Porus 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander’s Evil Tricks To Win War

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Alexander burns vaidya/doctor’s hand shouting if he cannot save Hephastian, he will burn all vaidyas. Hepastian wakes up and calls him. Alexander says he will end Porus tonight and will end his story as it is a challenge for him now. Macedonian soldiers revolt and say what is the use of gold and wealth if they cannot send it to their family and stay from family whole life. Selukus frightens them and kills one soldier and warns them to wear back their war attire, else even they all will die.

Alexander attacks Pourav rastra at midnight from behind when soldiers are sound asleep. Bamni and Puru alert their army and fight with Macedonian soldiers. Bamni says Alexander attack from behind and it is against war rules, they lost more than half of their soldiers. Puru says it is expected from Alexander who just knows to win bny hook or crook, he knows how to answer him. In Takshashila, Roxanne t

Alexander sees Puru entering battlefield with elephants and says Puru played same trick again. Bamni orders to tie poison smeared sword to elephants’ trunk and warns Alexander that he and his soldiers will be finished today. Fight continues. Elephants start killing Macedonian soldiers. Puru jumps from elephant and attacks Alexander. Alexander falls down. Puru lifts chariot wheel and is about to throw on Alexander when Selukus enters and throws knife on Puru shouting attack. Puru throws wheel and kills soldiers.

Soldier informs Laachi that Puru has attacked Alexander with elephants. Chanakya thinks situation is not in Puru’s favor, Puru should do whatever he has to soon.

Puru continues killing Macedonian soldiers and orders to bring oil barrels. Rain starts. Alexander sees elephant’s legs stuck in soil and destroys its eyes with spearhead. Elephants attack Pourav soldiers instead. Oiol barrel chariot’s wheel gets stuck in soil. Bamni tries to free it. Selukus sees him and attacks. Bamni holds his neck. Selukus stabs him. Puru stands shocked.

Precap: New serial Chandragupta Maurya’s promo is shown.

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  1. Really wish history is corrected and shown from Indian side of view that Porus defeated Alexander and forced him to leave Bharat. Alexander was a very cruel person who would never spare Porus if he won the war. So being treated as a King by another King is out of question. Its Alexander’s historians version of the war which they wrote in their own favour.

    1. Yup, you are right how can a cruel person like Alexander would spare his toughest enemy Porus after defeating him and left his main conquest india without completing it, it is surely alexander’s altered version of history we know

  2. Porus is ending!😮oh missing a beautiful searial

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