A Photograph (Kaanchi# shot 1)

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So let’s start:

I don’t know what happen to today’s generation…..they r tooo much careles that they don’t know how to respect their valuable possessions.???I m complaining this bcoz i m one of those possession.I m “A PHOTOGRAPH”of a lovely family.I mean there was a time when i was used to live in beautiful albums.But now i am kept in a dark almirah…..it’s a horrible experience na???But why i am sharing my experience with u…it doesn’t affect u.I m able to hear her footsteps.Oh god!!!she is coming.Don’t come here Rishika .Plz don’t come here?????.May be u all r thinking that why i am scaring from a kid.Yes,Rishika is a 3yr old girl cum Gabbar singh.I have seen her many times spoiling other papers with her crayons.I think it’s my turn now.????

In room,
A girl of 3yrs is seen.She wear a white frock with two ponies.She is looking like a princess of a kingdom.????She is busy in finding something nd talking to herself.
Rishika:I want a paper to make drawing with my new crayons.But i am not getting a single paper in the house.May be i’ll get something in this almirah.
(she points finger towards the almirah in which i am kept)But the almirah is too long.How can i open this????Nothing is impossible for Rishika Kapoor.

(With the help of a table Rishika opens the almirah and after having a small struggle she gets me)

Photograph:I don’t know what my destiny wants??This naughty girl will definitely spoil the map of my face.No Rishika!!!don’t bring this red colour close to me.Noooooooooooo………..

Before she could start her drawing a lady comes inside the room.She wear a bluish saree with light ear rings.She is looking like a picture of beauty nd serenity nd the lady reveals to be Saanchi.

Saanchi(sweetly):What r u doing beta??

Rishika:Mumma don’t disturb me.I want to do drawing in this photograph.

Saanchi:Sweetu!!But let me see first whose photo is this??

Rishika:Ok mumma!!
(She passes me to Saanchi.Thank god!now i am in safe hands)

Saanchi(teary eyed):Kabeer !!! she said in slow voice.

Rishika:Mumma why r u crying ??? Pragya maasi told me that papa is busy in a meeting with bhagwan ji.When his meeting will complete he will get back to his family.

(Saanchi hugs Rishika nd starts crying)????

Rishika:Mumma i know u r missing papa.Even i m missing him to.But don’t cry he will get back soon.Mumma!! i am feeling hungry.????See!! baby elephants r dancing in ur honey’s tummy.

Saanchi:Ok meri bhukad!!

In night,????
Rishika is sleeping whereas Saanchi is immerse in her deep thoughts.

Saanchi’s POV:
Kabeer ….tmrrw is our marriage anniversary nd u r not with me.People fear death which is inevitable.Nothing is permanent in this universe except feelings.We,as human beings,crave only for happiness,but a little setback pours a stream of sorrow into our life.If we lose someone near nd dear in life,it leaves a void which seems never to be fulfilled.After ur death Kabeer, i felt the pain of ugly turn in my life.Death is a great leveller nd spares none.The same force ,death has erased the happiness of dream of lovely family.

Screen freezes on Saanchi’s face.

Precap:Kabeer is back.
To be continue………..

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Love u all????

  1. It’s amazing totally new idea just loved it dear. Post next one soon

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u soooo much dear for being the first commenter.It really means a lot to me.???I’ll try to post next part on friday.
      Stay safe nd take care.

  2. Swethaa

    soo emotional at the end…thankgod you give the precap…kabir is back
    photograph-how creative you are…mind blowing…

    1. Negisanyukta

      Kya karooon dear main starting happy wali karti hoon but don’t know how it converts into a emotional one.???Thank u sooo much for commenting.
      Luv u dear?????

  3. Aafiya

    Superb… It is different… Awesome.
    Precap sounds interesting.
    Post soon..
    Take care

    1. Negisanyukta

      Sooo god to see u after a long time.Thank u soooooooo much for commenting dear.??
      It really means a lot to me.????

  4. Dhruti

    so amazing and emotional too…………..i just loved your new idea…………………..tc……………….post next one asap………….see you

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sooooo much for liking this idea nd commenting on this.It really means a lot to me.????
      I’ll try to post next part on coming friday.
      Keep reading dear.???

  5. Amazing…..looking forward to the story

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sooooo much dear for commenting.It really means a lot to get such appreciation from a author like u.????
      Stay safe nd take care???

    2. C’mon yaar not need to say thank u ,u deserve appreciation and also will mind being friends with me?

    3. C’mon yaar not need to say thank me,u deserve appreciation and also will mind being friends with me?

  6. Dhruviii

    So amazinggg…and abki baar gyb mt jo jana vrna next time sry accept nhi hoga???

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sooooooo much dear for commmenting.I missed u a lot.????
      Diii mere exams aa rhe hain iss liye gayab toh hona hi padega but for sure friday tak iska next part likh kar iss ko khatam kar doongi.
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  7. that was emotional
    post soon

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sooooo much dear for commenting.I’ll try to post next part on coming friday.????

  8. Its so awesome…. Update soon

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      Thank u sooooo much dear for commenting.I’ll try to post next part on coming friday.????

  9. Anu88

    How are you friend…….. its so so amazing,interesting and emotional episode yaar……but precap give us some hope yaar……… please yaar post soon…….tc dear

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sooooo much dear…..really means a lot to me.????
      And definitely Kabeer will back and there will be a happy Kaanchi family.
      I m fine dear nd what about u??
      Stay safe nd luv u dear????

    2. Anu88

      I am also fine dear……same to you dear……. post soon yaar…….love you lots yaar……

  10. Amazing dear ….waiting for next part…,Do update soon & lots of love ? ?

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    2. Ohh…Thank you btw we know each other ….Do u remember me …?


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  12. Hey santu kahan gayab ho gyi thi.. Amaz concepr yaar..post nxt asap.. Eagerly waiting for kabir’s come back. Bye tc gud nit??

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  13. wooooowwww…la jawab…amazing…post nxt asap…

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      Take care nd have a nice day???

  14. Hey Sanyukta!!! Finally got the time to read this. Wow It’s a very innovative idea and an amazing start… can’t wait to see what else you’ve stored for us. And the precap is even more tempting.. Do post the other one soon!!!❤️

    1. Negisanyukta

      After having a busy schedule….u commented ,it really means a lot to me.?????and getting such appreciation from ur inspiration it’s like wow moment.
      And by the way,when u r going to post any os??
      Stay safe nd have a gud day.???

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