Porus 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Believes Ambhi Raj Blasted Bridge

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Puru meets Bamni and asks if he is fine. Bamni says he is and Puru’s mother belief that Puru is an iron man came true. Laachi says after Takshashila betrayed Puru, she was worried about Bamni and asks Bamni how did he come here. Chanakya enters. Puru thanks him for bringing his father here safely and says he is thankful of Chanakya’s knowledge and guidance, without which he would not have met his goal. Chanakya says he was worried for Puru as it is dangerous to be in water so long. He further says he is very sad that a Bharati king is bending in front of a foreigner. For years, Takshahila was considered knowledge power house, but Ambhi raj is greeting an foreigner whose had he had to cut for eyeing on his motherland, he wasted his whole life spreading knowledge and teaching culture to Takshahila

people. He further says he just wants his citizen’s peace and protection and can go to any extent for that. Alexander says he saw how he burst bridge to save Takshashila. Ambhi Raj lies that he had to.

Ambhi Raj with Ambhi Kumar greets Alexander and his team with folded hands. Alexander introduces his wife Roxanne/Ruksana and asks why Bharati’s fold their hands for everything. Ambhi Raj explains the scientific and medical reason for folding hands and greeting guests. After sometime, Ambhi Raj finds out that Bamni has escaped. He shouts at soldiers how can Bamni escape so easily and orders to find him. He asks to call Chanakya. Soldier says Chanakya is not in palace. Ambhi Raj orders to find and bring him soon. He then asks Ambhi Kumar who blasted bridge. Ambhi Kumar says whoever may be, they got credit for it. Ambhi Raj yells not to divert topic, he knows what he means.

Anusuya pampers Malay and says soon her son will come and save them. Soldiers drag Malay away. Shivdutt walks in and boasts that she will be shocked hearing the big news that Puru is defeated by Alexander and killed. Anusuya says her son cannot die so easily.

Puru tells Chanakya that he had to blast bridge to fool Alexander and let him enjoy sometime in Bharat and let Ambhi Raj be in his false belief, he needs sometime to gather army again. Chanakya says he knew about it and praises Puru already for that and says many kings have conquered other countries and succeeded as they were praying god, but Alexander considers himself as god and it is difficult to defeat god. Puru says he will defeat Alexander and kick him out of Bharath. Chanakya says Alexander will try to conquer all territories slowly and conquer whole Bharath. Puru says he will not let that happen.

Precap: Alexander says there is no one to stop him from capturing golden sparrow. Puru takes oath that he will fail Alexander’s plan.

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  1. great plan by puru and chanakya mastermind chanakya and brave and smart puru in this episode by the way great episode as always of porus show Alexander and porus both are very smart brave and super cute as hephistian is super cute.

  2. great plan by porus and chanakya in this great episode of this show porus puru looks very smart brave intelligent and super cute Alexander is also so cunning he is also super cute like his best friend hephistain is super I am very excited and curious for the coming forth track of cleitus and Alexander’s super entertaining track of the entertaining show live no 1 show porus with its great and super talented actors from Alexander (rohit) to puru (laksh) I am so proud of this 22 years old boy talented great actor keep going.

  3. I guess our Favorite Puru is fighting against ALEXANDER THE GREAT. I can’t expect him to be on the offense side. I should be be happy that he was able to stop Alexander from entering into India. Puru is in history thanks to Alexander. I will learn to accept the pros of Alexander and start enjoying the show.
    My Heart Wants Puru to be the winner though ??????

  4. You r ought to feel sad but you see Puru is a brave man with a big heart… And to prove it he does not have to win any war?? Well yesterday’s episode was nice but I was fuming when Ambhiraj was greeting they Alex ???? But loved Puru’s conscience and Laachi’s expression ???

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