Petrichor to his heart – part 15 (mhrw ff)

She looked up to the brightly lit house and cringed at the sight of yellow lights illuminating the ceiling of the balcony and lighting them up ethereally.

“so much to spend on the birthday party.” then brushing away the temper rising up she collected the glittery dupatta to her side and walked to the main door.

The security was quick to approach her and asked her name, seeing her name absent in the list he was provided with, he started arguing politely.

“arey , I am telling you that I know Pallavi Rao, let me go inside… see I even have the birthday gift.” she showed him the decent looking gift box.

“Sorry Ma’am, my job will be gone, I cant allow you inside.” The guard pleaded with her.

“okay call Farhad…I’ll talk to him.” she nearly ordered him and the guard agreed and dialled a number.

A ringtone chimed in the vicinity and next she heard,

“Akkaḍa antā sarēnā, Arvind?” and she recognised his voice. “everything ok, Arvind?”

She turned to his side and the split seconds of surprise and joy were not hidden from his face or so she thought.

“Aiza…you are here?” he didn’t hide his feelings at all or perhaps he shared some of her feelings.

he told one of the men something and made way to them.

“Anna… Āme pēru jābitālō lēdu.” Arvind, the guard started telling him something in their native and Farhad nodded to him and then telling him to go and check others he pulled her to a corner.

“what are you doing here?” Anna won’t be easy this time, he knows you tried to talk with Vahini.” he whispered to her.

“so, would he hurt me? Just like he hurt my father last evening.” her voice was calm but the disgust was visible in her voice.

“See , this day is important to my boss… please don’t trouble him otherwise…

“otherwise …” she challenged him and the simple man who was keeping an eye around them suddenly looked at her.

He kept looking at her daring eyes for a few seconds and suddenly she blinked, ending the moment for them.

“otherwise you will kidnap me just like the other time you guys did… and by the way thanks for not being rude during the last kidnapping session,” today something was different, when they met over coffee a few days back he thought they could develop something but today it all seemed far fetched.

“why do you want to come inside, I know you are not here for the birthday party.” he changed the topic avoiding her question and obvious accusations.

“you want the truth, okay… I am here to finally put an end to it, my father was out for a whole day and in the evening he came home but didn’t say a word against his enemies, it means no one wants to say or do anything about this episode… so I’ll meet Pallavi and tell her my apologies in person about the other day, and what better than a happy occasion, now let me go inside.” she stared into his eyes and for a moment he felt spelled but her words seemed genuine.

“Alright… let’s go but my eyes would be on you,” he told her and told her to follow him, she didn’t like to follow someone and that he had understood in the countable times they have met so when she tapped her feet in annoyance he smiled at her.


“kam se kam aaj bina behas ke rah sakte hain hum?” she asked him after a near fight moment and grabbed the pine green silk square with hues of black matching to her saree for the day and proceeded to secure it in his pocket. (cant we avoid arguing just for today?)

“arey, kal rat se tum ek bar jhagda nahi kiya, aise kaise ho skta hai… mai itna try kar rha hai aur tum ekdum se apna aai bana baitha hai.” he pinched her and made an innocent face while she took out the cloth and tried to make a better triangle. (you haven’t fought with me since last night, how could it be possible… i am trying to initiate something but today you have become just like your mother).

“aai se matlab?” she asked him very much involved in making a neat triangle out of the decorative piece of cloth. (what do you mean by my mother?)

“arey Nirupa roy… no reaction at all. I am trying to initiate a fight and you have not responded at all.” he said peeping from behind her shoulders to see what she was upto.

“ha ha …not so funny Ghamandi Rao…”she turned with a start and with a smile secured it to his chest packet.

“Okay tell me,” he didn’t let her go and caged her in his arms and stretched her to her toes.

“are you mad …” she whispered with gritted teeth. “our guests might be waiting and here you are busy in…” she looked here and there and then at him.

“kitna drama Pallavi, aur vaise bhi hero ki entry der se hoti hai.” he let her go and spoke with arrogance and pride ripping down. (How much drama Pallavi, and by the way Hero’s entries are always delayed).

“insan ban jao Raghav Rao…” she made a face and then rolled her eyes to express her annoyance. (Be a human, Ragahav Rao)

“why, I am not perfect but an only edition.” he annoyed her even more and she touched her temples and then walked to the mirror to give herself a final check.

“arey ruko to… he touched her arm and stopped her. (stop for a while).

“ab kya hua Mr. limited edition!” she asked him extra sweetly. (what now Mr limited edition)

“but you are a one and only piece my Saree ka dukan…” he walked behind her and sniffed her hairs.

“so strawberries are back…” he smiled and she stared at their reflections in the mirror.

“earlier I was saying I’m going to another offshore deal and I want you to come with him.” he spoke after a while still not opening his eyes as if getting drugged on her fragrance.

“what…? she untangled herself from him the moment his words left his lips and turned to face him.

“you are still recovering, how can you travel ?” her voice was in a higher pitch than normal and she realised it.

“i think you should take some rest, Farhad can handle it…” she tried to come with solution.

“achha, to Farhad Vahan jaake honeymoon manayega aur kiske sath,?” he locked his hands in front of him and stared at her. (So should Farhad go there on his Honeymoon and if so , who is going to accompany him?)

She didn’t understand his words and for a moment she thought she has jumbled his words or he himself was saying some jumbled up plan.

“Farhad kyu jayega kahin Honeymoon manane?” she too locked her hands and stared at him in the same stance. (why should Farhad go on a honeymoon)

“yahan shadi kiski hui hai Farhad ki ya meri tumhari?” he asked her, sometimes she really trested his patience. (who is married here, Farhad or us?)

“ab isme shadi ki bat kahan se aa gayi?” her big eyes spoke volumes of annoying surprise. (now how come marriage came between all these things?)

“hum dono iske pahle kahin bahar gaye hain?” wiping his head and pressing the tip of his nose he controlled himself and threw a smile on his face then asked her. (did we go somewhere together as in for an outing?)

“nahin…to, hum kahin bahar ja rahe hain?” her other query wanted him to throw her petite frame over his shoulder and leave her to his sanki sasoor’s place. (no, so are we going somewhere)

“bas rahne do tum, ho gaya mera…itna hi patience hai mere andar.” he huffed and turned his back to her, put his palm on his heart as if to relieve himself from some kind of storm. His eyes had another history to tell by the way they turned big and then came normal. (leave it, i am done… that was the limit of my patience with you)

“so what should I pack, warm clothes or just some cotton dresses…” she whispered under his ear, tiptoeing to reach his tall frame.

He realised it after a while but till then she had reached to the door and smiled at him…

“Raghav, come fast Keerti is already waiting for us.”


Hello everyone! i apologize for the delay but the thing is i was writing other Raghvi stories on Wattpad/IF so it took me some time but next part is here and hopefully, one more chapter will come to end it all in a day or two.

in the show Farhad has been so unlucky …hahaha, i hope at least Aiza doesn’t ignore him.

what do you guys think about it

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  1. Wow.soo nice.Update the next one soon.Because raghvi are going out and I am excited.

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much Bhargavi for all the love , i feel so bad for the next chapter but don’t worry they would have a great time 🙂

  2. Nice episode loved the scenes waiting for next episode

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      awwww, thank you so much dear for all the love, means a lot to me. The next one is already there , hope you read♥

  3. Prajkta

    I was waiting for you to upload the next chapter and was constantly checking the page, finally, it is here… Amazing chapter… Liked the way Farhad and Aiza’s equations are going… Happy to see his track along with Raghvi… Raghvi are adorable as they always are… Great going with the story, excited for the coming chapters… Take care and stay safe…

    1. Morusya51

      Prajkta, my friend… your comment always lits me up , i am happy you have accepted #Faiza, this chapter was a must before the havocs i have planned in the next chapter…i am happy you liked it…love you loads ♥♥♥

  4. Farhad & Aiza.. eh??? Cute 💕
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    & of course, our Raghav is one & only….. Unique & Precious LIMITED EDITION 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 & to match him, our sweet Pallavi…. can watch them the whole Day …..
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    1. Morusya51

      awwww Liz, you always are so kind to me, even today you pointed all those small details, means so much to me girl. and this amateur thing as in a show’s story – oh God, now you are being super kind, i cant match their level girl and it’s nothing like that being modest and all, I sincerely know its not that good but you guys are the kindest ever readers…i love you all♥♥♥

    2. Am not boasting or being kind to u….just stating the fact darling Morusya…..ur storyline is just wonderful….where there is less negativity & more of entertainment…..which v want after a long day of stress & hectic day…..can’t take more negativity & unnecessary drama….
      well, Love u for ur wonderful thoughts & writings

    3. Morusya51

      Thank you so much, my friend, i am so going to miss your comments in PTHH , and Yes, life is filled with so much negativity at times , we do need something which takes away our tensions…love you for liking them this much,this means so so so much to me♥♥

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