Piya Rangrezz 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri sees Shraddha walking away with towel for Sher and asks her to move ahead. Mama provokes her. Bhavri says her son is Sher and will not get into Shradha’s trap. She does not know how powerful she is. Daadi comes and says supari boasts abouts it strength, but cutter cuts it into pieces and a person grinds it with teeth and throws it. Bhavri angrily walks in.

Shraddha gives towel to Sher and thanks him for attending her daadi’s funeral. She says he asked her a question yesterday and says she does not have to make him believe that she will chose him. He asks how to believe her as she is already married him and is saying helplessly. She says some relationships a person selects and some come in destiny. She will follow their relationship with her heart. She turns back and sees Sher already walking away.

Daadi tells Bhavri that she is at the same place where she was standing some years ago, but the difference is she was not having right to stand here and she has. After her son’s death, she kicked her out and did not let her even to hug her grandson Sher. Now, time is changing and her son is slipping away from her pallu, now she will also suffer like she did and god will punish her. Bhavri says god gave her son like Sher and villagers designation of thakurayan. Daadi says time will change and it will show her defeat.

Shraddha comes to Bhavri’s room with tea. Bhavri asks her to stop staring and get out after keeping tea and pushes her out. She then reminisces daadi’s words.

Shraddha while preparing food reminisces her mom’s words. Virat enters and tries to speak. she says she cannot talk to him. He says she is misunderstanding him, he know she is not happy with her marriage and he wants to help her. She says she does not need her help. She says she is happy the way she is and requests him not to talk to her. Sher enters and asks Virat not to force his wife if she does not want to talk. Virat tries to speak, but Sher interrupts. He sas if in future he tries to trouble his wife, he will not spare him. He then calls Gajra and asks her to serve him food in 5 minutes. She looks at Shraddha. Shraddha signals her 5 min and she will serve in 10 min. He says if he does not get food in 10 min, he will eat that.

Bhavri’s puppet hears their conversation and brainwashes her that her son will slip from her pallu soon. Bhavri gets irked. Servant says she heard Sher ordering Virat to stay away from Virat. Bhavri says there must be something in their past.

Vikas enters mama’s room and picks his wallet, but reads a note that he is not fool like him. Vikas searches money in whole room, but does not find it. He then sees boooks and finds money in book. He takes money and walks out. Mama comes taking bath and sees his money missing and thinks thief stole her money. He sees Vikas giving money to Sunehri. She says he will not accept it as her father will not leave her. He says he doe snot care is about to kiss her when mama comes. He runs in his bike.

Sher misbehaves with Daadi. She asks him to stop misbehaving like his mom and respect her daadi. He says she should expect respect with Virat and says she favors Virat than him. She says she favors him as he is her son’s son and will continue her family. He continues his misbehavior. She angrily curses Bhavri. She gets angry and asks her to stop cursing his mom and says he will be always his mom’s son. He sees Shraddha with food and asks daadi to leave. Daadi leaves wiping her tears. He then asks Shradddha to keep food plate and get out. Bhavri comes and asks him to come with her. He says he will after having food and if she is in a hurry, she can take her puppets mama, Vikas, etc. She says she needs him and asks him to have food first. She sees water glass empty and in lieu of filling it throws food plate.

Precap: Bhavri says Shraddha that Sher is her lone son and she cannot snatch him fro her. Daadi asks Shradha to promise her that she will get Sher out of Bhavri’s trap and fill his life with colors.

Update Credit to: MA

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