Piya Rangrezz 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri shouts at Chanda to come out and stop hiding. Shamsher and Arjun come from outside and asks whom she is shouting at. Bhavri says Chanda had come. They says there is nobody here. She shouts at Chanda that she has her 2 grandsons who will kill her.

Veer gulps alcohol glasses and asks Chanda why did she go in front of Bhavri when he has already planned how to kill her and her family slowly. She says he does all planning and she just sits at home waiting for good news, she thought this time she would torture Bhavri. She then says Shamsher looks like his father. Veer says that is why his blood turns white when he sees Shamsher and he will kill Shamsher first. He gulps glasses of alcohol angrily again.

Shamsher picks cigarette. Arjun snatches it and says he will not let him smoke. Shamsher says today Aji ammi is very angry and he cannot see her like that. Arjun says she was not that angry even when Shamsher fell from mountain. Shamsher says he had won race that day. Their argument start. Arjun says that is why it is called family with nok jhok and lots of love and says he does not want to see Aji amma in tension again. Shamsher says if he forgets Aradhya, half of their problems wil be solved. Arjun asks him not to interfere in his personal life. Shamsher says someone is trying to break their family. Arjun says it is not Aradhya and says again he should stop interfering in his personal life. Shamshe thinks he will break their relationship and will save his brother and family for sure.

Reporters throng Aradhya’s colleage doctor and question from where they are getting fake medicines and distributing among poor. Aradhya comes and they surround her. Deen comes out and they surround even him. Deen shoos them away via security and asks Aradhya if she is fine. She says yes. He asks her to come in then. Aradhya thinks how come she does not know about fake medicine racket in her hospital, someone is trying to tarnish her name. Shamsher comes and asks how was his attack. She fumes seeing him.

Arjun buys lots of flower bouquets and decorates his bike and thinks if Aradhya likes flowers or not. He calls her, but her number is switched off. Aradhya asks Shamsher if he changed medicines and called media. He nods yes. She says he is playing with poor patients and will be cursed. He says he does not like her same arrogant attitude and says her patients will bless him instead if he gives them liquor bottles and asks if she wants to see sample. She says he is so shameless. He says he is and asks her to stay away from Arjun, else he will make sure that she celebrates her next birthday in jail. Aradhya changes patient’s medicines and asks nurse to get new stock. Arjun calls her again and asks if she likes flowers. She says she hates flowers and disconnects call. Arjun sadly throws flower bouquets.

Bhavri scolds Shamsher for confronting Aradhya without her consent. He says he had to do it to save Arjun. She asks what if she informs Arjun. He says she will not as she is coward like her dad and just worries about her patients. She says if she opens her mouth, they will love Arjun forever.

Arjun calls Aradhya again, but she disconnects call. She then gets busy with patient care. At night, he calls her again, but she gets busy studying on her laptop and falls asleep on study table. In the morning, Arjun calls her again, but she does not reply. At night, Aradhya weather news about heavy rains in her area. She reminisces Arjun’s love and care for her. Rain starts. Arjun calls her again and she after thinking a lot picks his call finally. He asks why is she doing this, he is outside her house and wants to meet her. She shockingly asks what…, peeps from window and asks if he has gone mad. He says he will not go before meeting her. She says rain will not stop soon and he should return home. She says she will not come. He asks is that her final decision. She says yes. He says bye and stands watching her. She reminisces Shamsher’s warning and thinks of not calling Arjun, else she may not control herself.

Precap: Arjun and Shamsher point gun on each other. Veer provokes them to shoot each other.

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