Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shocker for Vishaka, as Mayura gets Omkar freed from lock up

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Omkar’s mother coming to the PS. Omkar’s mother pleads infront of Inspector to free her son. Naina asks Omkar why did he go to Mayura’s house and says she got you arrested. Omkar says not Mayura, but her father. Omkar’s mother you are taking her side. Omkar asks her to call his friend and says his brother is a lawyer. Naina says he went out of station.

Mayura wakes up sitting on the door. Bela opens the door and says you slept hungry last night. Mayura gets angry. Bela asks her to come and meet Vishaka ji, else Omkar will get more heinous crime charges on him. mayura asks her to tell Vishaka that she will be coming. Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that she will transfer money in his account. Mayura comes there with Bela. Vishaka looks at her shocked and recalls how she had killed her. Mayura greets Vishaka calling her aunty. Sachin says it seems Mayura understood. Vishaka greets her. Mayura asks where is Ishaan and tells that she was about to call him, but her phone. Mr. Goswami says your phone is repaired. Vishaka says your daughter is lovely, and says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on her. Vishaka checks her skin and says what a flawless skin. Mr. Goswami says she takes care of herself well. Mayura says she didn’t get any pimple yet. She asks what she likes. Bela says she likes marbles. Mayura shows the structure she had made and says I got this habit from Dad. Vishaka asks Mayura about her sword practice. Mayura says yes, but Dad doesn’t like so she thought to leave. Vishaka says don’t, you shall pursue it. Mayura asks if she knows how to handle it. Vishaka says yes. Mayura asks her to take tea. Vishaka sees Om on her hand and asks about it. Sachin says it is her birthmark. Vishaka is shocked. Mayura says it is Om, like Omkar. She says my mother was Shiv ji’s devotee and his other name is Omkar. Vishaka says yes. Mayura says I will make something special and asks Mr. Goswami if she shall go. Mr. Goswami asks her to go and asks Bela to go along with her. Vishaka thinks she is looking like Mayura, but her likings. Mayura thinks you will meet that Mayura, till then wait and watch. Mayura and Bela go to kitchen. Mayura asks shall I make pakodas. Bela asks what happened in a night that you have changed. She says I will show you, how to make pakodas. She asks where is besan? DM says it is over. Bela asks DM to bring it. DM says I have pain in my back. Mayura says I would have brought, but I don’t know what is besan? Bela says I will show you. They go to storeroom. Mayura locks the door and asks Bela to chill.

Inspector asks Naina and Omkar’s mother to leave. Constable pushes her. Mayura comes and holds Omkar’s mother. She asks Inspector how they can behave like this, with senior citizen. Inspector asks who are you? Mayura says I am Mr. Goswami’s daughter and came to give the statement and says Omkar is innocent. She tells Omkar that she came to get him freed and asks Inspector to leave him. Inspector refuses. Omkar says you are afraid of Mr. Goswami. Mayura says I have another way to get you freed. Bela knocks on the door and says if nobody is listening my voice. Just then Sachin opens the door. Bela hugs her. He gets a call.

Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that she shall leave. Mr. Goswami asks her to wait, as Mayura went to make something for her. Sachin whispers in his ears. Mr. Goswami goes to room and they all watch Mayura’s statement to the media on the TV, that Inspector is not leaving Omkar, even after my arrested. She tells that her father is guilty, and wants to trap him, as he wants to stop them from setting up factory in Azaad Nagar. Media asks Inspector if Mayura is saying truth. Inspector brings Omkar there. Vishaka comes there hearing people asking Inspector to free Omkar. She gets shocked seeing Omkar. Inspector says I have freed omkar, now leave the drama. Mayura holds Omkar’s hand and says I had told you that I will take you out from the lockup. Reporter asks if she will go against her family’s factory project. Mayura says whoever is against the poor people, then will fight together with the evil forces, even if it is her family or someone else. She says God made us meet for this. Vishaka gets shocked hearing Mayura’s words. Mr. Goswami scolds Bela for letting Mayura go and says I will not leave her. Mayura tells Omkar that they will fight together. Naina brushes off Mayura’s hand. Omkar asks what are you doing? Naina says you went to jail because of you. She asks Mayura why you didn’t come last night. Omkar says she was locked in the room. He tells Omkar that Mayura is against her father now. Naina says she is fooling you. Mayura asks him to trust her, and says she is changed. Omkar’s mother says I will believe that you have changed and cares for Omi, but the truth will not change that your father tried to kill him and shot him shot. She says the difference between you and him, will never end. She asks her to go away from him, if she really wants to save him. Mayura says I will not leave him in this birth, I was separated from him in last birth. Omkar’s mother asks what this girl is saying and gives promise to him to come with her, without looking at her again. Omkar looks at Mayura’s reflection on the car’s window and leaves with his mother. Mayura gets sad.

Precap: Omkar’s mother tells Omkar to marry for Naina for her sake. Other side, Mayura refuses to marry Ishan. Vishaka asks her so she remembers everything about previous birth. Mayura says it’s not easy to forget what she did with them. Vishaka says that she will kill them both again like last time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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