could not able to wait to see me na..
Ragini:y lisa is here..y she didnt go..
Sanskar:she want to see our wedding as she loves Indian weddings..she askd me i couldnt deny..
Ragini:u should have snd her..i dont knw what will she do..what she try to separate us..
Sanskar:dont think too much..she was not like that..if she was..even she cant separate us..i hav trust on our love so dont wry..
Sanskar:nothing will one can separate strong..
Ragini nodded
Sanskar:now give ur sweet smile..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pulls her on him..
Ragini:i have to go..
Sanskar:give me one kiss then go..
Ragini kissed his cheek..
Sanskar(pointed towards his heart):kiss here
Ragini smiles nd kissed on his heart..lipstic mark printed there..
Ragini(widened her eyes):omg if anyone sees this they will tease me..
Sanakar:dont wry..i will cover it..
Sanskar:u will see.. going
Saying she turns to go but sanskar again pulls her nd kissed under her chin nd bites there..
Sanskar:u markes on me..i should also na..
Ragini blushes..
Sanakar:dont wry it will not count in our challenge..
Ragini smiles nd leaves blushing..

Parth flirting with lisa(healthy flirting)..ragini gives a u will never change look..parth ignores nd continue his wrk..someome tapped his shoulder ,parth thought it was ragini nd says without seeing plz yaar do ur wrk nd let me do my wrk..she again tapped..parth turns nd shocked to see divya who glares at him angrily..
Ragini who was their behind gives a pity look to parth..he makes a sad pout..divya dragged him frm there..

Sanlak cme ,ragini looks at sanskar who was smiling..she sees bow on his kurta which covered her lipstic mark..she smiles..laksh nd teni also exchanges smiles..they cme nd stands beside their respective brides..
Sanskar(wishpered in ragini’s ear):our challenge time starts now..
Ragini:all the best
Sanskar smiles nd kissed on her cheek..ragini widened her eyes.where as sanskar counts 1..ragini looks around nd makes sure no one saw as lak teni r bsy in staring at eo nd all guest r bsy in chit chatting..nd all elders r bsy in starting rituals..sanskar again try to kiss her another cheek but before he could ragini moves back nd gives a not thst simply look ..sanskar says i have alot of time..ragini says will see..parth divya comes to them..
Ragini:is everything fine bw u both
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini told what had happend..
Parth:but ur kind info she was not angry on me about that thing..actually i said i would pick up her but i forgot..thats y she was angry on me..
Divya nodded..
Parth:she knws about me..
Sanskar:u r very lucky parth u have understanding gf..
Ragini( glares at him):that means im not understanding u..
Sanskar:i didnt mean that dear..tell me what if u see me flirting with another girl..
Ragini:i will kill u
Parth divya smiles nd leaves excusing themseles..
Ragini:so u want to flirt..first u win our challenge..i will gve permission
Sanskar:i will surely win..
Ragini:lets see..
Saying she walks ,followed by sanskar..she goes to one of guest nd talks ,sanskar too wished her nd says someone is calling u there..when she nd ragini turns to see,in nick of time sanskar kissed on her another cheek..
Guest:no one is there
Sanskar:i think she left
Guest:i will check..
She leaves..
Ragini:this is not fair
Sanskar:everything is fine in love..
Ragini frowns nd about to leave,sanskar pulls her nd kissed on her bare back..ragini opens her mouth as O..sanskar counts 3 nd leaves smiling…

Ap nd suji cme makes all 4 sit on sofa for rituals…
Sanskar holds ragini hand tight..ragini asks him to leave..sanskar nodded as no..swara who saw this says devar ji she will not go anywhere leaving u..u can leave for sometime..
Sanskar:but bhabi ji i dont want to leave even for 1 sec..
Swara smiles..ragini looks at him lovingly..ap came to them ,she kissed both foreheads..nd covers ragini head with shagun..she puts teeka on both foreheadw ..nd gives aarthi..(its a ritual)..
She gives sweet to both nd ask them tp feed eo..first sanskar feeds her..ragini forwards her hand to feed..sanskar holds her hand nd pulls more close to his lips nd kissed on her hand..ragini immediately feeds sweet nd takes back her hand..nd glares at sanskar..same ritual happened to lak teni also..
There is still time for ring they puts some music nd some of girls r dancing..
Swara drags ragsan lak teni also..rag holds swara hand nd starts dancing with swara..sanskar trying to pull her but she was not giving a chance to him..sanskar signs swara she understands nd pushes ragini on sanskar..ragini gives a annoying look to swara who gives a sry look to ragini..where sanskar gives a naughty look..
Ragini:sanskar all r watching us..
Sanskar:what i did..i jst want to dance..btw u only askd me to kiss infront of all na..then..
Ragini:but but nd vut..
Saying he pulls her close holding her waist..first they dance slowly maintaining eye contact with eo..then sanskar twirls her with the rythm nd pulls her now her back was touching his front..sanskar kissed right side of her neck(5) while doing dance move..ragini was lost ..he makes her turn nd placed a wet kiss on her lift side of neck(6)..ragini closes her eyes..sanskar then lifts her nd spins her slowly while spinning he kissed on her belly(7)..ragini holds his shoulders tight..then he slowly slidind down her ,when he faced her neck ,he kissed her collarbone(8)..he slides down even more then he kissed on her nose(9)..then sanskar leaned to her lips nd kisses being one can see them as they r middle nd all r surrounded by them nd dancing nd enjoying themselves..
Ragini gets sense when sanskar bites her lower lip which was bleeding..ragini brks d kiss..sanskar also gets sense nd looks at her bleeding lip..He gives a sry look ,ragini pouts..he holds her hand nd drags along with him to some corner..
Sanskar:is it paining
Sanskar cups her face nd sucks her lower lip gently…after a while he stops nd again asks is still paining..ragini nodded as yes..he again sucks her lip..he again asks now ??..ragini says yes..sanskar understands she was intentionally saying yes..he smiles nd placed his lips on her’s..they brk d kiss when they hears ap who was calling them as its getting time for ring ceremony…both hugs eo nd goes..

Both couples stands opposite to eo..first ragini teni makes sanlak wear laksh makes teni wear..sanskar holds ragini hand lovingly nd makes her wear ring nd kissed hwr ring finger..ragini smiles..all showers flowers on them..sanskar whispered in her ear i love u..ragini said i love u too..both smiles..engagement Ceremony got over they took blessings frm elders….

Meethu:thank u so much dear for praying about my really thankful to u..nd im so sry i could not able to give ek mein aur ek tu update actually when i posted that i started this one to sry..but i will update that one soon..thank u..

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