Peshwa Bajirao 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Govind showing Baji that Andha Khoka can hear the movement and release his arrow. Baji is surprised to see his target. Govind laughs and asks them not to touch apples. Radha asks Pihu what she is doing? Pihu says she is collecting Baji’s toys in a bag. Pandit ji comes. Radha asks what happened? Pandit ji tells that Baji don’t want to get educated in my paathshaala and went to steal apples. Radha says no, he went to bring apples. I will ask him not to skip paath shaala again. Baji’s friend discuss about Andha Khoka target and thinks how we will steal the apples now. Baji says we will steal even though he is sitting there, as my baba says nothing is impossible. He makes plan with his friends and asks did they understand. Gotiya asks how will honesty apples will come through stealing…

Baji says they will get apples. Rani is practicing sword with Tagela. She wins and is about to stab him, but stops. Dhana ji comes and says Aurangzeb sent a message. He says we asked him to give our fort back, and he sent his messenger with his message. He says Aurangzeb thinks it is an insult for him to talk to rani or your son. Rani tells that Tagela, a wife beater came here with ego, but now his ego and arrogance is ruined in the dust and he will go with only his sword. She asks him to send some small soldier to well him. Dhana ji asks Balaji to welcome the messenger as Rani asked.

Gotiya asks Baji what to do. Baji tells about his mum’s words. Balaji tells Dhana ji that he is a small soldier and Mughals will feel insulted. Dhana ji says you have to insult them politely. Balaji says a firelight waits for darkness to lighten. Baji also tells the same words to his friends and asks them not to make sound. Govind and Andha Khoka and others are in the mango farm. Baji and his friends enter there silently. Andha Khoka hears the sound and releases his arrow. Govind laughs and asks his men to bring the persons who is hit by the arrow. He thinks nobody will target my apples now. They bring Phanas and tells that arrow hit it.

Govind says someone must have joke. Baji comes and says no joke, mango is stolen. He shows the mango. Govind says where are other mangoes. They take out mangoes from their lungis and jumps. Govind is shocked and asks how can I fail? Baji tells that he has succeeded because of his father’s teaching. He says someone from your clan helped us. Govind asks who is that betrayal. Baji laughs and says you. He says you told me that Andha Khoka hear the leaves sound and attack. He says that’s why we have made that sound and have stolen the mangoes from other side. Baji asks them to give permission to them to take the mangoes home, and promises never to steak it. Govind agrees. Mahadev plays………….They throw the mangoes in air happily.

Rani tells her son that a wise soldier is the one who wins the war without killing anyone. Her son Raze gets tensed, and tells that he don’t understand anything. He can’t lift marathis burden on him. Rani says you are my Abhimaan and I won’t let my Abhimaan fail.

Radha comes to Balaji and asks what he is thinking? He tells her that Dhana ji and Rani Saheb have given him responsibility to welcome Qamar Uddin. He says I am trying to get info about him. Radha says I don’t know enemies, but I know you and that’s why I know that you will succeed and win over them. She asks him to become Shashtri if they use Shashtra, and if they use Shastra/weapon then become Yodhha. She asks him to have mango ras..He dips his finger and tastes it. Radha asks if it is not good. Balaji says it is good as your love is in it.

Radha tells that Baji’s honesty is also there in it. Balaji asks what? A fb is shown, Baji and his friends come to Radha and says it is honesty mangoes. He says we all have done hardwork together. Radha says everyone will get aamras, but you all will get punished also for running away from paathshaala. She says she will give them sweet punishment before sweet aam. She asks them to say some shlokas. Baji and his friends tell the lines. Radha asks them to tell lines one by one. Fb ends. Radha tells Balaji that she didn’t leave them. Fb starts. Chimna tells the lines. She serves him aam ras. Baji’s friends go one by one and tell the lines. They get aam ras. Baji is standing alone…He holds his hands and tells the lines. Radha nods her head and asks him to get mango ras. Pihu serves extra aam ras to Baji. Baji smiles. Balaji praises his wife for teaching Swabhimaan to Baji. Baji hears them.

Baji asks Mughals, who are they to stop them for stepping on their land. Mughal man says they are Mughals. He asks them to fight with elephant if they want the land back. Gotiya gets scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vishakha

    Interesting..the episodes are getting better each day..

  2. Its not apples instead its mangoes

    1. Vishakha

      Ignore ??

  3. Sanswa

    All hz been ran frm school..baji’z dad teach very good lesson dat ‘nothing is impossible’ wz amazing which gotiya asked dat ‘how will honesty apples will come through stealing’…wow wat Aline baji n his dad said one by one..’firelight waits fr darkness to lighten’…I loved baji so much…very excited fr precap

  4. Awesome story,awesome series,with awesome graphics.

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