Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura is hurt with Omkar’s proposal

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura tells that how can you bring a proposal like this? She removes the shagun. Omkar’s mother says how dare you! Mayura says I might be a common person but you can’t cage me like a bird. My beauty might be enough for you but your status is not enough for me. She tells Omkar that you should have asked me, I am not a thing that you can buy with money. Omkar’s mother says to Mayura’s family that she is innocent but you tell her, she doesn’t have manners. She says Mayura will not get a guy like Omkar. He has a name, status, money and respect. What else do you want for your daughter? Mayura’s father says she is our daughter and we are proud of our upbringing. They ask Omkar to leave. Omkar sadly looks at Mayura and leaves. Omkar’s mother says to Mayura that we will meet soon daughter in law. She leaves.
Omkar sits in the car and hears people taunting that Mayura denied Sartaj. He drives away.
Megha’s in-laws get angry and say we are not here to beg, we didn’t even get to do the rasam. Kundan says enough, it’s not their fault. He tells Megha that this doesn’t change anything. Mayura smiles and leaves from there. Kundan tells Megha that it’s not Mayura’s fault, she is hurt too, you can sort this out and then we will surely get married. I will call you. Megha nods.

Mayura comes to her room and cries recalling Omkar’s mom’s name. Dadi comes there and says you denied your good fate? You are too arrogant about your beauty. Her father says that they came here without any notice, it’s not her fault. Her mother says we should have asked for some time. They are big people. Mayura asks them to stop it and don’t fight. She tells sorry to Megha, she says I didn’t know they will come but still I am sorry. She tells Dadi that it’s not about the status or what time they came here, they chose me because of my beauty. Did they see me beyond my face? I am a doctor but did they mention it even once? No. I will lose my beauty soon, they didn’t see my hard work, my self-esteem, or my honesty. They just ignore my personality for my face.

Scene 2
Omkar comes to the mandir and recalls Mayura’s harsh words. He takes a diya and lights fire. He throws coals on the floor and starts walking on the burning coals. He screams Mayura, he says you are mine, you will have to become mine. I have written to you in my fate so you will be mine.

Megha comes to Mayura. Mayura says you should hate me by now. Megha says Kundan talked to me on phone and I feel bad for you, I love you. I am happy that Kundan is in my life, I pray that you get someone who will understand you and your heart.

Omkar’s mother is looking for him. She says he must be worried, how dare that girl hurt my son.

Mayura tells Megha that I want to fly like these birds in the sky but my beauty has caged me in a cage. Megha says you will find someone who will free you.

Omkar makes a mandap in the mandir. He says this mandap will stand here till I marry Mayura. That Mayura will come to me herself, nobody can stop us meeting now. He leaves from there. Omkar’s mother looks on. Omkar is going to his car but his mother lies in front of him. She says sometimes we take wrong decisions in anger and if your anger has to reach that girl today then it will have to cross me.

Omkar comes home and tells his mother that your love brought me back home. The same way my love will bring Mayura to me. She will become your daughter in law, I am ready to cross any line to make her the luckiest girl in the world, he leaves. His father says he has gone nuts. Omkar’s mother says my son has got anything that he wished for in his life and if he wants that girl then he will get her. The father says have you gone mad? you should make him understand that we can’t force relationships, even if they get married, that girl won’t be happy here and won’t keep Omkar happy. Omkar’s mother says do we take toys from the kids just because they might break it? The father says you think she is a toy? Omkar’s mother says I will take Omkar’s side in this situation, we just have to take care that Omkar doesn’t lose himself or damages his image. The dogs are most loyal to their owners, we have to use the dog which Omkar has taken care of. She thinks I will get Piyush to get Mayura to Omkar.

Mayura says to herself that I hope Omkar understands my rejection. I hope he respects my decision.

Omkar says it doesn’t matter if she said yes or no. I have hope and love. You are my universe and we will become one soon.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Anjali Sharma

    What crap is this.
    I mean this is literally showing on national television… we see an arrogant man!! Not understanding that all he is doing is crime. Keeping an eye on the girl crime.
    Chasing her…crime. people who watch this shit will be like oh I can be rich and uneducated and egoistic and can get someone as I wish.
    Everything is wrong here.
    But the chemistry is good! Between the leads so I don’t exactly know what shall I say.

    1. Even though the chemistry between the leads is good, I don’t think she’ll end up with him. Or even if she does, she’ll remain unhappy and would want to break off from him. Omkar’s family is often seen talking about another person called Piyush, maybe his cousin. I guess Mayura might fall in love with him.

      Guys like Omkar do exist, who unfortunately if are filthy rich, most women find them hot and romantic, but if they are poor, women find them cheap. Lets see how this show goes ahead.

  2. No miss Anjali sharma, if he love her beauty then what’s wrong in that, every person have some special fantasy in their life, like that only omkar have a fantasy to marry a beautiful girl. Born with beauty is also a special thing then y she is feeling wrong….but she is right bcz every girl has a fantasy to love her not her beauty. The way omkar approch mayura is wrong but his feelings are not wrong.
    Every coin has 2 faces so pls think from both sides ….. Please……

    1. External beauty is temporary. As we grow older, our beauty also fades. And also there is nothing like most beautiful person in the world. There is always someone more beautiful and more perfect. In that case there is a chance that the person could leave the other person for someone better looking, since their only criteria for a perfect partner is beauty. While wishing to marry a beautiful girl is not wrong, ignoring her other qualities and only marrying her for her beauty is completely wrong. And the main reason why Mayura feels that being born with beauty is wrong is because people only admire for her external beauty and not her achievements for which she worked hard. She isn’t a decorative object, beauty is not her only quality. And Omkar needs to appreciate her other qualities too.

  3. Anjali Sharma

    But how do you justify omkar keeping an eye on her always and invading her personal space

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