Porus 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Marries Barsine

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Alexander with Hephastian watches his soldiers clearing stones from Hindukush valley and making way. Hephastian says by now Ambhi raj would have defeated Porus and left Pourav rastra. Alexander says Porus is a fearless enemy and he is sure would have some plan in mind. They see Barsine with her army. Barsine’s army chief says they reached Hindu kush. Barsine says Porus will come from the other side and they both will attack Alexander. On the other side, Bamni tells Puru traitor like Ambhi raj deserves this brutal death, Puru fullfiled his promise and completed his task. Puru says still task is incomplete, Barsine must have reached HinduKush valley with Farsi soldiers, he will reach there with his soldiers and they both will kick out Alexander from their country.

Alexander and Barsine’s

army stand opposite to each other at a distance. Hephastian says Alexander when they could easily force Barsine to run, they can easily defeat Barsine and her army. Alexander says Puru is planning to attack them, let us wait and show Puru what kind of warrior and king I am. Hephastian asks what his is plan. Alexander says he will walk to Barsine alone and speak. Barsine addresses her army that they will fight against a cruel king who kicked them out of their country… Alexander rides horse to her and says she gained courage to fool his army and come here. Barsine says Puru’s encouraging words are enough for her to fight against Alexander. Alexander says if she wants to wait til Puru will save her.

Ambhi kumar wakes up and sees his mother near him asking if he is fine. He asks if father Ambhi raj is fine. Mother says their world is lost in Nandanvan and describes how Bamni and Puru killed Ambhi Raj. Ambhi kumar says Puru betrayed him.

Puru reaches with his army to Hindukush valley and says let us attack from all sides and defeat Alexander. He then watches via binocular and sees Barsine bending her head in front Alexander. Dasyu raj says now Alexander will be defeated brutally, let us attack. Puru says they have to go back, Alexander has done something. Bamni says Alexander has taken Barsine on his side, now. Barsine reminisces Alexander kidnapping Barsine’s mother and sister and telling he will not force her to fight for him, but will not let her go against her at all by marrying her. He marries her, consummates with her and announces that Faras and Maecondia are united. Puru congratulates Alexander for his second marriage and says he will send an unique gift to Alexander and Takshashila..

Precap: Puru tells Bamni that he will take Ambhi kumar’s help against Alexander. Puru performs Ambhi raj’s last rights and takes oath to take revenge from Puru and then become king.

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  1. interesting.

  2. Lost interst in the show
    All are dying dasyu Rani,kanishik,his own mother,sumer,ripudaman he is not able to save anyone ..
    Except Chanakya he was saved himself
    Becoz he was intelligent
    Puru saved Alexander mother but not his own mother….
    become enemies to porus .
    Before also dasyu,his own brother ,takshsila
    Now Ambiraj

  3. Not Ambiraj …Ambi Kumar. Ambi raj killed by puru has reason becoz he killed puru mother it is OK
    Now again one enemy Ambi Kumar

  4. Alexander marries Barsin ..
    I read about Alexander in history ..
    Barsin is his wife ..hmm
    Wait to see next move of porus

  5. Lunminthang Kipgen

    You can see the whole story of Alexander story and his conquest in Daniel chapter 2, 7, 8 and 11. Daniel is one of t Books of The Bible. Alexander might and conquest was mentioned more than 100 years before he was even born.please read it

  6. I don’t expect the show to be historically accurate. Historically, Barsine’s mother died long before Barsine’s marriage to Alexander. Barsine and her younger sister Drypestis were married on the same day to Alexander and Hephaestion respectively .

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