Piya Albela 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren asking Gudiya to give puja flower to her mum. She gives to Chandani. Chandani gets emotional and hugs her. Everyone gets teary eyes. Pooja looks on. Chandani says I got many names in this street, and for the first time I got respect. She thanks him. Rahul wakes up at other kotha and asks the pr*stitute why did people gather here. Pooja sees him and clicks his photo with the pr*stitute. She thinks so he brought Naren here. Rahul sees Pooja and gets tensed. Supriya asks Harsha to stay in the outhouse and asks how you will manage in 2 rooms. Harsha says so you means outside the house. Supriya says I thought it has 3 rooms and nobody will have any problem. Harsha agrees and understands Neelima is behind it. Rakesh asks where is Mayank? Supriya says he is in Naren’s farm and tells that Pooja is making them work in farm. Rakesh says Mayank will learn hard work this way.

Rahul is leaving. Pooja calls him and says what did you think that you will ruin Naren’s character. Rahul asks how you will stop me and says Naren has spend night here. Pooja says Naren had returned home yesterday itself and says you have spent night here. She warns him to stay in his limits and shows his pic, else she will expose him. Neelima calls Rahul and asks him to come home. Rahul tells that he is in ghat with Naren. Neelima asks him to come. Pooja says you can’t harm Naren. Naren teaches kids. Other kids also come there. Naren teaches them. Pooja sees him teaching kids and smiles….song plays…She thinks his intention is good, but how can kids study in this environment. She thinks Harish will not support him and thinks to get his school shifted to some other place. She calls him and says you are doing a good work, and says such people are found rarely and people like us couldn’t understand your intentions. Naren asks her to help him. Pooja asks him to take classes in his farm and says kids will study well. Naren asks what is wrong here? Pooja says don’t think me wrong, how can kids study in this environment. Naren says you have problem with the dance, and says even you danced during Bua ji’s birthday. He asks her to return if she don’t want to stay.

Anuj brings breakfast for Rachel and asks her to get ready for dance class. Kusum asks her when she will give rent. Rachel says Anuj will talk to you. Anuj takes her outside and tells that she will give rent at month last. He thinks from where to get 5000 Rs.

Mayank talks to Bholu and thinks he doesn’t know why he is missing Pooja. He thinks something is different in Pooja. He tells that he can’t talk infront of her. Kids come and asks other kids to come and play. Gudiya is still sitting. Naren tells Gudiya that they will study for sometime and then she can play. Pooja tells that that’s why she said that children shall study in farm house.

Naren says when you see this place with wrong perspective, you will see it wrong. He says you think this place wrong and that’s why you have hidden your face. Pooja asks him to think about Supriya and Harish. Naren calls her coward and asks her to go, if she really wants to help him, then remove the fear veil. She goes. Chandani tries to stop her, but Mohini stops her. Pooja walks out and thinks of Kusum’s warning and Naren’s words. Just then she sees Satish coming there in rickshaw. She wonders what Mama is doing here? Satish is going to Rang Mahal and gets Kusum’s call. He says he will deliver Sitar and come. Pooja follows him. Chandani opens the door and greets Satish. Satish also talks to her nicely and says he has repaired her sitar. Chandani calls him inside. Pooja thinks what will Mama think of Naren if he sees him inside.

“Maathi Nahi Faraq Karta
Beech aaye kis Mandi Se
Hawa Nahi Roke Kisi ko
Khulkar Saans Lene Se
Soche Nahi Barkha ki Bunde
Kahan Barse Ambar Se
Phir Hum Kyun Karte Hai Alag
Insaan Ko Insaaniyat Se”

(Soil don’t bother from which market the seed came from, Air don’t stop anyone from taking breath freely, rain droplets don’t think from where to fall from sky, then why do we separate humans from humanity)

Malanga Re plays……

Naren asks Pooja to live her life freely. Pooja removes dupatta from her head and smiles looking at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So…it’s love triangle!!! I like Mayank.

  2. Hiii Malang’s ,
    Today’s episode is so good the way Pooja handle that evil rahul is too fantastic & mayank he is falling for Pooja .. And our wonderful naren he know always ask Pooja to help if she want.. I remember that episode when they first meet and naren told why Pooja is inter fairing in his life to supriya ji and know I thought know in every matter naren ask Pooja to help this shows slowly slowly naren feels something for Pooja which he is not discovering yet but soon he realize that… Hope well

  3. Nyce episode and i feel mayank likes pooja

    1. Yeah me too!!??

  4. I think naren will fell jealous when mayank fall for pooja and pooja would deny it.so Mayank would ask Maren to help,which will result in naren falling for pooja….hope so…

    1. Devga

      As per they r portraying Naren’s character I don’t think they will show jealous nature … Rather he would keep his feelings for Pooja ( feelings may or may not arise in future ) inside and help mayank and Pooja love story …

      It’s just my imagination and opinion…

      1. Yeah you may be right devga

  5. Devga

    Sri atlast it happened the love triangle …..

    But wen wil naren ? He is still only caring for her bcz of her nature and character …. Wen wil LOVE blossom …

    Anyways don’t want mayank as negative Wat so evr may b the situations … Don’t ever make him negative….

    Wow Pooja gave back a powerful reply …. But she should not have shown THE pics … She wil fall in prob … Rahul wil try to erase it and he wil harm her for tht … Hope so she will b safe …

    Precap looks interesting ….

  6. Devga

    Oh my god those LAST LINES … ufff it kills my inner soul to think think and think ,…….

    I am already a strong believer of no discrimination between cast creed religion colour status gender family background …. Watevr divisions people have …. And now everyday these lines put me more into thinking …

    These lines should reached all those who discriminate others…..

    1. Hiii again. Ufff I’m falling for Naren badly. He is human goals. What a soul he is! And today’s song was also portraying the required emotions like- “Why can’t people understand you and don’t choose your path.”
      My mother said one line which I would like to share -“Chala tha Rahul barbaad karne usey, jo jahan bhi jaate sabko aabaad karte hain”??? Really I never thought this Rang gali situation would turn out to be so beautiful. ??? Goodnight Malanga Family.
      (P.S. My nickname is also Pooja??????)

      1. Oh dear wat to do naren hai hi aisa . …. Hi hi hi…..

        Yea the sentence by ur mom is so true … Wen u r good frm inside and out werevr u go it wil fill of goodness …. And from this series v can even understand more real life happenings wich is hidden due to the outer appearance ..

        Bcz many feel pr*stitutes are bad and cheap … But this serial has showed them they wer wrong … It’s just tht they r doing these things because of their helplessness …. And they too have pure hearts…. Do understand their feelings before u hurt them with ur taunts and words …

      2. Devga

        Hey the above comment with Tweety pic is me only… The thing is I don’t knw how it logged out….

  7. Roumya

    Hi durga ooshi zoya Shristi Catherine geeta jyoti Anne mama and others….
    At last my prediction came true…. That’s obvious prediction coz I used to watch these serials
    1. Balika vadhu (the first serial I watched)
    4 MATSH
    5 IPKKND 1&2
    6 YHM
    7 Suhani
    8 manmarziyan
    9 tere sheher mein
    10 nauc
    11 eht
    12 merit bhabhi
    13 kkb
    14 krpkab
    15 2020 aage kya hoga
    16 everest
    Kahin na kahin they repeat the storyline….
    Now I watch parades yrkkh ib dbo piya albela ….
    Guys I won’t b available for 2 weeks as I have my entrance so bye guys….
    C u all again on 15th….

    1. Devga

      Hi dear…. Oh actually v both r in same situation … I too have my exams for next 2 weeks …. Even I wil b available frm may 16th ….

      All the best for ur entrance exmz …. Do wel ….

      Wel my crazy serial list is below :
      EK HAZAARON MEIN MERI BEHNA HAI ( first serial I watched only from half )
      NISHA AUR USKE COUSINS (( only aftr kabir aka mishkat’s entry ))

      I have seen but left half way through :
      Meri bhabhi
      Suhani si ek LADKI
      Tereee shehar mein
      Kumkum Bhagya
      And many others

  8. best of luck for your entrance shrividya.
    It is lovely episode. How much pure heart naren has!
    Rahul will do smthg bad next vth naren ya pooja. He may delete his pics from the mobile of pooja.
    Durga dr u changes your dp frequently na n most r from KRPA.

    1. Hi Mama. I jisy wanted to know, do you live in Bhubaneswar?

      1. *just

  9. Wow wow wow ! Kamaal hAi..ithini achi show??…..Pooja u r so smart to handle Rahul too. Love t promo..???????.. Naren aur pooja kee aaghom mein pyar hai butut they not realised yet..the way they smiled vth each other is awesm .bfre the entry of pooja naren used to do work alone… Nwadys uske mathath karneh ke liyeh he always askng pooja…

  10. Catharin

    Wow wow wow ! Kamaal hAi..ithini achi show??…..Pooja u r so smart to handle Rahul too. Love t promo..???????.. Naren aur pooja kee aaghom mein pyar hai butut they not realised yet..the way they smiled vth each other is awesm .bfre the entry of pooja naren used to do his work alone… Nwadys uske mathath karneh ke liyeh he always askng pooja…

  11. Catharin

    Just now only I registered here..bfre that I simply posted cmnts vthout login in

  12. Roumya

    Tq durga and mama… Durga all the best… Do well…

  13. Hi devga,mama,zoya,Catharin and all I have just become the fan of naren . I also like mayank hope he will not be hurt and waiting for naren to fall in love with pooja

  14. hi everyone.
    Sangita dr i don’t live in bhubaneswar. I live in Cuttack dist….
    Why so less coments guys?
    Durga all the best to u dr for your exam.
    Shrividya n durga miss u dears. Plz plz plz cmnt when u get free time haan.

  15. Assalam o Alaikum
    hey guys what’s up I AM BACK
    AAP NE BULAYA AUR HUM CHALE AAE(specially for Mama as she asked about me yesterday)
    i am very happy that u 3 i.e Aanya,Srishti,Mama asked for me last week my net pkg.was finished so can’t comment how was ur last weeek and the begining of this
    welcome to all new members Sam,Catherine and all
    i am giving u all one assurity and u all have to believe this that
    i will never leave or forgot u i could be vanish from this page for some time but will always be ur’s i really mean it weather u can understand it or not

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