Porus 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Confronts Evil Alexander Who Orders To Kill A Child

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Porus 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ephastian orders Farsi citizens to bend in front of their new god Alexander and kiss his feet. A citizen resists. Ephastian forces him to kiss Alexander’s feet, else he will be beheaded. Citizen helplessly obeys. Hasti comments Alexander has gone mad in power. Laachi also says same. Puru says Alexander wants to see Barsin’s changing expressions when she sees the person helping her and catch that person. A child tells his parents that they told god is very kind hearted, but this one is evil, he will not bend in front of evil god. Ephastian hears that and catches kid.

In Pourav rastra, Bamni enters royal hall while guard announces his arrival. He goes and sits on royal chair and asks Shivdutt if there is any hearing today. Shivdutt introduces old man who says he is a jeweller and is in trouble since 1 year. Anusuya asks him to speak fearlessly in front of his king, his king will surely help him. Man says his son went to Magadh to sell jewelry 1 year ago, but did not reach Magadh at all, he and his wife visited Magadh many times, but in vain. Now his second son wants his share of business and wants to take over it. Bamni says in his both sons have equal rights on his business and until his elder son returns, he can give his business rights to this younger son. Man asks what if his elder son returns. Bamni asks what if he does not return and what if old man dies, who will take care of his business, he has to consider his second son now as at least he has 2 sons. Shivdutt tells Kanishk that he has set fire, now wait and watch.

Alexander orders Ephastian to kill child in front of his parents to teach everyone a lesson. Ephastian is about to kill boy when Puru pulls boy and kicks Ephastian. He saves boy and gives him to his parents, then royally trashes Ephastian and Macedonian soldiers. Boy happily claps.

Back in Pourav rastra, Anusuya tells Bamni that he should do same justice to his family also and make Kanishk as yuvraj. Bamni asks what if Puru returns and there is a tussle between brothers for power. Anusuya they we will handle family issues together.

Puru continues trashing Ephastian and Macedonian soldiers. More soldiers surround him. Ephastian shouts he did a big mistake by spoiling Alexander’s party, now be ready to die. Puru says he would not have told it alone and is talking inn herd. Ephastian raises sword to attack Puru when Alexander stops him and addresses Puru that he looks like Bharati by face and now he has to kiss feet and first kiss Ephastian’s feet whom he insulted. Puru walks to Ephastian and bends, but pulls his legs and makes him fall. Alexander says Puru’s death is for sure, but he wants to know why he did that. Puru says we Bharathi bend in front of god to take blessings and in front of evil to throw him on floor, we know to keep our promise and came here to fulfill it. Alexander looks at Barsin. Puru continues that we Bharathi serve people and don’t expect anything in return, etc. Alexander says he is talking too much and orders to put him in jail.

Precap: Alexander tells Puru that he wanted to show his power, now let us see it in front of whole Faras citizen and orders Ephastian to organize gladiator fight, let him see what Puru does. Puru says he is doing a big mistake.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good entertaining episode. Laksh vs Rohit. Not really sure if this is history. I had fun watching the episode. I am not learning history from this. I am not going to research.
    My favorite was Laachi today. Her expressions spoke her mind. Amazing Laachi.
    Everyone did their best. Loved Puru, Alexander, Ephastian and Hasti. They all did good. Can’t believe Ephastian could get upset ?
    So instead of Puru learning Alexander he is teaching Alexander about Indians. Alexander is smart. He knows the tactics. No wonder he is called THE GREAT.

  2. Yvonne Codner

    OMG…Alexander, you are so evil ordering your subject to kill a child. Did you think Puru would stand there and watch you kill a child…nope!!! Get this Alexander, Puru is not ordinary, you all are going to regret whatever you are doing…What is really wrong with Shiv Dutt? he has not learnt his lessons, your deeds will be revealed, bringing that man to tell some tale that you cooked up. Get this, Anasuya has seen through your plans which as usual, that naive King Bamini fails to see.

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