Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura gets help from a mysterious lady to fight against Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mayura and Tara running away from Omkar and his guards. Tara tells Mayura that they shall hide behind the truck. Omkar and his guards come there. Mayura and Tara hide. Tara says we will win. Mayura gets drowsy and faints. Tara cries and asks her to get up. She sees a car coming and tries to make Mayura gain consciousness. She hugs Mayura when she sees car coming near them and shouts. A lady gets down from the car and walks towards Mayura.She calls her guards, who takes Mayura in the car. Tara calls Mamma. Omkar hears her voice and reaches there. He finds Tara’s belonging there and asks his guards to search her. He gets a call from someone who tells that Tara is with her. Omkar reaches Akhilesh’s house and tells him that you did a good try to make Mayura escape, but…Surekha asks him to leave Mayura. The guard brings some other lady there. Omkar asks who is she? where is Mayura and where is my daughter Tara. The guard says she told that her name is Mayura. Omkar asks where is Mayura? Mayura gains consciousness, recalling everything. She shouts calling Tara. Some Servants hold her. The lady comes infront of Mayura and tells that Tara is with her. The lady tells that someone gave her 50000 Rs to act as Mayura and the little girl as Tara. He asks Akhilesh about Mayura’s well wisher. The lady introduces herself as Vishaka and tells that tara is fine, she shows her Tara sleeping in other room. She says Doctor gave her injection and she is fine. Mayura thanks her. She asks who are you and why you helped me. Vishaka says nobody helped me when I was in need, and that’s when I decide to help you and the women like you. She says I found my past resembling your present and I want your story’s end to be the one which you and I wanted. Mayura asks what had happened with you. Vishaka says my inlaws and husband used to torture me for dowry and I had lost my baby because of him,

She tells that she had decided to live her life and stand on her feet independently. She tells that she is a business woman now and the team of the women in the house are the one who needed help and now they offers help to others. She asks Mayura to fight this war with Omkar and face him for Tara. Mayura gets omkar’s call on her mobile. Vishaka says it was traced, but not anymore. Mayura sees Akhilesh and Dadi in Omkar’s captivity. Manjari is also there. Omkar threatens mayura to return Tara. Vishaka asks Mayura to fight with Omkar and answer him in the same language which he understands. Manjari tells Omkar that she will go home and will keep eye on Shankar, as he has soft corner for Mayura. Omkar says ok. Vishaka ends talking to someone and tells Mayura that time has come to answer omkar. Mayura asks are you sure? Vishaka says you have to be sure for yourself and for Tara. Omkar tells that if Mayura don’t return his Tara then he will not leave them. Mayura calls him. Omkar says she called. He picks her call and asks her to return Tara, and he will release her family. Mayura says first free my family, then I will return Tara. Omkar asks who is helping you and asks her to tell. Mayura says if my family members get any scratch then you can’t even think what I can do with your mother. Vishaka’s team brings Manjari there, blindfolded. Omkar asks how dare you to captive my mother. Mayura says the same thing will happen with you, whatever you do with my family. She asks her to decide. Omkar says you can’t hurt anyone. Mayura asks him to test. She comes to Manjari and says sorry Maa ji, I have to do this with you. Manjari says Omkar will not leave you. Mayura says let Omkar see what I can do to get my daughter. Omkar calls her.

Manjari tells Omkar that he has to take revenge from Mayura for kidnapping her. Shankar says even you had hurt her family. Omkar asks Manjari to remember if she remembers anything. Manjari says no and tells that there was a lady. Omkar thinks to get tara.

Precap: Omkar prays to God to help him take revenge from Mayura. Mayura gets trained to take revenge from Omkar and uses beauty as the tool.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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