Porus 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander and Darius Meet Face To Face/Puru Saves Vishuddi and Moloy

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Porus 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru with Hasti, Laachi, and Ambhi Kumar tries to close boat hole and asks how did hole happen. They say they don’t know. One hole closes and another emerges. Puru says this water will not stop, they will have to leave this boat. They all 3 jump into water. Puru remembers Vishuddhi and Moloy are in boat and asks them to go while he brings both. Laachi gets worried. Puru assures he will return soon. Vishuddi sits on elevation with Moloy and asks him he is sure Puru will come. He says he will come for sure. She says good if he comes here, she will kill him here itself. Puru reaches them. Vishuddhi acts as afraid holding Moloy. Puru assure Moloy that nothing will happen to him, lifts him and walks. Vishuddhi extends her poisoned nails towaresd Puru. A wooden plank falls on Vishuddhi and she falls down. Laachi sees boat drowning and gets worried for him, but Amhi Kumar stops her. Puru is seeing swimming holding Moloy. Hasti asks where is Vishuddhi. Vishuddi is seen swimming.

A crocodile heads towards Vishuddhi. Laachi runs to help Puru, but Hasti stops her and himself runs to help Puru. Puru sees a wooden box and puts Moloy in it. He then rushes to save Vishuddhi. Vishuddhi thinks this is the best chance to kill Puru. Hasti reaches. Puru asks him to save Moloy and rushes towards Vishuddhi again. Just when crocodile is about to attack Vishuddhi, Puru pushes her and fights with crocodile. Hasti reaches shore with Moloy. Laachi and Hasti jump into water . Puru kills crocodile. Laachi reaches him. Puru smiles at her and says he does not leave any work incomplete.

Alexander with his army reaches battlefield where Darius with his huge army is waiting. Alexander heads his horse towards Darius alone. Faroos asks why is he coming towards us. Darius says kid understood our power. He warns Alexander that he must have killed his father for crown, but here his tactics will not work and he should return with his army back. Alexander warns that he knows what he is and how he snatched crown from his sister, he is a big traitor. Darius shouts Alexander… Alexander shouts Sikandar who will win Faras soon.

Precap: Alexander with his army starts killing Darius’ army. Darius angrily says Alexander made a way between his army. Alexander says tomorrow he will win Faras.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I understand Hindi to some extent. But could not get the whole conversation of Alexander and Darius. I didn’t see the full version in the update also.
    But liked the episode today. Was interesting both sides.
    Will Vishuddi change and tell Puru why she was sent ? If she did and becomes Hasti’s partner I will like it. But if she continues to plan to kil Puru definitely will be boring.

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