Phir Subah Hogi 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 25th February 2013 Written Update

The doctor says he doesnt know amma, bunty comes and smiles at amma. Vikram goes to the doc and asks him to see amma properly and recognise her, doc says she isnt that women but someone else & leaves.Amma says he cant succeed in taking away chulbuli from here as she belongs to this khota.

Naganaia takes hukum to backside and shows him the tijori keys which she had hidden and also a sack full of all the wealth. She tells hukum to give the keys to suman and come back so that they can run away from here. Reva watches all this.

suman arguing with MS to give her the keys, MS says she isnt having the keys, suman doesnt believe her & starts searching her room when Adini photo falls and is broken. Reva comes & tells her something in mute.

Amma creating a scene on the road saying chulbuli is my own daughter but this man(Vikram) says she is his sugni and wants to kidnap her. The neighbours support amma and say chulbuli is our daughter and will never allow you to take her away as she is very precious to all of us.Vikram looks on at her drama while amma says this is my power this whole colony is with me.She challenges him to take away chulbuli from here.Vikram thinks chulbuli is sugni but how can he prove that for this he needs sugni’s help.Vikram sees some guy going near him & remembers something in the past. He then follows amma & bunty.

Hukum and nagania are running away with the loot when suman stops them at gunpoint.Hukum throws the sack which is full of money and jewellery.Suman says she trusted him so much but why did he backstab her.Suman shoots hukum when nagania comes in the middle and takes the bullet. She collapses on the floor & dies. Hukum asks suman why was she so harsh on them & cries holding nagania.Hukum cries saying he was always telling nagania not to cheat suman but she didnt hear & now everything is over. Hukum says nagania cheated him and suman and he will pay the price for this, he asks suman to shoot him and kill him.

Suman gets scared at killing nagania as she is a murderer now, hukum asks her to keep quite & says he will take care of all this and take this murder blame on himself. Suman holds him and apologises, hukum says he loves her a lot and cant send her to jail, he picks up the gun and wipes any fingerprints on it & says he will bury nagania somewhere.Suman shocked seeing all this while hukum carries away nagania’s body. Reva witnesses all this from afar.

Precap: kali is asking amma why she favours chulbuli more than her when chulbuli came only now while she kali has been with amma from so many years.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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