Possessive For my Ex-Wife (SwaSan OS) by Marsuu

Hello guys!!!!! How are you all?? Well it’s really long time since i updated?. Sorry for that. Here I’m giving one shot because all the stories are out of my mind so i need time to adjust. Swasan stories are very less and hardly there are any comments…what happened?? All left telly updates??? Any ways i don’t know how this one shot is but yeah it has mature content so read at your own risk. Moreover, i completed one year as a writer. I heartly thank each and everyone for your support and now your patience.
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Possessive For my Ex-Wife (SwaSan OS)

Swara entered inside her office wearing royal blue frock till her knees with medium sized heals and her hairs are tied in a high pony. She scanned the hall and felt weird because usually there is lots of hustle bustle in the office which is contast to today’s environment. Then she remember that their new boss was going to come. She smiled at other staff then moved towards her cabin on the top floor. The top floor has her cabin along with her boss’s cabin and a small kitchen. ” swara, new boss is here” kavita, her friend and colleague whisper to her. ” ohh but why there is so much of silence?” She asked. ” he is so strict infact known as devil so beware of him” she told her. ” ohh i see” swara roll her eyes.

” hey swara ” a manly voice cut their conversation. ” hi aarav” she smiled at him. Aarav is swara’s previous boss. He is handsome and of same age like swara. ” come let me introduce you to your new boss whom you will assist now” he said. Swara was aarav’s personal assistant and she managed his all work and now she will work her new boss. Swara nodded and they moved upstairs. ” aarav did you lost your company or you intensionally sold??” She asked. ” i sold it you know I’m shifting to US so i won’t be able to manage this company ” he said helplessly. ” i understand” she said. Apart from boss, Aarav is swara’s good friend also.

Aarav opened the door and they entered inside a silent cabin where a man is sitting with full bossy attitude. ” meet your new boss ,Sanskar Maheshwari ” aarav said and swara’s eyes poked out of her sockets out of shock. He didn’t expected this man. She was shocked but soon she recovered. He was smirking at her and it’s boiling her blood. ” hello sir it’s nice to meet you” she said giving an obvious fake smile. ” hey..ohh what’s your name??” He started but then pretended as he don’t know her name. Swara roll her eyes at his drama. “She is swara” aarav said. ” Swara, sweet name” sanskar smiled. His eyes didn’t left swara for once also. His intense gaze is making her feel uncomfortable. “Okay guys carry on i need to leave” aarav said and biding them bye he left.

Sanskar scanned swara from top to down. She regretted for wearing a short dress. He stepped towards her and she moved back. He chuckle when she keep on moving back as he was coming close. Her eyes were fixed at the floor. Sanskar gave a victory smile when swara’s back hit the wall and blocking her all ways to escape. He rested his hands on either side of her and lean on her. ” you didn’t even changed a bit in this one year infact turned more beautiful ” swara shivered when he whispered these words in her ear. Her breathe got uneven but she tried to act normal because she don’t want to show him that his presence affect her. Swara lifted her shades and look in her eyes when he was hell close to her that their lips were inch apart. ” why did you left me??” He asked, anger clearly visible in his voice. ” sir I’m you employee and you should behave professionally” she managed to say these words. Sanskar didn’t said anything just rub his thumb on her lips. She is becoming weak and he very well know how to control her. Sanskar didn’t thought further just placed his lips on her softly. Swara felt delighted when their lips met after a long one year. She can’t control anymore so she welcomed him and kissed him back slowly. Her hands penetrated in his thick hairs pulling him closer. ” i missed you so damm much” he whispered between the kiss. His words bought swara back to senses and she opened her eyes wide. She pushed him back. Both were breathing heavily.

There was silence of several seconds. ” what the hell is your problem???” Swara shouted with fury in her eyes. Sanskar give her a confused look. ” you wanted me out of your life and you got it now what??” She shouted again. ” just shut up!! I never wanted you to leave me infact you are my life but it was you who betrayed and left me” he held her shoulder tightly. ” leave me” she jerked his hand. ” yes i left you because you behaved like a jerk, you were so possessive and dominating that i felt suffocated” she said loudly and tears made their way through her eyes. ” yeah because you are mine” he said back with the same tone. ” you can never change” she give her unbelievable look. There conversation was broken by the knock at the door. Aarav came inside and told that he want to discuss with sanskar something. Swara took the chance and left the room.

Swara’s pov:
I still can’t believe today i meet him in mumbai. I don’t think i will be able to sleep tonight after i kissed sanskar. Seriously why i couldn’t control. He made me senseless. Urggg!!! I hate it when he control my senses. Never mind, it’s over and i will never let him come back to me and control me. He still speaks in the same way that you are mine. Idiot!!! As if I’m some property that he is claiming. Okay at one point i can think he loved me that’s why he was possessive but i can never forgive him when he refused to have babies with me. After that i signed the divorce papers and left kolkata and came here in mumbai. I had left the papers for him and i know he must have signed them because his ego must got hurt. Why can’t he have happy family with me, he always has to spoil everything. Whatever i will find another job and leave this one as i don’t want to face him.
Swara’s pov ends.

Sanskar’s pov:
I met her today, i was knowing from last six months about her whereabouts so i bought this company just to be with her and get her back. I’m still mad at her for leaving me but now i want to get her back in my life. I know she wasn’t comfortable when i used to be extra possessive but i care for her. Because of my popularity once she got attacked by my enemies. Luckily she was saved. I love her like anything. Even if she asked once i can give my life. Last year she told me that may be she is pregnant. I got angry and said i don’t want to have babies, i think because of that she left. I know i did wrong by saying like this but it was that i want to spend sometime with her, only us. After babies you will get busy with them. Past is past, i can’t change it but i will get her now anyhow.
Sanskar’s pov ends.

Next Morning, swara came inside the office, she enter inside the lift and pressed the button then only sanskar came inside hurriedly. ” good morning ” he said again pressing the button. ” good morning sir” she replied professionally. Sanskar chuckles at her behaviour. ” it’s not generous to say sir to your husband” he said after few seconds. “You are not my husband” she snapped at him. ” I’m because we are not divorced” he smirk at her. Swara blankly stare at him. The lift opened as they reached at the top floor. Sanskar moved out while swara ran after him ” wait” she shouted. ” we are not divorced means you didn’t signed the papers???” She asked holding his arm. He followed his gaze to her hand which was holding him. She instantly removed her hand. He couldn’t help but smile. ” i signed them” he answered her question. ” urggg you are confusing me if you signed them then how come we are not divorced?” she asked. ” i signed them that day because i was mad at you but we never sumitted them in the court” he told her. She also realized they never visited court. ” next day when i cool down i tore those papers and thrown in the garbage” he said getting serious. He stepped close to her and whisper naughtily
” so you are still my wife beware i can do anything ” he looked at her visible cleavage. Swara widen her eyes. She didn’t took a second and ran from there. She could hear him laughing at her.

Swara didn’t went to sanskar’s office whole day and the only thing revolving in her mind was that she is still his wife. She is working in her office when she heard some voice at the door. She got up and open the door.
” what’s happening??” She asked as peon took out her name plate. ” mam we need to change your name plate” he answered back.
” but why??” She asked. ” because it was wrong ” she heard sanskar’s voice and there he is standing in all his glory. ” can you explain Sir ” she stressed at Sir. “sure” he said coming close to her. ” what’s your name??” He questioned her. ” what???” Swara said loudly. This man is irritating her to hell. ” okay let me tell, here it is written only ” Miss Swara” but in actual it should be..” he stopped and lean on her ” Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari ” he whisper in her ear and she felt numb as his hot breathe hit her neck. ” whatever ” she was able to say this.
” tonight can you come with me??” He asked. “where??” Though at the end she is going to deny but still she wants to know.
” candle light dinner ” he told. ” no I’m not free” she said rudely. Swara noticed he felt hurt and the hope he was having in his eyes vanished. She herself felt bad for him. She is feeling an unknown happiness since when she got to know they are not divorced. Swara never wanted to leave him but circumstances forced her to do.
” at what time??” She asked little later. “Means you are coming??” He asked for confirmation. ” i think so” she rolled her eyes. ” tonight be ready at 9 i will come at your home” he said. ” okay” she smiles and left to her cabin.

At night, Sanskar stop his car infront of a building in which swara’s apartment is there. He came out of the car and moved towards swara’s flat. He rang the bell of the house once he reached. After few minutes, swara opened the door. Sanskar’s breathe got stuck somewhere when he saw her in plain black saree with shinning border. Swara’s cheeks turn red when she notice him looking at her intensely. ” let’s go ” he clear his throat and said. She nodded her head. He held her hand and they moved to the lift. ” you look amazing” he praised her.
” thanks and you too look handsome…” she said and then lean towards him and whisper
” and hot” she wink at him making more difficult for sanskar. She very well know how to play with him.

Swasan enter inside the luxurious hotel hand in hand. Sanskar notice man were staring swara and he being a possessive husband won’t tolerate it. He came in front of her and unpin her saree which was attached at the shoulder. The saree fell down hiding her exposed belly. Swara roll her eyes as she know why he did this while he don’t care. Later, they enjoyed dinner and danced on the slow romantic music.

Swasan came back and sanskar came to leave swara at her apartment. ” swara” he held her hand and stepped close to her. ” hmm” she look in his eyes and their faces were very close to each other. ” i need you now” his mere words give ticklish feeling to swara. She is well aware what his words exactly means. She can see desires in his eyes. Infact she wants to be with him as she missed him like anything. ” it’s too late, you should leave ” she averted her gaze not able to look in his eyes. ” swara” their conversation was halted by the voice which came from inside the house. The door was opened and a man of sanskar’s age came. Swara gulped because sanskar won’t be happy seeing another man in her house moreover, he won’t give her a chance to explain. ” who is he??” As expected his tone was hard. ” what he is doing in your house??” Before she could have answered his first question , he asked another. His grip on swara’s hand tightened. ” swara, is he bothering you??” The man asked. ” no laksh it’s nothing like that you can sleep in your room” swara said calmly trying to handle the situation. ” but..” laksh was going to say but swara interrupted ” please laksh will talk in the morning ” laksh nodded and went to his room. Swara turn to look at sanskar and he was angry. Sanskar was about to leave but swara held his arm. ” sanskar wait” he said. ” leave my hand i want to go” he told her angrily. ” you have to listen to me” she said loudly. Swara dragged sanskar to her room because she don’t want to disturb laksh.

As soon as they entered inside, sanskar pin swara against the wall shocking her. ” what you want to say that you found someone else after leaving me??” Sanskar gritted his teeth. ” just shut up ” swara jerked him. How can he assume anything. ” he is my cousin and yesterday only he came to mumbai for few days. I asked him to stay with me instead of hotel and you are impossible sanskar, if i would have found someone else then i would never come with you” she said in single breathe and tears came out of her eyes. Sanskar realises that he should trust her. Sanskar took her face in his hands and wipe away her tears. ” I’m sorry” he mumble and placed his lips on her. He kiss her softly caressing her waist. Swara lost the control as he deepen the kiss. She encircled her arms around his neck and kissed him back. When they were out of breathe, he left her lips and started kissing her neck. ” sanskar” swara mourn his name whenever he sucks her soft skin. ” i was missing when you mourn, i missed everything of you damm it” he said breathing heavily. ” you deserve punishment for leaving me, right??” He asked staring in her eyes. Swara was curious and little nervous about his punishment. ” I’m sorry for leaving but it was not only me at fault” she said. ” but you could have talked to me” he argued. ” as if you were going to listen ” swara roll her eyes. Sanskar smile, he just love her tantrums. Sanskar held her hands and pin at the top with his one hand while with other, he removed her saree. Swara gasp once her blouse fell down. It’s not the first time he is seeing her but it’s being so long since they came so close. ” please leave my hands” she requested. ” why??” He asked raising his eyebrow. ” i want to touch you” swara nervously mumble biting her lower lips. He left her hands and picked her up. Sanskar made her lie on the bed once they reached the bed. ” I’m not going to leave you tonight and ever” he warned her before only. ” i too want the same” swara answered and as soon as sanskar got swara’s consent, he claimed her lips all over again.

Next Morning, swara woke up and saw sanskar is staring her. She blushes and cover her face with comforter. Sanskar laugh and hug her. ” you are blushing as if it was our first time” he said teasing her.
” shut up” swara hit his bare chest. ” we have to go to office ” swara remained him.
” I’m so sleepy” sanskar mumble nuzzling in her neck. ” swara” they heard laksh called her bagging at the door. Sanskar give irritating look. ” Yes laksh” swara said. ” are you fine???” He asked. ” yes don’t worry” swara told looking at sanskar. ” okay I’m going out for some work will come in the evening” laksh said. ” get lost” sanskar mumble closing his eyes. Swara chuckle and shouted ” okay”. Later they got up and went to office.

After a week, everything was going good so swara shifted to sanskar’s mansion. They are back as a couple. They are living together since one week and swara still work with him. Days are passing nicely with their lovey dovy moments. Sanskar try his best not to be too dominating but he can’t control his possessiveness when someone else look at his girl. Swara is okay with it as now she is used to it. Sanskar went to a business trip for two days and today he was coming back in the evening.

Tears made their way through swara’s eyes as she stare at the strip in her hands which shows that she is pregnant. It’s the tenth time she checked and the result is same. She is not understanding why she is crying. Are they happy tears or she is scared of sanskar’s reaction. What if he again said that he don’t want this child?? What she will do?? They are living happily and she don’t want to lose it. She smile and thought he promised he won’t repeat his mistake. She wipe her tears and placed the strip on the table. In case, sanskar refused to accept their baby, she will never come back to him and will bought up her baby on her own.

In the evening, sanskar came back and shouted ” swara”. She came out from kitchen and smile at him. He hugged her and kissed her forehead. ” how are you?” She asked smiling at him. He felt her smile fake. ” you are looking dull?” he asked cupping her face. ” no I’m fine ” she said. Ssnskar nodded and went to room to change. They sat together in the hall after dinner. ” sanskar i want to tell you something ” swara said hesitantly. ” say” he said encircling his arm around her shoulder.
” will you leave me if i will say that I’m pregnant ” swara said and her eyes were wet waiting for his reaction. ” i will never leave you and i want to have babies with you, it was just that time i was not ready ” he said. Sanskar didn’t realized that she told him that she is pregnant. ” then why are you not happy??” She asked. ” wait!! Are you pregnant??” He asked, his lips turned into o-shape in stock. Swara nodded her head.
” ohhh god then why are you sad??” He engulfed her in his embrace. Swara started crying. ” swara what happened?” He asked tensely. ” i was so scared” she said while weeping. ” why??” He asked her. ” i thought you will again refuse to accept our baby” her words chocked. ” I’m so sorry for the past swara but i will never repeat my mistakes” he said kissing her lips softly. ” I’m also sorry for leaving you” she apologised. ” it’s okay, ultimately you are mine” he winks lightening the environment. ” well I’m excited for our baby” he said. ” me too” she smiled.

After five years:
Swara and sanskar are sitting in the meeting beside each other. Swara is co-head of sanskar’s company. The meeting is almost about to end and swara is teasing sanskar. She is rubbing her palm on his thigh. He had already warned him to stop but she is enjoying his vulnerable state.
” holy shit” sanskar said when she moved her hand up. All look at them blankly. ” never mind i think it’s enough for today ” he said diverting the topic. All nodded and soon left the conference hall. Swara was gathering files when she heard noise of door closing. She pretended as if nothing happened. ” so what were you doing?” He asked stepping close to her. Swara gulp when he loosen his tie and at the end remove it. ” i was not doing anything ” she replied nervously. ” don’t worry i will remind you ” he said with a smirk on his lips. Sanskar pull swara towards him and then made her lie on the comfy couch in the room. He lean on her and place his hand on her bare thighs. She is wearing red flock with black heals. He kisses her lips patiently and fulfilling his all desires. Sanskar move down and he kissed her neck. ” sanskar we are in office” she quickly said taking a deep breathe. ” that you should have thought before starting” he said.

Their intense romance was disturbed by the knock at the door. ” whose there??” Sanskar asked irritatingly. ” papa open the door” the voice of a little boy came from other side.
” sunny came back from school ” swara said. Sanskar got up and after they adjusted their clothes sanskar open the door. A boy of about 4 years came and hugged sanskar. He picked him and asked kissing his cheeks ” how is my baby?” ” I’m good” he replied back smiling all the time. ” mammaa” he sequealed as soon as sunny saw swara. ” sir can i leave?” sunny’s caretaker who bought him from school asked. ” yeah” sanskar said. ” papa today we are going out” he told sanskar. ” no who said?” Swara teased him. ” mamma you promised me” he pout blinking his dark brown eyes which he got from his father. ” okay where you want to go??” Sanskar asked as his cute expressions melted him. ” amusement park” sunny shouted. Swasan had already planned for the week end. As tomorrow it’s Saturday so, they want to have family time.
” as you say baby” sanskar kiss his cheek. Swara smile and kiss his other cheek.

The End

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