Phir Subah Hogi 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 1st February 2013 Written Update

Vikram remembers how he had been unsuccessful in saving sugni. Nurse tells Chulbuli that vikram is conscious now, she comes to see him when amma comes and thinks if she is unwell to be in hospital, chulbuli wants to see vikram but amma takes her away & scolds her for caring for strangers. Chulbuli pleads to see vikram but amma drags her away while vikram comes out and is able to see only her back.

Vikram tells Doc that he missed out meeting her, Doc says he is fine to go home & rest. Vikram says his wounds wont heal so soon, Doc says he was chanting sugni’s name and who is she, Vikram says she was my life which I ended myself.

Chulbuli back home & amma is feeding her food & asks why she left that rich fellow and went rescuing some stranger.Chulbuli puts food in her mouth and tells her to rest her mouth. Amma asks who was the stranger she helped, chulbuli says she doesnt know anything about him but she felt uneasy around him as if she knows him from a long time.Amma gets worried and asks what was he telling, Chulbuli says he was chanting a name Sugni. Amma gets worried hearing the name Sugni.

Suman has summoned some lawyers and says she wants to construct a school for orphans. JT praises her noble deeds. MS understands her intention when lawyer says he needs her signature. The papers say that MS is gifting a land to suman. MS says this land she cant be sold as her husband wanted to build a temple here.Suman is left disappointed.Lawyer says we should use some other trick.

The same guy comes to meet chulbuli and apologises for his earlier behaviour.Chulbuli says she cant change herself, the guy says we cant go against the society but follow its rules.He talks romantically with chulbuli saying his eyes are filled with love for her & he has no humiliation in being with her in front of the whole world. Chulbuli smiles and the guy makes her wear bangles which he brought.One of the bangle breaks and chulbuli’s hand starts bleeding. The guy sees her mehendi and says its beautiful and where she learnt this art. Chulbuli too wonders where she learnt mehendi art when amma hears & gets worried & says she has forgotten but learnt it in her childhood.

Bunty playing cards in a bar and loosing all money.Just then Vikram comes & joins them & advises bunty how to play.

Suman,Hukum, JT and DV at the land which belongs to MS’s hubby.DV says we should have a pub here, hukum says this place is holy we should have a temple here. Suman comes near hukum and says his idea is good & she will change the geography of this place as she has some plans.

Precap – Bunty thanks Vikram for helping him & pleads him to come to his house tonight.

Update Credit to: arti

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