Phir Subah Hogi 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 15th February 2013 Written Update

At kotha lots of men come & are drinking when Chulbuli comes all dressed up and starts to dance then stops midway.Amma asks what happeend.Chulbuli asks to change the music,the men get restless.Chulbuli feels weird and asks them to stop then she remembers old rai dance faintly & puts ghoonghat starts singing and does rai dance,Amma looks in shock when chulbuli closes her eyes and dances remembering faintly dancing in front of vikram during adi amu engagement.

Nobody gets excited at her dance Chulbuli comes out of trance and kali asks what was this who taught her,chulbuli says she doesnt know, one man says its Rai dance, chulbuli says she doesnt know rai dance all she knows is what she learnt from guruji.Amma says a dancer can dance in different forms and she is a great dancer who knows all forms and asks her to rest.Chulbuli leaves in thought.

In her room she remembers the rai dance which she did just now and thinks how could she dance when she didnt learn from anyone, she wonders if she doesnt know about herself only and remembers how the anjaana(vikram) repeatedly called her sugni.

She takes out some paper & pencil and starts to sketch thinking she has no answer to her questions,who is the anjaana who wants to take her with him & only he can answer her questions.She ends up making a sketch of vikram,goes out and asks everyone on the road if they have seen him.No one knows him when one lady says he is very good and helped a few and gives his address.Chulbuli comes to meet vikram,knocks at the door when a man says vikram was staying here but vacated today. Chulbuli comes to his room and snoops around, finds a photo of herself(sugni with mangalsutra),chulbuli shocked to see her own photo. Behind the pic its written sugni mawari village.Chulbuli feels this name is familiar & decides to go to mawari to get answers to her questions.

Suman warns reva that she will make her life miserable like she did for MS.She tells Reva to advice MS to listen to her. Hukum comes with tea, says she didnt do well with MS sending her to jail, suman says she wants to scare MS so sent her to jail but will be back home soon.Hukum says still he feels bad, suman says he is so sweet and innocent she will bring her out of jail for him.Hukum feels happy suman cuddles him, hukum gives her tea she has it happily.

Chulbuli has left the kotha, amma & kali are super worried, bunty comes and says chulbuli has escaped from here, amma is hysteric,divakar comes & is angry and says she might have ran off with deewana(Vikram).He orders his men to search the entire city for chulbuli. Amma cries desperately for chulbuli and pleads everyone to search for her.

chulbuli gets into a bus going to mawari.Divakar’s men are searching for her in the bus stand but miss her and the bus leaves.

Precap – Chulbuli reaches mawari, gets faint blur memories of past.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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