Pehredaar Piya Ki 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chotithakuryan With Maid Jhumki Creates Hurdles For Diya

Pehredaar Piya Ki 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohak asks Diya if they can start presentation. She nods yes. He says let us start. Department heads explain her hotel’s situation, profit/loss, expenditure, etc. Diya confusingly looks at them. One of them says his laptop conked off and he will show his presentation soon. Ayush asks her to be strict, this presentation is pending since 3 weeks. She asks to employee to finish presentation by tomorrow and show it to her. Ayush scolds Diya that she cannot be so lenient and has to be strict. Mohak says it is thakurani’s first day at office. Ayush says he does not know why daata hukum chose, this way hotel will be in loss. At home, CT checks kitchen and scolds cook to increase grocery and always keep stock in store room. She scolds vendor to deliver items on time and not try new washing powders, etc. Jhumki praises her and says without her, this palace is nothing. CT asks if she did her job well, else their plan will fail. Sakshi informs her that Mohak informed Diya reached presentation room 2 hours late as she was busy in salon. She sees Ratan carrying something and delivers her usual one liner.

Ratan hurriedly keeps his handmade flower vase for Diya and writes a note. Diya reaches and searches him. He comes out from hiding and gives her flower vase and says it is special gift for her first day at hotel, she is unmatchable. Diya asks what.. He says Shivani told their jodi is unmatchable. Diya gets happy seeing his pampering and gets sad next reminiscing Ayush scolding her.

At hotel, Ayush clashes with Priya and apologizes. Priya says he is not rude, but acts so, why did he scold Diya in board room, does he know why she came late, she got stuck in basement and her clothes spoilt, so she took her to salon and got her ready. Ayush says Diya was trying to explain that and he did not listen, he is not habituated to obey ignorant boss.

Diya walks with Ratan and asks how was his day at school. He says he was punished at school and has to take retest as he is weak in Maths. Diya says what is wrong in it, even she failed once in a subjet. Ratan says sasursaa must have scolded her then. She says he suggested to work hard on the subject, she did and it is her favorite now, he did not fail, so he should work hard on that subject. H says she is right.

Diya leaves for hotel. Jhumki watches her and over phone informs CT that Diya went to her office, now there is a surprise waiting for her. At CT’s room, Bhuvan tells her that Diya has not come out of office yet, poor she is. Diya speaks to her sister and tells her what happened at hotel today. Sister suggests her to be strict as Daata Hukum gave her big responsibility. Diya walks in hotel corridor and hears 2 waiters discussing that electrician is so lazy, he is puffing beedis lazily near light box, if this continues, only god can save this hotel. She asks waiters to show where electrician is. Waiter takes her along. Jhumki comes and gives money to waiter’s partner. Electrician is busy working when he sees rogue waiter falling and shouting in pain. He rushes for waiter’s help. Jhumki reaches with another waiter and throws beedis on floor. Waiter brings Diya and shows beedis and says electrician is not at his place also. Diya reminisces her sister’s words to be strict, scolds electrician how dare he is to be so lazy and puff beedis near light box. Electrician says she has mistaken him. She says they both know he is at fault and this is his last warning. Electrician goes on strike with his union. Diya returns to her cabin and drinks water. Power goes off. Ayush enters and scolds her why did she scold electrician, he with his team has gone on strike, union rules are very strike, now all guests have come to lobby due to power cut.

Precap: CT asks Diya to run Kesar Mahal for 15 days and if she succeeds, she will take over Kesar Mahal, if she fails… Diya promotes serial’s new timing at 8:30 p.m. from tomorrow.

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  1. I still can’t believe this that the show will take a leap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The most moving factor for the serial was dira’s relation , a relation between a kiddo hubby and a matured girl , but these online petitioners and cv’s ruined it , now PPK will take a leap and the old love saga will be repeated , Oh god I had such high hopes from the show but BCCC finished everything
    And the funniest part is that it will air with Ishqbaaz and dil se dil tak ,
    well to be honest I watch both of them DSDK in 10:00 pm slot and IB in repeat telecasts which airs at 12:00 noon
    So then I would have to watch the repeats of PPK as well
    But I fear the trp’s may drop down due to changes in time slot
    Lastly , I would seriously miss Afaan , awwwww my baccha is so cute but these cv’s and blo*dy petitioners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they ruined people’s mentality and made them believe what was absolutely wrong , disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tania-the fairy

    Poor diya,unaware about evillness around her..
    This CT behind all this. Will miss cute Afaan as leap is near.Hope for its best after the leap.

  3. IQRA222

    hello there everyone!!!!!!! how r u all ?? i guess very well that now you may be fine. so today’s question is what is your fav south onscreen couple ?? mine is Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal . do tell me yours??
    coming to the episode it was good but somehow got me upset. i am not liking the way evrybody is after my tigress. and this jhumki i really feel to kill her as soon as she is on the screen. she is just too much!!!!!! dear writers pls do show less of her and pls do show DiRa scenes for God’s sake. DiRa were the reason this show did well. and now it is just wanning so pls pls do show some DiRa scenes…also i somewhat like ayush . i feel he is going to be in a positive role as he is just trying to teach diya but lets see…
    and i am pretty sad for the time changing slot.. i watch ishqbaaz t 10 . now i will have to miss the half hour.. and also i feel the trp of my heavenly show will be affected. but we guys really need to be positive. and just pray that nothing happens to the TRP..
    and about leap.. it is really bad i wanted to see cute dira scenes and they are just rushing it. i will really miss Affu. he was just to cute!!!!!!!
    anyways waiting for the next part..
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all

    1. Astra

      iqu.. hifi. even i love ram charan madly. but there is no particular pair i like. i like ram charan rana and varun tej. chiranjeevi was my 1st fav hero. and i love anuska.. I’m also sad for time change.. 10.30?

    2. IQRA222

      didu superb choices you have !! and Chiranjeevi sir is a great actor.. and yes the time slot change is a tragedy

    3. iqu i will miss afaan a lot , he was no no is sooooooooooooooooo cute
      and my teju oh god i wanted her show to top trp charts but ahhhhh now it will air with trp toppers ishqbaaz and dil se dil tak , oh god i love both of them idk what will happen now???????????
      really worried , i love dsdk like anything especially my twinky , i may skip ib but dsdk rules my heart now i fear the trp’s may cripple down due to the timings change ………………….i feel like crying iqu yaar
      its so bad

    4. IQRA222

      yes nayu di will miss our affu. didu even i wanted our heavenly show to rock the chart but now i know it will have a tough competition.. didu i know its really bad but pls dont cry because if you cry i will feel horrible. lets just pray that nothing happens to our show!!

    5. Sargam

      hi iqra……i share the same opinion as you about the serial…….and i am alos worried for trp bt hoping fro the best…
      same pinch…..i also like ram charan and kajal aggrawal ……..specially after watching magadheera….

    6. IQRA222

      hi saru di !! after a long r u ?? i missed you!! and yes magadheera movie with out fav pair was an epic!!<3 <3

  4. Suma123

    hey ppk ppl helloooooooo to u all….IQRA222 mine is alluarjun and kajal…..wen will be the leap??anyone….
    coming to the episode teju was doing really awesome…dira scenes were really lovely….affan expressions cute…i miss that little kid

    1. IQRA222

      hello suma di!! first of all didu pls do call me iqu as everyone says and superb choice allu arjun and kajal do look good together!!no idea about the leap!! and yes will miss our cutiepie!!

    2. Suma123

      ok iqu…

  5. Astra

    thank you for the update MA

  6. Astra

    hello everyone, I’m late and very irregular.. i have missed u all.
    I’m so sad for the time changes. 10.30???? that’s very bad.. but for ppk i have to be awake.

    i can’t understand what is ct’s prob? she likes ratan and why hates diya? at least shakshi shivani better to her. that mohak n ayush r doing too over action. diya is just 18 years girl.. why can’t they understand?

    i have waited for abhay entry.. but will they really hurry into leap?? whatever, I’m waiting for 15days challenge of diya and ct. diya should win.

  7. Frozengirl16

    Thank u for the update MA

    Hello my ppk family!How r u all??? After a long time I’m posting my comment…my question is y the hell they change the time??? If in India is 10:30pm here in Malaysia would be 1:00am…but for trp have to watch it…

    Coming to the episode I hate CT n her maid Jhumki who is like Kumki? Diya is just 18 years old…y that Ayush n Mohak r overreacting??? Dira’s cute scene…I loved it…I oso want a vase like that…I’m eagerly waiting for the 15 days challenge for Diya which were given by CT…I will be watching…

    I’m really feeling bad that the writers are taking leap for this story…I will miss the cute Dira scene n oso Afaan???

    Anyway hope for the best…
    Tc n keep smiling???

    1. IQRA222

      gayu di !!! after a long time!! how r u ?? i missed you !! didu the time has changed because of the petition the people signed against PPK. yes didu that mohak and ayash are overreacting and that jhumki is
      yes didu will miss my cutie affu
      love you!!

  8. Sargam

    hi guys……..well i am here almost after 2 weeks and i really missed you all and ppk way too much…….but some circumstances led me to be away from this page but ppk didnt left my heart even for a moment and i am really happy to cpme back here…….
    today’s epi………haye diya……..itne cute expressions…… was jst adoring her like anything……oh god how could someone be this cute……..diya is really too innocent and sweet…..and with affan ,their cuteness creates a pure aura around them attracting my whole attention ………
    this ct and jhumki toh …i want to punish them bt i jst cant……stupid ppl……..
    mohak and ayush……well are they friends or foe?still wondering……..acting sweet sometimes and at other times bitter….
    the show is taking a leap…….serously.i couldnt believe it?so soon…..will miss afaan a lottt and my dira’s cute scnes……..
    bt i am eagerly waiting for the bonding b/w grown up ratan and diya…..

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