Piya Albela 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina injures Supriya to separate Naren and Pooja

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Piya Albela 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja seeing sweets in Chandrika’s stuff. Naren says it is my favorite and asks her to feed him. Chandrika feeds him laddo in his mouth. Pooja smiles. Naren also smiles. Chandrika thinks she has to leave and break their heart. Naren and pooja go out of her room. Rahul tells Naina and Surbhi that time has come for cheat and tells Surbhi that they shall play gilli danda. Naren asks Pooja not to cross the line. Pooja says I don’t see line where I am standing. Rahul and Naina ask Surbhi to take Supriya to Chandrika’s room. Surbhi asks Supriya to come to chandrika’s room as she heard some sound. Chandrika is leaving and packing the stuff. Supriya asks where you are going at night. Naren puts the curtain between them. Naren and Pooja fall on bed. Pooja says even this wall couldn’t separate us.

Supriya asks Chandrika if she wants to run away at night and lower them in Naren’s eyes. She says Naren would have thought that we have sent him. Just then Naina comes there and beats Supriya badly with rod. She then takes out her bangles and keeps in Chandrika’s bag. Surbhi sees her and thinks so this is her plan. Naina smirks and runs away. Chandrika is shocked. Doctor informs Harish that Supriya have to be shifted to hospital and she is paralyzed. Chandrika is brought to hall by the ladies. She says she is innocent. Chandrika says she is innocent and haven’t harm Supriya. Harish insults her and asks her not to take his son name. Naren tells that he can’t believe what she did with his mum. Rahul shows the hockey stick and says she has beaten her with it. Neelima says Supriya will be paralyzed. Rahul asks Surbhi to tell Chandrika hit her. Surbhi says she don’t want to say anything. Rahul takes her to side and asks her to support him. Surbhi asks her to take Naina’s help instead. Harish tells Naren that such woman shall be away from their house. Naren asks Harish to call Police. Pooja says she is my mother.

Naren says she might be your mum, but she is a bad blood of bad birth. He says such woman shall be punished and I will kick her out. He says I don’t want such blood in my house and is throwing her out, when Pooja stops her. Naina smirks. Rahul takes Surbhi to room and ties her hand. He threatens to kill her and asks her to decide what she wants to do, if she wants to die and enjoy on earth by supporting him. She feels suffocated as he presses her neck and threatens her with knife. Naren says it seems blood is speaking and asks Pooja to break all relation with his mother. He asks her to choose between Supriya and Chandrika. Pooja chooses Chandrika. Naren says you are choosing your mum and asks her to leave with her mother. Chandrika asks Pooja why is she doing this? Naren asks them to leave. Pooja is shocked.

Pooja tells Naren that they will leave, take care of yours and family and remember that whenever you need us, your wife and mother will stand by you. Mayank and Harsha feel bad for Pooja and try to stop her. Naina song plays as Pooja leaves the house. Dada ji sees his family pictures and hopes Naren and Pooja shall not be troubled.

Pooja is about to dance in the mehfil. Naren dances on the song jag ghoomeya song and kisses her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What just happen here?I took the time out from my grandchildren to look at this bit of trash my God but that girl is a witch what are you people doing? that it is alright for someone to beat up an old lady?Naren is beyond stupidity and pre-cap shows him kissing Pooja’s hand? aww come on jeez stew

    1. that might be a dream of pooja

  2. It’s unbelievable isn’t it Jayashree.

  3. Seriously… What the heck is wrong with these writers heads? Old people getting beaten up now, and Rahul is so disgusting, he put his own grandfather through so much mental torture….and this is classified as entertainment!! Don’t talk about Naina…rotten character… It’s so shameful when sister in law lusts after their brothers in law..don’t writers know that they become brothers and sisters after a couple ties the knot? Stop portraying these sordid thoughts… Please writers!!! Jeez…

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