Piya Albela 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren’s Dada ji is alive

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The Episode starts with Pooja telling Naren that she wants to play with magical and wants to see more magic. The fake doctor tells her that he will come tomorrow and show her magic. Pooja eyes him. Naren says we will come again. He tells her that he is very happy as a doctor guaranteed that she will be fine. He hugs her. Pooja asks him to leave her and says she wants to buy bangles. Naren says I would have given you life if you have asked. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho….plays…Naren imagines dancing on the song with her. She asks why did we come here to special temple. The men standing outside the temple tell him that woman is not allowed inside. Naren asks Pooja to come and he turns to go. Pooja asks him to go and says she will wait for him here like good girl and asks him to bring laddo for her. She thinks how to tell you that the doctor is not right, and I am not unwell, she says Dada ji and stops. She runs to go back to Doctor’s place.

The fake doctor along with his companion have wine and tells him that he didn’t see fool like Naren who gave him 5 lakhs cheque. Pooja comes there and hits him. She says what did you tell Naren that I will be fine and says you tried to deceived him. She ties him and gets the cheque and says because of you, people thinks Vaid deceptive.

Naren comes out and searches for Pooja. Pooja tells him that she will return with her husband and asks him to say truth. He walks to a distance and sees Pooja having guava with girls. Naren says I told you not to go and says if anything had happened to you. Mora Piya plays….Pooja thinks how can anything happen to me when you are with me. She says you took much time and asks him to give laddo. She asks what is the secret for today. Naren asks her which secret you will tell inexchange of my secret. Pooja gets tensed. Naren asks what happened to her. He says today is Dada ji’s birthday and says he wishes he would have been alive. Pooja thinks I wish I could help you.

Surbhi shows fake pregnancy report. Neelima acts to be excited. Surbhi asks her to hold on her fake emotions. Neelima pinches her and tells that the heir will grow up like Naren. Harish and Hardik come there playing dhol. Neelima tells Supriya that they will get a normal grand child. Naren shows his dada ji pic to Pooja and tells him that they lost him in a storm.

Pooja asks him to smile always. She thinks how to tell you Naren that Doctor was not right, I am not unwell and Dada ji….She recalls Naren’s love for Dada ji. Neelima calls Rahul. Rahul asks her to end the drama right away. He sees daulatpur board and thinks he will take Sita to Ravan. Naren does puja with Pooja and prays to Dada ji that he wants to see Pooja fine. Pooja thinks how Naren will react knowing the truth. He thinks if you would have been alive then this day would be more special. Pooja thinks Vyas Family is celebrating your birthday without your for the last time and worries for Naren’s reaction. Dada ji’s garland falls down. Supriya gets worried. Pooja thinks how to tell him that you are alive. She recalls Dada ji visiting her in hospital after temple bell falls on her.

Naren sees cheque with Pooja. Pooja says she took it back from magician. Naren says we have to return. Pooja says I want to see magic and asks him to take her. They go there and sees the place messed up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pooja goes trough hell, fight hardest battle and faces scariest enmy for the well being of her husband but in all this the person who got the most hurt is naren only. Dadaji’s truth is shocking and on the top of that pooja is lying don’t know how much broken naren is gonna be this time. No forgetting all the evils : neelima, surbhi, rahul, kapoor, pooja’s sister and the characters they will make negative like supriya and mayank, harsha… who will plot against them. Oh gosh can’t pooja and naren just run aways from them and live hidden in another country.

  2. Now that cheater doctor will reveal Pooja truth to Rahul I think so and then evil will come to know her drama. And only Naren will be unaware from truth. After evils will Prove that she is normal and was taking revenge from Naren. And then he will again break. Oh please writter don’t do it.Remove Naren illness and let Pooja defeat evils hidden, either they should also not know about her well being.

  3. What’s happening now is so unnecessary in this serial. What’s the big deal with Dadaji and what’s the big deal about anything at all. So boring. This couple is so doomed to experience happiness much less marital happiness!!! You will know when the writers don’t have anything to write about when you see stuff like this happening… ???…anyway…. Sapphire, Jayashree and Cathy…a special Merry Christmas to you three….thanks for the friendship and the chitchats over the months….so very much appreciated!! Sapphire, I’m passing by for fruit cake and sorrel!!! I know how busy you all are but just to let you all know that my best wishes are for you at this time. ?????

  4. Hi Naz a very merry Christmas to you too and also jayahtree and all the ZTV fans anyway please do not eat too much for the holidays; well girl sorrel gives me headache so thats out of the question and girl i just got fed up with all the late nights of preparation so all i did this year was order everything except sorrel lol; Naz I do love watching the ztv serials but to tell the truth I an totally fed up the writers are dragging piay albela, zindagi mehek and kum kum bhagya and the spin off kundali bhagya too long and so i have lost interest in them only now and then and step back in the forum to see if things have improved but as i see it is the same old same old nonsense; you know something are you aware that we are going into a new year 2018 and the writers not giving us some good storylines it is just shit after shit no happiness for pragya; mahek nor pooja at all so why then these writers dont kill them off and end the damn serials once and for all.

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