Phir Subah Hogi 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 5th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts as Chulbuli/Sugni turns around looking at Vickram who is staring at her in total shock. Flashbacks are shown of Sugvi moments, her getting shot, her dancing Rai. Slowly Vickram walks towards her. Every one is staring at them, Aamaji is looking worried, Divakar is looking mad.
He touches her face, which sends a jolt through Chulbuli and she stepts back. Vickram starts talking saying that he was afraid she was just another vision as he has veen seeing her all over. He asks if she is alive.. He starts crying , telling her he thought she was dead and where ever he looke d he saw her. Chubluli./Sugni is looking at him as though he is a crazy man. Divakar looks on. Then Vickram Hugs her, and says his heart was broken and that he stopped believeing in God.
A shocked Chulbuli pushes him away shocking Vickram out of his ramblings.
Aama intervenes and says that this is her (TARABAI”s) Khota and that no one has no interest in who he is. She says he will either leave willingly or be thrown out..
Vickram ignores her and pushes her aside still talking to Chulbuli he says I know I have hurt you, but please come back to me, I will make every thing alright. Aama ji calls her men while Vickram holds Chulbuli again begging her to return with him. Chulbuli faints. Aama’s men grab hold of Vickrams arms. Vickram with a crazzed look watches as Aama and a nother lady gives chulbuli water to revive her..
Divakar stepts in and says that if any one touches Chubluli they will loose thier hands, he puts his arms around Chulbuli which sends Vickram into a rage and he breaks his hold on the men, and attacks Divakar. Vickram says I will distroy you. The men grab hold of Vickram again , ..He looks on as Aamaji leads a dazed Sugni upstairs, He keeps calling her Sugni and says comeback, he will make everything alright.
Aama ji says that Chulbuli is under her protection and no one can take her. Vickram says you can’t keep some one under false protection.. He again swears to Sugni he will fix things.
Divakar comes infont of Vickram and says he will let him go because he is mistaken and that is not Sugni but Chulbuli, HIS Chulbuli. He tells Vickram to leave. Vickram says he will eave but not with out Sugni.
Aama ji comes back downstairs and tells Vickram a lot of people come to the Khotas in his “Deevana” state and mistakes the girls for some one else. she says that is the affect of the Alcohol and the girls. . She tells him Chulbuli is her child that she has brought up from a child , so that she could be prepared her for ths business. (This gets vickram more angry) . She says she dose not know what relationship he had with Sugni, but in this place the only relationship between a man and a woman is a physical one.
Divakar jumps in and says he has brought Chulbuli and has all rights to her as her body belongs to him only. He compares Sugni to a car saying just as you have to have papers for a car…he has paid for his license for Chulbuli. She is made to serve his body.AngryAngryAngry
An outrage Vickram again breaks away from the men and starts beating Divakar …telling him she would only serve him if he has a body left.
The men eventually get him and throw him out. Aama Ji Scolds Bunty for bringing Vickrm there and says she never wants to see him in the area again and Bunty better make sure of it or else!
Suman opens Vickrams room and shows it to Hukum asking if he likes it. Hukum sees the keys dangling from her saree and remember Naginya telling him to get the keys so they could steal the money and run away from their. He tries romancing her to grab the keys but she moves away. Suman Picks up one of Vickrams Photo’s and is boasting about how she has wiped Vickram’s identity forn the haveli and the room. She recalls how she had made him an offer to split the property and he refused and now he is gone. Hukum praises her fro her briliancy. At the same time reva is passing and Suman calls out o her. She tells Reva ask MT what she wants from the room and give it to her as the room now belngs to Hukum, She then says if reva Wishes she can have anything of her husbands she might want to keep. Suman taunts Reva saying that what is the use of his things …when he was useless to her when he was around. She Orders Reva to be the room cleaner of this room from now on.
After they leave, Reva Picks up Vickram’s Photo, and sadly says she tried all ways to get his love, but never did. She curses her fate saying that Vickram had her as a servant and now Suman has her as one. . She then flings the photo on the chair and says …every ones days change and one day will be hers and she will show Suman.
THegoons throw Vickram on the street. Chulbuli comes to the window and looks on as o re piya is playing in the back ground. Vickam says his death is in front of him, indicating the men, but says , now at all cost he had to stay alive. He galnces at the Window and the episode ends with them staring at each other.

Precap: Vickram is saying to Bunty I don;t care what they call her , for me she is Sugni, he is begging Bunty to meet her just once. Bunty says he can’t do that.

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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