Porus 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Defeats Alexander Initially and Rescues Hasti’s Dead Body

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Bamni warns Alexander that Puru made his aide Selukus worthless and deated him badly, soon he will kill all intruders out of Bharath. A dying soldier engraves Pourav rastra flag into ground chanting Bharath Jayatu followed by other soldiers chanting same and fighting with Macedonian soldiers. Alexander injures him and says he can finish him right now, but wants him to see Puru defeated. He walks towards Hasti’s deadbody hanging on cross and says Porus has ritual of burning dead bodies, he will ease Porus’ job and burns circle around dead body.

In palace, Laachi orders soldiers to bring oil reserves in palace and spread around battle field. In Takshashila, Olympia gets afraid seeing Selukus’ condition and says she should not have suuggested war to Alexander, don’t know what is awaiting next. Roxanne says still Alexander’s trusted aide Hephastian is still there with Alexander. In battlefield, Puru runs towards Hasti’s dead body when Hepastian stops him. Puru royally trashes him till he falls injured unconscious. Alexander stands shocked. Macedoian soldiers run towards Puru next. Puru lifts chariot and throws on them. He then runs and jumps fire and rescues Hasti’s dead body and confronts Alexander that he was right, they burn their dear ones for their peace of soul, but his brother’s soul already reached peace fighting for mother land, he is proud of his bother and will not let any intruder burn his body. He walks away lifting Hasti’s dead body with Pourav soldiers. Voiceover says Puru won initial battle and war is at it send.

Alexander takes injured Hepastian to his base camp. Vaidya tries to treat him. Alexander shakes comatosed Hepastian to wake up, drags Vaidya to fire and burns his hand and says if Hepastian does not wake up, he will burn them all.

Before performing Hasti’s last rights, Puru gets emotional saying his brother sacrificed his life for his motherland. Laachi says his sacrifice will be remembered by whole Bharath. Bamni delivers his speech followed by Chanakya who says Hasti lives in all soldiers, Puru should get up and kick out intruders from mother land.

Precap: New serial Chandragupta Maurya’s promo is shown.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Best episode ever , but I think remaining 3 episodes are not sufficient to show the degradation of Alexander and the bridging the story of porus with newly drama Chandragupta Maury , Alexander is still in the battlefield and porus is struggling to defeat and get him fled from India …..

    This moment is weird and annexicious

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