Porus 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Forgives Puru; Alexander Befriends Puru’s Enemies

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Chanakya continues venting out his anger on Puru for disobeying him and says he did a big mistake by leaving a wild lion alone, now Alexander will attack Pourav rastra with double power and Puru will not be able to tolerate it, Alexander will destroy whole Bharath and Puru will bear defeat soon, etc. Bamnni says he defers his thinking. Chanakya says guru can only teach student but cannot force him to follow his teachings, etc., he will not stay where a king thinks his seat as his bed and does not care about his citizens. He continues that king’s duty is to protect his praja/citizens and keep their safety first. Anusuya pleads him to stay back, but he says he is suffocating here and leaves. He walks out of palace and sees soldiers building tents and sharpening weapons. Puru walks to him and recites Chanakya’s teachings in his scripture and says even he is preparing for a war before Alexander and till his vision can reach, his army is waiting to fight Alexander as he knows Alexander will come only via this route. Alexander says he will tell what his guru told once, sometimes a student teaches his student, Puru taught him a lesson. He applies tilak on Puru’s forehead and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Puru promises that he will not let Alexander take even a strand of sand from his country.

Alexander standing on Takshashila’s lake side under rain with his soldiers walks into the middle of river and says people say they cannot cut water, but he has learnt to cut water, now he with his army he will enter Pourav rastra and kill Puru and his whole army and teach him a lesson. He returns to Takshashila palace and tells Ambhi raj that he wants to meet whoever kings present during Puru’s coronation ceremony as some may be against Puru and will support him, he wants to teach Puru a lesson for insulting him. Ambhi Raj says already 3 dynasty kings are ready to support him and tells their names, even they don’t want Puru’s rule.

Puru tells Chanakya and his parents that they should take Dasyu support against Alexander. Chanakya says now he is a king and not dasyu, he has to develop deep relationships with them and it is time for him to marry Laachi. Bamni says he will speak to Dasyu raj in the morning. Anusuya says only Lachi is best match to Puru. Puru says let him speak to Lachi first as children should also get right to express their choice, then they can inform Dasyu raj. Chanakya says he has to hurry soon as he does not have time.

Precap: Alexander’s aides burn Pourv rastra homes. Hepastian says task is complete. Alexander says he will burn Pourav like this, this is just beginning.

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  1. terrific heads off to this best shows best episode good luck to puru in the battle of hydapes looking forward to that great interesting war against Alexander best wishes from me OK bye. looking forward to very soon to be the big battle between Puru and Alexander I am sure that is really gonna be an entertaining and interesting I am real sure are u all sure reply fast OK.

  2. amazing.

  3. all same comments of before amazing.

  4. Today episode is good again chanakya and puru … soon ..puru and laachi marriage also we are able to see …good

  5. This ambi Raj and shivvdutt from episode 1 onwards they are the main reason for all difficulties ..shivvdutt chapter was close if puru closes dis Ambi Raj chapter …then puru success will start happily

  6. Loved Puru scenes today. Alexander rocked on his black outfit.

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