Piya Albela 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela crazily kills her inlaws and ruins Pooja-Naren’s sweet relation

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Piya Albela 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Praveen’s father is about to attack Naren, when he holds him. Praveen’s mum asks why you are doing this and tells that their son’s heart is in him. Naren takes them to Bela’s house and calls her asking for Pan. Bela hums music and asks him to tie her saas sasur with chain. She comes out in bridal jewellery and clothes. She gives him pan. Naren eats it and asks for another. Bela doesn’t give him and asks him to eat kesar milk first. Naren drinks it. Bela gives him pan. He drinks it and thinks he can’t see anything. Bela takes keys from Naren’s pocket. She takes her sasur on the road and says you made my baba fell on your feet. Praveen’s father apologizes. Bela says she will kill him to lighten his father’s blindness. She recalls his torture. She sits in Naren’s sit and rammed car on him (it is interesting to see low class village girl driving car and killing a man. She then brings his dead body and hangs him on to the tree.

Praveen’s mum apologizes to her. Bela says now sasur ji is gone, now you have to get your head shaved. She asks her to wear the necklace and kills her suffocating with it. She then asks her to apologize. Pooja is stuck in traffic and asks God to show her way to rech Naren. She sees Janakpuri board and thinks bela stays there.

Bela hangs her saas also and says she will get Praveen’s heart out of Naren’s body. Pooja reaches near Naren’s car and sees blood stains. She opens his shirt buttons and thinks now it is his heart time. Pooja knocks on the door and asks Bela to open the door. Bela removes her dupatta and takes off Naren’s shirt and lies over Naren. Pooja slaps her and says I asked you to stay away from my husband. Bela says I don’t know why he comes to me and says he is happy on my bed with me. Pooja says I know it is your cheap conspiracy. She tries to make Naren come in his senses and takes him with her. Bela says take him wherever you want, but he will return to me. Pooja says I will leave this answer to Naren. Crazy Bela determines to hang Naren one day.

Neelima tells Hardik that they will not go to family picnic with Supriya. Rahul says he will gift Pooja and Naren on their anniversary. Pooja brings Naren home and throws water on him using Pipe. Naren asks her to stop it and comes to his senses. He tells her that he is innocent. Pooja says then I am guilty, my heart is guilty who never thought this can happen. She burns their bed angrily, and says it is not just our bed, by my trust too. Mora plays plays….Naren tells her that he gets helpless for Bela’s pan and can’t stop himself. He says this heart has betrayed you and not me. Everything is happening because of my heart. Pooja doesn’t believe him and asks him not to make such excuse and says if you have a place in your heart then you wouldn’t have done this. She says your Pooja is burnt today and congratulates him on his new relation.

Pooja tells that she is going to madhavpur for her family, but will not return. Naren says we will go together and return together. Bela comes there and smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amazing no comment wow directors it’s brimming over on this page with comment loads of it wow it’s shows how much your serial is being appreciated Kya baat Kya baat.

  2. Jayashree my girl no one is commenting because the serial and storyline are total Crap and to tell the truth we are all frustrated this shit has been going on way to long so i guess all the others have come to their senses too and is not interested in commenting. My gosh it is not just one but all the serials that these writers messing up; the serials and their storylines are so transparent that for every one of them we the viewers could direct and tell what is coming next; their is no excitement or interest at all we have lost both and to tell the truth we are totally fed up of all the evil ones getting away with the wrong they are doing and way too many doubling of the characters in the serial imagine kum kum bhagya that serial has totally lost its ratings when coming to the viewers now even Simonika has a double; the writers keep repeating their storylines over and over again and like i said no excitement at all and there is always some property theft in the serials now the man who stuck abhi with the needle in his neck which helped in simonka escape where is he; nothing is being mentioned about him and as for dotish ass abhi he cannot even recall what took place he is just standing up in Jail and Court like a Big Uneducated Dummy while pragya doing all the work to get him out and to no avail his ass going right back in jail so all pragyas efforts were a waste of precious time because in the end the lawyer found out that simonika is lying although i feel it is a trick.

  3. leisa s morris

    yeah we give up these writers has st their grip on reality which is y dey showing so much crap

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