Updated: Pehredaar Piya Ki 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Diya passes her first challenge

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A hotel guest is furious at staff for not giving her proper food. Priya comes and handles the situation calmly. Ayush praises her for handling so calmly and asks her to try to be calm at home too when Bhuvan says ill to her. She says she can’t control it sometimes.

Jumki calls lawyer and tells him that Hukum wants him to do something. He says he will think of something.

Diya comes to buy groceries. Other people look at her and gossip what she’s doing there. Diya calls her sister and asks how much to buy. Her sister says for every house, quantity is different. Diya then recalls CT once told her to take 1 fist rice for everyone, so for 12 family members 12 fists. She adds that in bag and that comes out to be 1 kg, so for 15 days she orders 15kg of each item. Store owner is surprised that she’s asking for that much for every item. Jumki was watching Diya and laughs that she has never seen a fool like Diya.

Diya comes home and Bhuvan lashes out at her for going market when no one from their home goes for shopping. Diya says she would forget shopping list, so went by herself. CT tells her to be careful next time and asks her if she wants to bring anything else. She still has few minutes. Diya says no. All groceries come in. All family members are surprised seeing Diya brought proper items and proper quantity. Diya was going to say something, but Ratan comes and stops her. Ratan asks CT that Diya won first test right. CT is quiet. Nitya says Diya indeed brought correct items and correct quantity. Diya and Ratan are overjoyed. CT tells her that she won first test, but she has many more to come.

In flashback it’s shown that Ratan followed Maharaj to a temple and while he was praying to Hanuman, Ratan used a mic and fooled him saying it’s Hanuman’s voice that made Maharaj confess his lie. Maharaj drops the list. Ratan keeps him busy in punishment and takes the list.

Later, when they are in room, Ratan tells this to Diya. Diya asks so he missed his horse riding class. He says she wouldn’t let him go behind Maharaj and he didn’t do anything wrong. He just made Maharaj fool because he lied. Diya asks what he did with items she purchased and how he paid for items that he purchased. Ratan says he just ordered and they sent it home. He doesn’t know about money. And her items he switched outside with items he ordered. Diya recalls that only CT told her that sometimes you have to go an extra mile to get work done by your staff. She says first lesson, if straight forward ways don’t work, then you have to use unethical ways.

Other side, CT is angry at Maharaj. Jumki says she saw Diya buying groceries and what came home was totally different. She says there’s something going on between Ratan and Diya for sure. She saw them signaling something to each other. CT says Diya is smarter than she seems. She made Ratan to get the list. She followed her advice of saam daam dand bhed and with such a smartness that she can’t even question her about items that she bought.

Note: Episode didn’t air on Sony TV due to some reasons, but it’s made available on Sonyliv. You can watch there.

Precap: New trap planning by Hukum and Jumki.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. What’s going on.First they gave changed the timings then they have said there will be a leap and now there is no telecast ??? What are you up to Sony TV?There is no official confirmation from neither the channel nor the makers of the show.Are you banning the show?Plz don’t play with the emotions of fans.Plzzz start the serial at whatever time you want.But don’t stop this show.We love PPK so much

  2. Pehredaar Piya Ki’ Shoot Stopped, Has Govt Pulled the Plug?

    We have confirmed reports that the makers of Pehredaar Piya Ki have stopped shooting the show as of Monday, 28 August. This decision by the producers has been taken as they are anticipating a decision by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting regarding the fate of the show. If some sources are to be believed, the government might just pull the plug on Pehredaar Piya Ki after the widespread protests that the show has met with.

    It is just a news ,I don’t know whether it’s true.

  3. Suma123

    really are u kidding ………no, ppk …………i thought i have missed this episode today but havent telecasted……

  4. I&B ministry pulls the plug on Sony TV’s Pehredaar Piya Ki
    After weeks of dealing with controversy and petitions, Sony Entertainment Television’s Pehredaar Piya Ki has been reportedly asked to go off air by I&B Minister Smriti Irani. The show aired its last episode on Friday. The show revolved around a 10-year-old boy who gets married to an 18-year-old girl.

  5. I’m gonna miss u ppk alotttt

  6. IQRA222

    oh god!!i am so sorry i cannot comment today!! i am not able to speak due to tears. how can they do so with our ppk!!! like how can they do it??????

    1. A.xx

      The producers have decided to end it and come back with a show with a different story line and the same cast apparently.xx

    2. IQRA222

      is that true didu!!! if yes than i am happy but will still be sad as my show is going away!!

  7. Frozengirl16

    Thank u for update simmy…y they r always behind our ppk…its so bad…it’s just a story…I’m just pissed off by this…sorry I can’t comment about this episode

  8. Frozengirl16

    Thank u for update simmy…sorry,I can’t comment today…y they all r always behind our ppk…its so bad yaar..I’m just pissed off by this..

  9. What the hell they actually pulled off the show! And it’s the channel! What nonsense is this. I can’t digest. Please don’t do this ???

  10. Neptune

    Please don’t pull off the show many people will lose their jobs due to this and now it’s the channel itself doing so don’t know why they are doing so please don’t pull it off please

    1. A.xx

      Don’t understand why no-one raised any question on Balikpapan Vadhu or on Naagin (Even thought I like Naagin) but wasn’t she like 100 and odd years old and rhithik 20 odd .xx no issues then because it was fiction, an ekta kapoor show or because it had MOUNI ROY .AADA KHAN .ARJUN BIJLANI.?? Xx

  11. Please start the show PPK. I love this shows. please dont shut this show.

  12. omg its so sad without watching and knowing people bash it. I m very disappointed . Indian viewers pagal to ni ho gaye be faltu mai itna bhakeda khada kia I will miss my DIRA I can’t stop my tears me and my mum love to watch it. Everyday I watch it on 8:30 pm .

    1. Vivian20

      Yeah right anu

  13. Where is 29th August 2017 written update? All episodes must be telecast on sony tv at 8:30 pm or 10:30 pm.

  14. This is not right …People supports the TV serials which shows domestic violence on women …And partiality in between men and women …And making plan to distroy life of daughter in law by mother in law ..Or distroy life of mother in law by daughter in law …..If people support all these disgusting things than why you just against this show if you all see these serials for just your entertainment than why you are taking this show this much personally …Please guys raise your voice for this show …Whoever like the show …Becoz I like this show very much …Even I have a son who is 9 years old as same like ratan on this show but our whole family like this show very much …..Before banning is show the foolish and idiot people should watch this first …Becoz there are some reasons for this unacceptable marriage ….So guys pls raise your voice …

  15. But Tejaswi and ratan did cute acting,appreciations for that..

  16. The makers should not ban this show…
    If it is giving wrong impact then people have brain…they can think if it is right or wrong…
    But shutting the show is just ridiculous…
    Some serials are for entertainment purpose…its not necessary ki usse shiksha li jaaye…
    I m very upset…that they closed this show…

  17. This was the first show I loved it after Bady achy Lagty hain
    The reality they can not take it. There was a time when for property they have their children in small age got married

    We should see the reality
    So sad this show is going

  18. what about those shows they show Vampire using fowl dirty language
    Sometimes I can not see Kapil Sharma show all he does make dirty remarks sometimes the Language

  19. Saloni2128

    Oh wow finally 🙂 🙂 they stopped this show ye toh hona hi tha na ek din happyyy yeyyiiee 🙂 please guys kuch bhi chizo ka blindly follow mat karo

  20. Fairy

    Wl miss dis show???? d title song??? DIRA bonding!!!N sbse zada our PARI????? waitng for d other show wid same cast n crew!!!dis show wl always be dere in our heart???? love PPK always?? love Teja forever????

  21. Samaira_khan

    This is really unfair for teju and their team… Ian really depressed waiting for season 2..

  22. teju's lover

    guys is teju going to bigbossplease it is not trueall fans will again bash her and taunt her as publicity queen and saying her true colors will be out..please say it is not true..pls reply?

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