Perfect Pati 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer and Payal confess their love to each other

Perfect Pati 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari shrugs Kabeer’s hand away. What have you thought about me? He insists he was coming directly to her to Delhi. She reminds him she is not a kid. Is this how a marriage is? Payal was looking for her past or for you? Nature has played a joke with her but you have intentionally played a joke with me! He admits he dint wish to marry in the first place. Everyone was after my life. I had no alternative but you! He holds her hand. I am being honest for the first time. You have been my very good friend always. I never felt that way about you. I don’t trust the word love at all.

Inspector locks Pushkar in a cell. You have played enough hide-and-seek with law. His family has told me that he is too smart. He advises constables to not fall in Pushkar’s words. Pushkar is miffed with Payal for putting him behind bars. She got everyone on her side!

Pari asks Kabeer if he means what he just said. I can see it in your eyes. Won’t you accept it before your friend? Rajshri stops and overhears their convo. Kabeer accepts he has fallen for Payal.

Pushkar decides to get out of jail asap. I wont be able to escape later. Constables taunt him. He tells them to mock him as much as they want to but you all have been fooled. Law gives one chance to everyone. Let me make one call. I will get you proof. They are reluctant but Pushkar requests for a call. Constable allows him. Pushkar thinks he will make arrangement for Payal’s death. Constable hands him a cell phone. Pushkar thinks Payal will be dead by evening. Constables call Pushkar a kid. We see so many like you! Pushkar throws the phone angrily.

Pari asks Kabeer if he has told Payal or if he is fooling her too. Kabeer says I don’t wish to put her in any dilemma. Payal is already married. Pari is surprised. Rajshri gets tensed.

Vidhi comes to talk to Rajshri. Rajshri tells her that she isn’t sure Meera and Max will love after whatever happened in the house. Vidhi reasons that two lovers shouldn’t sacrifice their love for what Pushkar did. Rajshri asks her why she is sacrificing her love then. I know that you and Kabeer are incomplete without each other. Vidhi goes quiet. Rajshri says I would think you only pretend to call me your mother if you will lie to me. Vidhi says Kabeer is a very nice guy but I am (married). She looks at her wedding photo. I have separated from Pushkar but not from my past. I don’t want to burden Kabeer with me. He too has a life. He has Pari. Let’s end this topic right here. Let him live his life happily. He has made many sacrifices for me. Please let him go. She walks away before Rajshri can do anything.

Pushkar is hell bent upon getting out of his cell. He calls a constable closer and lures him for hefty sum. Constable goes and comes back with a plate full of green chillies. You might be very rich but you cannot buy every single person! We ordered this food especially for you. Saying so, he walks away. Pushkar recalls giving it to Vidhi in the past. He chews onto one chilli and throws the plate angrily.

Pari suggests playing a game. We have to say a word and the person sitting opposite to us have to revert with the first word that comes to their mind. Rangeela is reluctant but Pari pacifies him. Pari starts with the word fear and he replies with Bela’s mother. The actual game starts. Kabeer and Vidhi get lost for a moment. Rajshri says the word love. Kabeer stops while saying Pa and completes it as Pani (water). Vidhi completes it as Pari. She excuses herself to see if food is ready. Pari takes Kabeer with her.

Pari scolds Kabeer for losing the golden chance. It was the perfect time to confess your love. He reminds her that Vidhi is married. What would she and her family have thought if I had said it out loud? Rajshri says her family would have thought exactly what you are thinking. Kabeer and Pari are surprised to see her there. Rajshri says you promised to return Vidhi her happiness. I chose Vidhi for Pushkar. I made her my daughter and promised her she will be happy. Marriage joins two hearts. You have joined Vidhi with Pushkar and Payal has connected you with Pari. If you really wish to see Vidhi happen then admit your love to her. I am giving you this right as her mother. She hands him a rose.

Vidhi tells herself to keep her emotions at bay. Kabeer has done a lot for you. He will be happy with Pari only. Kabeer asks her if she will never change. She is surprised to see him there. He asks her if she thinks herself to be the smartest girl in the world who knows everything. She suggests him to be with Pari. He makes her sit down and proposes her with a rose. She asks him what it is. He replies that it is his love. I know you are a dumb, duffer girl! Pari understood, Aunty understood but you are a duffer to not understand how much I love you! She stands up. I am already married. He says I am engaged. I am anyways not asking Vidhi but Payal (holding out her anklet). Do you love me? She looks at the anklet emotionally as he waits for his answer. She remains silent. He tells her he got her answer. He keeps the anklet in her palm and begins to go when Payal calls out to him. What will this lifeless anklet tell you? You should have asked me. He asks her what she means. She calls him a fool. You don’t understand it directly. I love you too. She accepts his rose. Romantic song plays. He holds her hand. They share a hug.

Precap: Pushkar feigns to cough badly. He vomits blood. Constable steps in out of concern but Pushkar suffocates him to death.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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