Phir Subah Hogi 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 4th February 2013 Written Update

Part one:
Episodes starts with Vickram playing a game of cards on behalf of Bunty. in the rum shop. He tells bunty to win he needs to look at the opponent in his eyes. He wins the game double the amount., while being praised by Bunty, who starts calling him Ustaad For winning him more than he lost.. The other players taunt Vickram to play with his own money if he has the guts. Vickram places his pats his pocets and says he has no money. They laugh at him saying he is telling other how to play and has no money of his own . Vickram says wait. He reaches into his Kurta pockets and removed 10 rupees. Bunty tells Vickram that he can use the winnings because that belongs to Vickram, vicram replies these guys are not worth more than 10 Rupees., and it is enough to win all thier money. He dose.

The guys saying they don’t even have money for food, bacause Vickram won it all. Vickram Gives them back some money to buy drinks and leaves. Bunty takes the money from them and follows Vickram outside. He asks Vickram if he remembers im and calls himself Vickram’s friend , he begs him to go with him to his place, saying he can’t leave with out visiting his home.Vickram says he dose not want to and he plans on leaving this city as it reopend his old wounds. Bunty says this is the perfect city to heal old wounds. He is relentless, and says just give me this night , if I can;t stop you this night then you can leave in the morning. Reluctantly Vickram agrees.

In the haveli, it is night time. MT is massaging her own foot, and she remembers Sugni comming in with oil to massage her the first day she arrived. (flashback shown) . She calls Sugni out loud, when Suman comes and says she is not Sugni but Suman. Suman says she asked for the property papers but MT refused , now she wants the key to Vickrams bedroom, at least. MT. Asked her why she wants it, Suman says to give it to Hukum. because he dose not like the one he had now. She says that Vickram is not coming back. MT says that Vickram will surely return.
MT says there are lots of other empty rooms in the house , give him one of those but leave Vickrams room alone.

Suman says she is not as large hearted as MT, who can forgivee, she says that Vickram left her in hot water, is responsible for Sugni’s death and did all kinds of evil acts. Yet MT. forgave him!. Suman says that only MT can be so forgiving not her. She then says that in all of this, MT is forgetting Aditya. MT. gets angry and say she did not forget and will not forget, she did not want to argue .

Suman starts threatning her and says that MT keeps refusing her request , so she keeps remembering Aditya. MT gives her the keys. Suman thanks her . Mt request to remove some of Vickrams personal items from his room. SumanTells MT she had a surprise for her concerning the land and leaves.

JiJI comes into MT room and says we are acting as if nothing is wrong, when every thing is.She asks how long they have to live like this. MT. Breaks down and says they had thier happiness in their closed fist but when they opened it everything was gone.. She is crying about how Fate had played cruel games with them. She cries for Sugni and her Aditya. JIJI asks her if she thinks, but MT cuts her off telling her Her Aditya is alive. She reveal a hidden safe and opens her closet with her expensive saries and jewellery.

She tells JIiJI she is only lettig Suman have her way, because Suman has Aditya Hidden in a place un known. Aditya is her helplessness, who is in Suman’s clutches. MT says She is worried for Adi, but is waiting for Vickrams return so that Voickram can resscue Adi. Because Only Vickram can set him free. and save the Haveli. She knows vickram is no better than Suman,, but he is the lesser of both evils. And his evilness can distroy Suman’s Evilness . She tells Jiji they have to tolerate Suman until Vicram’s return.

Back in Banaras Vickram goes to the Laal basti, and is disgusted by what he is seeing. Bunty says that the beauty he will fine in this place will make him forget everything. Vickram says the beauty he knew, would have made God stand up, and in pales in comparison. (Fashbacks of SugVI secens are shown) Meanwhile Sugni is getting ready to perform a dance number.

Bunty Introduces Vickram to Aamaji, She says he looks like a new commer in the city and asks what he he wants to have. He oberves a little girl asking her mother to play, but the mother says she has to work (a pr*stitute). Vickram tells Bunty, this is not a place he wants to be in and he walks away disgusted.

Aamaji scolds bunty for pringing the wrong people to her place. Bunty runs after Vickram begging him to enter the place, he says you can’t judge the place by one look. Vickram hears Sugni’s Voice, in the background telling AAmaji that she is indded a god made beauty., he hears her laughter and is shocked. He asks Bunty whose voice is that. Bunty says that is the one I want you to see. He says that she is the beauty they are all proud of and ask Vickram to come meet her. Vickram onders how is it possible to hear her Voice. He slowly follows him inside as Chulbuli starts dancing to Jhalla Whalla .

Chubuli is dancing merrily , for Divakar and other men, complete Mujra style. She is enticing Divakar with her moves. Vickram Is shocked when he sees the girl dancing is Sugni and he Shouts her name. Stopping the dance.

Precap: Vickram is walking slowly towards Chulbuli and she is watching him curiously.

Update Credit to: Vinnie

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