Porus 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Scorpion Bites Puru; Barsine Misguides Chanakya

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Porus 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumer hides scorpion in holy ash pot. Anusuya takes pot and walks towards Shivling. Sumer thinks if Puru dies with scorpion bite, he will be doubted first. Chanakya watches Barsine’s moves carefully. She walks aside, picks knife and rushes away. Chanakya follows her. Puru picks holi ash from pot and with Lachi smears it on Shivling. Sumer thinks he has to do something, picks his knife and runs towards Puru. Bamni and Anusuya look in a shock. He runs and snatches pot from Puru and stabs ash. Hasti asks what is Sumer doing. Sumer says he saw scorpion entering this pot. Puru’s hand bleed. Laachi gets tensed. Puru opens fist and scorpion falls down. Everyone stand worried. Puru turns blue with poison and gets weak. Bamni rushes to him, but he stops Bamni, picks a bottle from his pocket,

opens it and drinks medicine in it. Ambhi then runs and holds him and asks if he is fine. Puru asks not worry, he took poison antidote and acharya Chanakya gave it to him. Bamni orders to call Chanakya and takes Puru away with Hasti’s help. Anusuya thinks where Chanakya musty be.

Chanakya continues following Barsine. Barsine hides seeing him. Chanakya thinks where she went, what she is up to. His disciplines ask him not to worry, they will search ‘Barsine. Chanakya says he will return to temple.
Barsine thinks she cannot let him return to temple and runs away on horse. Chanakya stops and thinks he has to follow Barsine.

Vaidya gives medicine to Puru and leaves. Bamni orders to close all city doors, until king Puru gets well and he finds out truth, nobody will go out of city. He says such a strong poison in pot is not a coincidence, enemy knows Puru can be killed via trick, someone from family is a traitor for sure, else nobody can breach such strong security. Anusuya looks at Sumer. Sumer tells Bamni that he is right, someone from family is a traitor, he did not see scorpion when he put ash in pot, but when Puru picked ash, he saw some movement and realized pot has scorpion. Hasti informs that Barsine tried to kill Puru. Laachi asks in a shock. Hasti says even he did not believe, Acharya Chanakya and his students have gone behind her. Bamni orders to catch her. Anusuya realizes something is wrong.

Chanakya follows Barsine into jungle and stops her, says there is no use running now, he came to know truth that she lied Puru that Alexander killed her family. She just acted to gain Puru and his family’s trust, she has come with some motto, what is it. She says he is right, nobody is killed from her family and she came here with a special motto. Arrow hits Chanakya’s students and they all die. Hepastian enters with army and surrounds Chanakya. Barsine apologizes. Hephastian angrily yells at Chanakya that he tricked great Alexander and brought him here, now get ready to die. Chanakya says if someone does not learn from other’s mistakes, he is a biggest fool, do whatever he wants to soon.

Precap: Alexander tells Olympia that she wanted Chanakya dead, now he will kill Chanakya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I luv the whole episode whole show porus.

  2. Day by day porus show becaming more interesting and entertaining i luv the todays epsoide

  3. I guess the dragging started again. Poor Acharya. Will he get out of Alexander ‘s clutches? Will they figure out Sumeer’s intention ? Will Sumeer release Kanishk? What happened to Dasyu Rani ?

  4. ur absolutely right.

  5. no there is no dragging ur wrong the story is so much interesting and entertaining day by day what u all say.

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