Phir Subah Hogi 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Vickram and Chulbuli staring at each other. Bunty comes and interupts them. Chulbuli moves away. Vickram says if only he had waited a few more minutes. Bunty tells him he has come to save Vickram and begges him to go away as he don’t know what kind of people these men are. They will not only kill Vickram but him to. Vickram Says , you won because you told me if I came here I would not leave. Bunty continutes to beg. VIckram says he will leave only if Bunty lets him meet Sugni for one time. Bunty says that is not Sugni but Chulbuli. Vickram says to him she will always be Sugni begs Bunty to meet her. Bunty says he can’t. Vickram says then leave me to my fate, either she will come out the door or my death will…but I am not leaving.
Chulbuli is in her room being checked by a doctor …who tells Aama that she is fine she is just suffering from a bit of stress. After the Doctor leaves, Chulbuli tells Amma , Don’t worry I am not leaving her that easily. Amma get worried and Chubuli says I am only Joking. Kali comes in with a thali with smoke and Ama begins to “Remove evil eye” form chulbuli, who laughs at her. Ama says it is a joke to you ..but God knows what kind of bad eye that mad man cast on you! Chulbuli hugs aama and says she can’t live with out her.

Chubuli get’s falshbacks of Vickram from the road and the hospital . She tells Aama that was the same man she saved, and she thought that Sugni was some one else but did not think he would feel it was her. She tells Aama when ever sshe is around him she feels strange, like she can’t breath, and her head gets heavy and she feels as though something wrong is about to happen. She says she felt it at the hospital and then again today!

Aama is shocked hearing this and worried , she wonders what it is that God wants. Chulbuli asks Aama if she knows him and Aama says no. But she knows that he seems crazy and tells Chulbuli to be careful. She says don’t worry i won’t let him hurt you and I will keep him away.
She asks her to rest. Aama wonders why he kept calling her Sugni.

OUtside Vickram is sitting on the floor watching the window. He thinks that Sugni is now apart of a diffrent world now, and he must take her out of it and back to her old world. Divakar comes by and says, he herd lots of deevana stories but first time e saw one. He says he has a gift for vickram and shows him Three girls. He says Vickram can have one or all on the condition he leaves Chulbuli alone.

Vickram says that I know your type wo comes for Famuily money. He says he would not sell Divakar his thoughts of Sugni should he give him all his wealth. He says dose not know about love but deals. he herd abou devans but what he dose not know they are mad people and don’t come infront of them.
Vickram Gets up and aask him to stop him if he can as He is going in to see Sugni. He walks into the Khota as the Men try to stop him.
Vickram beats them…
Chulbuli is sleeping but is hearing Vickrams voice saying that he is seeing her in his dying moments, she awakens in a fright and calls Aama she gets off the bed.

Meanwhile Vickram is beating up every one. he takes a bottle and smashes it over his head and brandishes as a weapon. Aama is shocked and scared. Chulbuli is comming down the stairs and Amma tells her to go back into her room as he is mad.

Same time Vickram looks um and they make eye contact. Chubuli seems to go into a trance. Vickram goes towards her and out streches his hand. She takes it and leads him upstairs to her room. O re piya playing in the back ground.

In the room she sits on the bed while Vickram closes the door, breaking her out of it. She asks how she got here and what is he doing in her room. She gets up and grabs a vase. Vickram says he only wants to talk to her, he says he will not come near her or touch her. Chulbuli says she will either kill him or herself.

Vickram says I already killed you , I won’t let you do that again. He folds his hands and says all he wants is to beg her forgivenss , he says if she dose not for gibe him he will be stuck where he was when she dies forever. He says he only wants a chance ot make it right. He says this is not the right palce for you, come back with me I will take you back safely.
Chulbuli is cinfused and Says I am not Sugni but Chulbuli, and this is my world no matter what he thinks about it. and she is not going with him. She tries walking past him but he holds her arm. …again they make eye lock with o re piya in the back ground.

Devakar and Aama comes into burst into the room. Amma scolds Divakar and asks him how can he protect Chulbuli when he could not prevent Vickram from comming into her room. She tells him to leave.

Chubuli runs to Aama and asks her how could she let Vickram come here when she promised to keep him away from her. Vickram is looking on confused, as AAma to says , you brought him in your room yourself by holding his hand. Chulbuli says I don’t know all that , just ask him to leave or I will kill him. She looks confused and scared.
Aama thinks she can teach Vickram a lession , and tells him she is not mad at him but feels sorry for him. She says I want to show you something and leads him out side.

Precap: Aama is showing Vickram Photos of Chubili ans says that she is her daughter, who grew up there. Every child in the area knows her. Vickram is saying God is playing some game with him.

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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