Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura in Raghav’s captivity, Omkar to do a big sacrifice

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav shouting at Mayura and asking what Omkar gave her? He asks her to see her face, says only this he has given you, but I have given sign to me, and shows Minty tattoo on his chest. Mayura is shocked. Raghav says I can’t stay away from you. Mayura says Omkar will not leave you. Raghav says Omkar’s game is going to end soon and nobody will know what has happened with him. Megha tells Omkar that she had dropped Mayura to Raghav’s home and was going to court, when someone attacked her and snatched her phone and deleted the proofs. Omkar asks why did you let Mayura go alone and tells that Raghav is not alone, Vishaka is with him. Everyone is shocked to know Vishaka is alive. Omkar asks where did you drop her? Megha says she doesn’t know the address, she had dropped her near Chowk. Raghav calls Omkar. Omkar asks where is Mayura? Raghav shows the tattoo on his chest. Omkar asks what do you want? Raghav says I want to get rotten behind the jail. He asks him to think, till he stays close with Mayura. Omkar gets angry. Raghav ends the call. Omkar says I will search Mayura. Pandey comes there and asks Omkar where is he going? He asks how the tracker came out? Manjari says why will he elope? Pandey says we got order to keep eye on him. Omkar says I know who has ordered you. He says I will search Mayura. Pandey says you can search in house, but not outside the house.

Mayura knocks on the door and asks for help. She sits down crying and thinks of her moments with Omkar. She imagines Omkar coming there and hugs him. She says I knew that you will search me? Omkar smiles and says everything will be fine and asks her to have courage. Mayura says why destiny doesn’t let us stay together. Omkar says one day destiny will bend down infront of our love, we will win and until the day come for our togetherness, we will fight. She realizes it is her imagination and knocks on the door. Raghav comes there and locks the door. He brings food for her. Mayura tries to go, but he stops her and asks her not to shout.

He says nobody can come here to save you, especially Omkar. He asks Mayura to have some food and says you might be tired of shouting. Mayura brushes off his hand. Raghav takes her to show their pic and says this will be your truth, it will be better if you accept it soon, as Raghav’s name will be connected to Mayura, but not Omkar. Mayura says so many people tried to separate us, and we got separated too, but nobody can come between us, as Omkar’s name is connected to Mayura for many births. She takes Raghav and her big pic and tears it. She says you can’t separate Mayura and Omkar, as her every breathe is for Omkar. She says their relations is of souls and such relation can’t be broken in this birth or other birth. She takes fork and writes Om on it, injuring her palm. She says I have just Om in my hand. Raghav says I will see if Omkar’s name stays with you after his death. He goes out and locks the door. He calls Pandey and asks him to see what omkar is doing. Pandey looks at his room and find him exercising, but it is actually Sanjay who is exercising in Omkar’s clothes. Omkar comes to Chowk and enquires with the people. Vishaka is going in her car and sees Omkar. She wears googles. Omkar doesn’t see her.

Vishaka meets Raghav. Raghav asks why did you come? Vishaka asks why did you kidnap Mayura? Raghav says Omkar will be trapped 100 percent. Vishaka asks did I see Omkar’s ghost on the way. Raghav calls Pandey and asks what Omkar is doing. Pandey says he is exercising even now. Raghav says I want to see him on video call. Pandey goes inside the room and sees Omkar. Raghav shows omkar to Vishaka. Vishaka says she might have seen someone else. She says even if our plan gets successful then also Mayura won’t stay quiet. Mayura takes a table and tries to look out of window. She sees Raghav talking to Vishaka and gets shocked. Raghav tells Vishaka that he will take Mayura away from here. Mayura says Vishaka is alive. Vishaka asks him to do it fast and says if any wrong thing happens then you will be trapped, as Vishaka is dead for the world. Mayura is shocked. Vishaka wears scarf and eaves from there. Mayura falls down from the table and faints.

Omkar tells Sanjay and others that he couldn’t search Mayura. Sanjay says even he couldn’t search her. Raghav comes to Mayura and calls Doctor seeing her unconscious. Vishaka asks her goons to keep eye on the Raghav as she can’t trust mad lover.

Omkar tells Raghav that he will accept that he had murdered Vishaka and will go to jail, but Mayura shall return to his house. Omkar says I am going to the PS. Raghav asks him to meet him at the old fort. Omkar says your men are keeping eye on me and will not let me go. Raghav says I will handle them and asks him not to take tension. Omkar sees Manjari praying while others are on call. He thinks forgive me Maa, I have to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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