Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya helps Ratan fix his bow’s thread and returns it saying now it will not break. Maan targets revovlinng balloons and shoots them. Everyone clap for him. Ratan happily jumps. Divya then runs and slips under her heavy lehanga and says it is so heavy, why did didi prepared it for her, she is beautiful anyways. She calls someone passing by, but they don’t stop. Ratan comes and asks if she needs anything. She says he cannot come here, it is woman’s room. He says he will go then. She says he can stay. He says she is very beautiful. She tries to fix her anklet. He coughs. She says he is eating too much ice cream. He says he is fine and she did not praise him yet. She says he is looking very handsome and asks her to hold her lehanga while she fixes her anklet. He does. They both walk. He says he is god’s gift and everyone’s dear one.

On the other side, Sajjan asks Maan if Ratan’s life is really at risk. Maan says yes and his aunt choti thakurayan wants to kill him. Sajjan says how can it be, she is the one who was most happy and dancing when Ratan was born. Sajjan says everything was fine until Ratan was born as god’s gift, he is single legal heir of property, so family hates him and someone among family wants to kill Ratan. Sajjan says if he needs help regarding this, he can seek anytime.

Ratan continues telling Diya that his whole family loves him and takes each one’s name. She continues walking. He asks if she does not want to listen. She laughs and apologizes. He continues taking each family member’s name and says his kaaki maa is his favorite and she feeds him and tells stories, especially angel’s story. He continues and asks why she is standing instead of walking. She laughs again.

Diya’s bhabhi asks servants to arrange flowers away from fire and throw them when god’s idol comes in front and Diya dorns feather in god’s idol. Diya starts dancing with others beautifully. Ratan watches her dumbstuck. Another prince Abhay sees Diya and gets mesmerized with her beauty and dance. His father fixes his marriage with Diya. Sajjan agrees. Abhay’s father says engagement will be tomorrow. Maan says they need some time for arrangements. Sajjan says Maan is Diya’s godfather. Diya continues dancing and she pulls god’s idol to fix feather. Ratan is seen siting next to god and engrasped looking at her. She fixes feather in his pagdi.

Diya’s sister informs she has a good news. Diya happily hugs her and asks if she is becoming aunt. Sister says Diya is becoming bride soon and her princess is standing in white sherwani and red pagdi. Diya sees Ratan and laughs. Abhay comes and introduces himself. Sister says he is the one. Diya gets nervous. Sister says she will leave them alone. Diya says no. Sister says she heard he is going to London and should return soon as many princes are waiting to marry Diya. Diya says already Ratan is waiting for her. Abhay laughs. Diya says Ratan has gone to bring her jalebis and if he can take it from Ratan, he will win. Abhay goes to Ratan and asks him and says he will get him choc. Ratan says he does not need. Abhay says green jalebis are queen jalebis and he should give his pink ones and get green ones for Diya. Ratan says king is the one who takes care of people’s small needs, Diya loves pink ones, so queen green ones does not matter. He goes to Diya and gives her jalebis and walks away. Abhay says Ratan is really unique, but what will he do after Diya’s engagement tomorrow.

Sajjan tells Maan that Diya’s engagement is in a temple tomorrow. Padma cleans Ratan’s pagdi and finds sindoor box in his pocket. Maan sees that and asks why he needs that. Ratan says it is for Diya. Maan angrily asks to give it. Ratan runs away. Maan says let him go, once he gets busy in games, he will forget it. Other boys says Ratan let us throw color water balloon on Diya. Ratan warns them they should not. Boys run. He runs behind them and slips and hangs to fort’s walls and calls his parents to save him. Padma hears him and panics. Ratan’s mother and others hold her. Balloon falls on electric wire and it breaks and flies near Ratan. Padma gets more worried.

Precap: Sajjan sends Ratan in Diya and her mother’s car and asks them to take care of him. His car blasts and he shouts Padma. Door hits him and he injures severely. On hospital bed, he tells Sajjan that it was an attack on Ratan and there is only one way now. Diya is seen in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. ohh Shoooooo cute my ratan
    Such a young boy and still mad for diya??????????????

    Suyyash I love u
    Have loved u with kishwer
    My cutiee SuKish
    And now wud luv to see u with my teja
    Just hope grown up rate=an is played by namish
    Wud be gud to see them together

    1. Shrilatha

      Polly even I loved suyyash with keishwar .you know I wish to see her with varun but that is not possible .but if it’s temish then I will take treat from Iqu,folly,and fairy and Astra di.for sure

    2. never give up hopes as miracles happen everyday
      even I want to see teva but highly impossible so hoping for temish

    3. Fairy

      For sure I”ll give u big vala treat if temish happens? hehehhehehehe !!!!fingers crossed???

    4. IQRA222

      nayuu di yup ratan is too cute
      he is already mad in love he he he
      even i like suyyash but not more than nami!!
      and yes their pairing is going to be awesome
      yes didu i daily pray pls make it nami, pls make it nami to god and my sissy thinks i am mad hehe

    5. Sargam

      ratan is too adorable ,really
      i also pray it to be temish,hope to see them become #DIRA

  2. Richa19

    Wow!! Wht an epi!!!!! Loved Diya’s n abhay’s convo…. I’m feeling so sad for abhay his heart will break…… N DiRa were soooo cute!!! ????? it’ll be interesting to watch how diya will save ratan!!!!!

    Teju was looking extremely gorgeous today!!! ?????

    1. Shrilatha

      Me too richu .feeling bad for he doesn’t turn negative. I don’t want male ragini’a life her spoiling abhay’a character..

    2. Richa19

      I too hope they don’t make abhay negative…. Don’t want its character to loose it’s charm… But chill yaar they r not THAT ph who’ll just show one mahaaaann devi n rest all as stupid n negative creatures…….

    3. IQRA222

      yup richu di!! it was a totally wow!! episode
      loved all the scene
      and yes AbYa convo was fantastic!! even i feel bad for him!! poor him he will have to loose my princess tigress!! an yup DiRa are too cute!!!!
      yes it is going to be too interesting!!!

      and didu she is the princess tigress teju so she has to be gorgeous right!!

    4. Richa19

      Abhay is really cute n how teju blushed when he said that Rani toh meri hai…. Haaayeeee dil aa gaya ladki pe!! ????

      But his reaction will b worth watching when he’ll find that his Rani is married to his toughest competitor!!!

      Well I’m so excited for today’s episode….

      N yeah Tigress Teju is slaying as always!!! ????

      Hey gotta new name for teju!! ! Its TT – Tigress Teju!!!!! ????

  3. ratan*******

  4. Lahari

    Im falling love with her again..
    She is really queen of tellywood..
    Her dance her acting..loved it????

    1. Richa19

      Seriously dii!!! Aaj phir pyaar ho gaya teju se!!! ??? how can someone be so cute n beautiful at the same time with a pinch of innocence!!!! Love her soooo much!!! ?????

    2. Shrilatha

      Of course richu she is teja obviously she is a doll of all the qualities what ratan calls yes ‘pari’

    3. This comment is deleted.

      Reason: Inappropriate comment.

    4. Shrilatha

      First mistake no one said Bollywood.second you need eye check up.what you will suit him better .do you fantasy yourself with him.and third how this show is gonna cannot decide since u r not the director .if still u make this prediction that this show flops then I think u belong Om just shut your mouth on the things that you don’t know.and can’t become an actress already.don’t comment on them who.are…get.that in.your.mind.

    5. Lahari

      I think u have problem with ur eyes..plz check once sandy
      Nd one more thing dare to say word against teju..if u r not like her y u cme to this page idiot

    6. IQRA222

      yes lahari di !! in love with my princess!!<3 <3

  5. Antara


    1. Shrilatha

      Who ever it is antara I don’t think it’s Kaki ma

    2. Richa19

      It can be kaki ma sa…. Abt whom ratans’s mom was talking…..

    3. Silent_writer

      I also thinks its not we saw i don’t think it’s kaki someone else maybe

    4. IQRA222

      yes pari’s dance was fab!!
      i think its kaki maa

  6. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !! Hope u all are fine.

    Beautiful Episode.

    1.Worth to watch Kunwar Ratan with Diya. Love you DiRa::*:*@):[email protected]):-<3

    2.Megical moment when Ratan holds lehnga and Diya wears Anklets.

    3.Kunwarsa was talking about his family and his dear once and when he find Diya was not listening he get irritated and ask her to listen but Diya laughs.cute moment.

    4.Awwwww Jalebi (personally Jalebies are my favourite) moment ,Abhay,Diya and Ratan nailed it.

    5.Pehredari will start from next episode.

    @Dear Shrilatha, I read your reply,how u know me i d k ?:) sorry.may be from activity area.

    Show is worth watching because one of my favourite production house Shashi Sumit Mittal.

    @Iqu sissy, glad to see u here.

    1. Fenil


      6.Crazy Ratan warns his friends to not throw colour water balloons on his PARI.B)B)8)

      7.Maan scolded Ratan when he said Sindoor box is for his PARI.

      8.Suyash entry as Abhay is sweet.

      Precap : Interesting and we will face some emotional moments.

    2. Fairy

      Hey dr…yeah we r fine..hope u r also doing good??u described d episode n its scenes sooo beautifully??????yeah dr jst loving dis show so very much??? waitng for PRECAP- eagerlyy!!!

    3. Shrilatha

      I know you through activity area

    4. Shrilatha

      Sorry Fenil bhaiiya if didn’t like my comment.but actually the points made my day …you can think of me anything from now you are my bhaiyya for these points.

    5. Fenil

      Hey Dear Shrilatha , I just want to know that how you know me ?
      There is no point of liking or not liking.
      u said in last episode Fenil Bhaiyaa so i surprised that how u know me , becoz most of ppl get confused by name and they call me DIII. heheheh

    6. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!! how r u i am toh all fine
      and yes it was beautiful episode
      1) yes bhai love DiRa to the core!!
      2) totally magical all in love with that scene
      3) totally cutiepie scene
      4) bhai hi-fi even i love jalebis totally a fan of them!! yummy and yes abhdira nailed it
      5) hmm right bro the protecting work will start from tomorrow
      6) that scene was kinda funny haina??
      7) i got sad as my cutiepie got scolded huh!!
      8) yes abhay entry was wonderful
      precap toh is super interesting
      so i really cant wait for the episode
      and bhai you know i am double triple happy to see you here!! and also you are my first bro on i too happy to have you here!!

    7. Fenil

      I ‘m fine Iqu
      Glad that u r happy.

  7. IQRA222

    This episode was jsut so heavenly awesome and wonderful..???
    Dira scene were so cute sweet and amazing totally loved them. Both teju and ratan looked cute and gorgeous just cant get my eyes over them.?????
    So abhay has entered the show now it will become more interesting. His entry was fab too. The way diyu got nervous and diya and abhay scenes were fantastic too.??
    I so loved abhay and ratan scenes..??
    Precap is a bit scary for me??
    But anways waiting for the next part of my princess’s show???
    And obviously we people did a great job in loving the show and commenting on the 1st episode. We almost touched 100 comments
    So my sissy’s do keep commenting and coming on this page and support our princess????
    Take care
    Keep smiling and commenting
    Love you all

    1. Shrilatha

      Yes iqu 100 comments was our goal for me jayu di and richa..we did it.first and today super wow..totally loved it
      Iqu I asking before hand if grown up ratan is namish then you should give me treat.

    2. IQRA222

      didu even i wanted it to go up till 100!! so congo for the century comments!!! yipppie
      and off cource di will celebrate that day if nami will be ratan!!
      god just by imaging i get butterflies in my stomach!! PPK<3 <3

    3. Silent_writer

      Iqra????????????? the each n everything u describe was woooooooow and i am loving abhay ratan and diya but mainly diyaaaaa she is opp from her every role here loving my queen and yup precap was a bit scary let’s hope for the best

  8. Angelk1

    Ratan an diya scene are so cute. Ratan helps her with her anklet. He gets mesmorize by her dance and even refused to give abhay the chocolate lol. Best part when he tells his friends not to throw balloon at her, just love the fact that his confidence in what he wants.

    Sadly they dont take him seriously because his a child. Even diya dont take him seriously yet until his grown. Cant wait for that. All in all, i’m loving this.

    1. Shrilatha

      I need to ask you. A question since u r not indian how do you feel about this you feel it’s regressive..Angelle I respect for opinion a lot from dil se dil tak. So I want you opinion

    2. IQRA222

      yup didu DiRa scene are actually very cute!!
      and didu even i cant wait for the next episode
      totally in love with PPK

  9. Hello everyone
    New concept and nice story hope it does not get boring after some episode.
    If the show goes like this then its gonna rocked.
    tejaswi is looking so pretty as well the little one is so cute.

    1. IQRA222

      hello anu di are you the one from devanshi page!!
      yes didu its a new concept and nice story
      and dont worry it wont get boring
      yes it will rock!!!
      teju is already pretty and ratan cutiepie!!<3 <3

  10. tania-the fairy

    Amaizing epi.
    Diya would have never thought of becoming little Prince s wife but fate made him so.
    Today Ratan gave right answer to Abhay.
    He looked so cute.Love u Afaan.Most handsome child.

    Diya is the most beauty queen I must say.teju rocked today with her dance.

    1. IQRA222

      yes tani di!! the episode was amazing
      yes diyu would never have thought about it!!
      yup again didu abhay and ratan convo was super. he looked to cute

      off cource out teju is the most beautiful!! and she rocked it today

  11. Asw

    Nice show abhay diya Ratan are cute

  12. Berdilla

    Superb episode i loved it

    1. Siniha

      Meaning of Berdilla??

    2. IQRA222

      yes berdi di!! this episode was superb <3 <3

    3. Berdilla

      Hi iqu darling i liked you gave me new name da

  13. Silent_writer

    ???????loving DiRa Bond omg?????lehenga scene must say bae is rocking the show???????loving her sooooo much as princess omg the blast??????? hmmmm wandering what’s next????…… Omg diya and abhay convo n ratan win????thats call style heheheheh…….. Can’t wait for more loving tejuu as diyaaaa she always looks sooo heavenly in her dresses ??????cant take my eyes off from her she is slaying loving her ppk rocks ?

    1. Shrilatha

      Hey Fizo our princess is so cute ..haina hope our doctor comes here as ratan

    2. Silent_writer

      Yeah wish the same anyone of VarMish become Ratan ❤

    3. IQRA222

      hey fizo di!! yup di totally correct !! in love with DiRa bond!! lehenga scene was adorable!! and yes the princess is rocking itt
      abhay and ratan convo was fab right!!
      yes she looks totally heavenly
      PPK ROCKS!!

    4. Silent_writer

      Exactly iqra ppk rocks♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Such a shit story line bring a old woman called divya to pretend to marry a child to protect there was no other way to protect but marry him off and ruin his childhood.

    Comment edited.

    1. first of all its diya not divya… and second that since she is portraying a royal princess so she can wear the lehangas… and her attire is not at all heavy…. its looks are such.
      Sorry for being rude

    2. Fairy

      U again came back!!!uff!!! I really pity on u? always behind teja!!!I have seen ur commnts many times during initial episodes of swaragini!!! U know what u r obsessed or I can say jealous of tejasswi!!! Dats y always spreading negativity!!! if u don’t like d show or tejasswi den jst change ur channel!!! No need to watch #ppk …..N atleast dis serial is better den some mahanta devi vala or Saas bahu n unki Shajish vala shows????
      N oh my god!!! Wt u said diya ugly??? oh god!!! Now I cnt ctrl my laugh? u really need an eye checkup?? N lastly yeah!Thnku for increasing trp of ppk by watching it?? god bless u?

    3. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much for your disgusting mindset.why don’t you start a story….and you are saying teja is ugly… are seriously injured in your mind..huh…make up seriously it is bothering you..I really don’t understand it’s teja who is wearing it…what is your problem….I seriously pity you now.

    4. Okay, you think the actress playing Diya sucks and is old and all that. My one question to you: why are you even watching this show then? To come and criticise an actress and show you don’t even like? Aren’t you a Helly fan? Go and watch her show. And secondly, the fan war between Helly and Teja fans have finally ceased and you want to start the war again? You can’t take any bashing against Helly yet you want to bash Tejasswi by calling her face fat and ugly and an old hag. Seriously, being a girl, you call a girl of 25 an old hag. That’s means anyone who is 25 years and older is an old hag? You are contributing to the misogynistic culture world-wide where there is an early expiry for a women’s dreams and career. Plus, if any Teja fans start bashing Helly using this as provocation, will you have any rights to defend Helly? Because you will be guilty of the same thing they are doing. Tellyupdates is one of the sites which was least impacted by the Helly- Teja war, so please spread your negativity somewhere else. Thank you!

    5. Fenil

      hey NK , Why are you dragging Helly Shah here. U just assumed that Sandy is Helly’s fan. I’m also Helly Fan . U should not drag any one here…Snady didn’t said anything great words for Helly So why are u rudely talking with him/her and thats also by adding Helly here.

    6. Lahari

      Cant u people change..always behind teja..jealousy people

    7. Astra

      hmm, see.. these people have come finally..! why don’t you stop watching if you don’t like???

    8. Richa19

      Hmmmm…. Sharam naam ki toh cheez hai hi nhi tumhare paas I suppose….. Idk wht all bad things u wrote abt teju n the show but mind it if I again see u in this page commenting bad abt any character or person… It won’t be good uk….. If u don’t want to watch the show then don’t… No need to come here n comment ur ” typical ” views on it….

    9. IQRA222

      see miss sandy you really dont have mind!! you are soo soo jealous of my princess tigress.. that you bashed her on ppk too..
      i saw your comments on swaragini initial episode that time i could understand that it was your dislike for ragu’s character as maybe you are a swalak fan. and i left you that time
      but now i truly understand that you are plainly jealous of my princess and have nothing better to than bashing her..
      i cant understand that if you hate her so much why the hell do you have to come on our heavenly page?? and yes how dare you call me princess ugly ?? you really need a doctor?? should i prescribe you one??if yes then pls do tell me okay!!
      if you dont like this serial no one is forcing you too watch it or comment just disgusting things about it
      and yes what you said she is not the queen of bollywood!! okay i agree with you but you know why she is not the one because my tigress princess didn’t try for bollywood??if she would have tried it she would have rocked.. so just keep your good for nothing mouth closed
      and next time do comment only when you have something good to say otherwise you can keep shut we will have no problem

      you know this is the first time i am talking so rudely to anyone in life
      sorry if i had hurt you but you know what you deserved it!!
      once again sorry
      and do keep this thing in mind that dont comment unless you have good to say

    10. Asra

      uff choti what we do…she s sooo obsessed with teju….maybe we call physco hater/lover of teju…leave them yar they are like thz…nothing s going to happen to them…

    11. Aditi.Ayansh

      dear Sandy di..if u dont like the concept then stop watching it..but just becoz u dont like the story line u cant start bashing pls di…..and i like the story its different and unique..agar aapko meri baath ka bura laga toh i am sry

    12. Silent_writer

      ?????Goshhhh itna obsession toh maya ko nai hoga arjun se jitna isko hai teju say hai……… Awww dear sandy itni tareef bar bar repeat telecast kri jarai ho show n character k baray mai line kharb hai kya agr haina toh jakr tape badal lo or sath sath channel v takay yahan ane ki takleef na kro??????

  15. Again missed it on TV… electricity has to go away in the evening only minutes before its telecast…. not fair…. but luckily I saw her dance on fb page of sony tv in the evening…. her dance was so graceful…..

    I pray that ppk tops trp charts and shuts the mouth of all those against it… silently….. waiting for the next episode


    1. IQRA222

      aww!! no problem jayu di you can watch it on okay!!
      and yes her dance was too graceful!
      di i pray daily for it that its trp gets higher and higher

    2. Silent_writer

      Ooppppsi these electricity these day chain se teju ka show v nai dkehne deti koi nai jaya dekhlio it was rocking

  16. Fairy

    Wl commnt about it after watching d show?today I missed d episode??? bt surely wl watch d repeat or on you tube n den comment..yey!!M super xcieted for abhay n diya scene????????????

    1. Fairy

      Aha such a mindblowng episode!!! It’s soooooo amazng!!!! Loving dis serial more n more???? n diya uff!! Her innocence her cute cute antics ??
      Since swaragini times nly I ws mainly a fan of tejasswi n dats y liked her charecter ragini!!!N here I could clearly find d glimpse of teja in diyas charecter.)??? her way of talking,her smile,her laugh,d way she speaks….. So it’s a kinda treat for me??????? all d time whenever I see DIRA convo or scene,automatically smile crept upon my lips??? dey r too adorable…N uff!!! Abhay!!???? Jst loved him!!
      All d cast r superbb!!!!
      N diyas dance? lovely!!
      now let’s seee how diya wl save ratan from falling !!???
      PRECAP- is making me impatient!!!jst waitng eagerly to see it!!

    2. IQRA222

      so did my fairy di enjoy this episode!! and i know the answer is a yes!!!! isn’t it
      our teju is a allrounder! cute innocent beautiful all the qualities together
      di it is treat for me too
      and yes didu DIRA ROCKS and abhay too!!!
      princess’s dance was too awesome!!
      even i am waiting for the next episode eagerly

    3. Sargam

      even i too could see the glimpse of teju in our princess diya and that’s why i find it more natural than ever…yup this show is hooking us up with its different and unique stiryline and not to forget.the amazing starcast.#DIRAis really cute….i find diya becoming a kid whenever around ratan and like it the most…
      even i m wating for today’s epi…really excited..

    4. Silent_writer

      Haina haina haina antoooo???? diya is such a adorbale yeh character toh ekdm favourites se bhi uper chala gaya hai loving it sooooooooooooo soooooooo much???? heheheh and really the convo of abhay was toooo goood surely it will rock

  17. Shrilatha

    Finally watched it now…hmm where do I start from OK I will start from start only..
    1) Diva holding the bow…she was terrific…looking like tigress for a sec it looked like she looked like devasena of bahubali.

    2) the payal scene .she was looking like doll. In that dress and the way ratan adjusts his dress so as to get her comment is like I just wanted to pull his cheeks…

    3) our princess ka dance????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. IQRA222

      1) yes totally teju rocked it. she looked like a goddess there. the name i kept for her is correct PRINCESS TIGRESS
      2) yup didu but she is actually a princess doll so she will have to look like one right!! and yes ratan is too cute
      3) haye main mar java chocolate khake type scene that was!!!!!

  18. Shrilatha

    4) diya seeing ratan when her sister showed her abhay…it was so symbolic and meaningful

    5) the jalebi fight for our afgani jalebi.I.e our diya

    6) the sindoor scene which shows his determination and seriousness

    7) finally ratan’s defending act when he said no one should drop water balloon on diya awww it’s like each other are going to be Pehredar of one another.

    I love this episode…but guys I seriously don’t think it’s Kaki ma who is doing could be her husband..remember he is the villain.

    I really don’t care what people say about this show.I will watch it no matter what.
    LOVE PPK AND LOVE TEJA???❤❤❤❤❤❤????

    1. Fairy

      Yes!!Shri all dese scenes???jst loved it!!! M genuinely saying m loving dis show sooooo veryyyy muchhh!!!????thnk god teja had chosen dis????n even i think dat villain is someone else nly????let’s jst wait n watch!!
      Ppk rocks? teja rocks???
      Love love love?

    2. IQRA222

      yes shri didu!! you are really right
      4) totally that was symbolic and meaningful
      5) he he correct
      6) god didu i was really thinking what a good actor affu is
      7) yaa that was totally an awww scene

      and yes didu even i think the same

      didu we really should not care about what people say because they are just jealous from our tigress princess!!

    3. Sargam

      shrilatha you just gave evrything we loved in the show…..your points are really amazing and reminded of of all the scenes i am like awww… diya,ratan,and abhay
      all teja fans are surely watching it and will continue to do so…… matter what other people think or say

    4. Silent_writer

      Exactly???? we don’t care about people cuz we have trust on PH channel and morover actors who are doing hardwork loving ppk and surely it will rocks ❤ love ur comnt shri

  19. Diya d ratan scenes r very cute…abhay s also beautiful..princess s gorgeous in that lehenga

    1. IQRA222

      yes saru di the scene were too cute!! and abhay is handsome too!! and princess is gorgeous too

  20. Follybraverl

    Awesome asusual I love teju as diya more than ragini…..So bold as sweet as well a cool shade which I want to see ……How could someone be so good in all attire she is something ????

    1. IQRA222

      yup didu the episode was awesome as usual. didu i toh love both my ragu and diya equally as both are special for me!!
      yes didu even i was thinking the same how can she be so perfect. but then i get the answer which is because she is teju my princess tigress!!

  21. Astra

    wow.. beautiful episode. but, I’m latee…!!! a little innocent soul who was surrounded by many enemies and the beautiful lady.. who is going to be his protector. the way chota ratan is loving his pari.. just as kids love thier fairy in fairy tales.. is sooo sweet..!! suyaansh started loving diya.. hmm, waiting to see more turns and twists. teju’s grace on role is..???

    1. IQRA222

      yup asthu di the episode was beautiful!! yup our princess tigress is going to protect this cute soul.. its really like a fairy tale… and offcoure di teju’s role is totally lovable!!

  22. Shrilatha

    Guys I guess I am crazy or is it true I don’t know but in promos earlier I just caught this glimpse diya after marriage is wearing ragini ka mangalsutra..the black fat one.which was stuck in our Laksh’ s shirt..hehe I can’t get over any of her characters…she looks cute with that wala mangalsutra

    1. IQRA222

      no not all my shri di!! you are not crazy. you know even i saw that but i thought i was just hallucinating so dont worry ok!!
      and he he hi-fi even i just cant over her

    2. Richa19

      Shri di the mangalsutra ragini wore was a traditional one which a rajasthani or a marwari lady wears… So Diya’s mangalsutra might be similar to that of ragini…..

    3. IQRA222

      oh thanks a lot richu di for informing<3 <3

    4. Follybraverl

      Yeah she is….And intrusion start their work Darling they jealous of teju……..

  23. Hi everyone I love tejasswi a lot two reasons are possible for diya n ratan’s marriage 1st diya ki jan bachayi thi ratan ke father ne so as repay she will marry ratan to save him n another is as ratan ko koi property ke liye marna chahta hai to diya ki shadi ho gayi ratan se to diya bhi to property ki hissedar hogi as a result ratan ko bachane ke liye n marnewaleka target bhi to change hoga from ratan to diya. This are my thoughts only.

    1. Sargam

      yup,i also think it will be the combo. of both the reasons,she will feel it as her moral responsibility to do anything to payback her baap ji saa for saving her life and then the story of dira will start,the pehredaari pf diya for her piya,even we all love teju a lottttttttttttt

  24. yippeeeeee…… watched the episode……. ????????…… and again teju became my favorite…… she is mind blowing actress…. an all rounder…… dancing acting singing….. give her anything and she will do it perfectly like a pro….. love this new jodi DiRa and Abya (abhay and diya…… who all like this name ??) …… siyyash looking sooo handsome…. Diya’s dance soooooo graceful….. and the cutest part of this episode was ratan trying to protect Diya from balloon… awwww ?????….. loved the episode….. totally awesome…… bas waiting to see the next episode…..

    And one thing I love is teju’s dresses here….. in swaragini also her post marriage look…. such a different style of wearing lehanga just like a saree and here her awesome lehangas… looking really like a princess… ????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

    I can go on and on and on but will save some words for the other episodes…. ab what to do now….. our teju is like this only… mere words are sooooo less to describe her….. ???????

    and my love to all teja holics….. love you guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Sargam

      teju has made her place deeper by slaying as diya…..she looks too graceful……haye my teju…..i guess she can do jst anything.lyk anything she is into……..such dedication i cant see in anyone else.but our teju is unique and that’s why she does it all so well…..dira’s evry scene was jst adorable and cute….i fell in love with lehengas after watching teju in swaragini and now in ppk,she just carries it like anything,although how messy it might be to handle lehenga.after all she si teju,she can do anything.indeed she looks as princess and she has got the lehengas trend in tv back,wow……..she has taken the tv fashion a notch up,my style queen….
      really if we start praising teju then this wont end ever……akhir teju tarif is haqdaar jo hai….
      love you too dear… all tejaholics

  25. Hi everyone i love teja a lot n love her more as ragini n now as diya as well. Even I would love to see our lovely couple temish together yar bt their is only 1problem in it if nami will be ratan then unka age difference to bdlega nhi na n I dont want to see teju as 9 year elder to nami yar. Today s episode was awesome.can I join this group? I will definitely comments whenever I get you all.

    1. of course dear…. u are most welcome here….nice to meet another teju fan….. and if nami will play then age diff toh hoga hi but I read it somewhere that its inspired from sridevi anil kapoor movie….. so I think it will somewhat follow that story line…. rest let’s see…. but seeing temish once again would be a treat ????

    2. Sargam

      the movie was lamhe…but here it is not toatally inspired by it bcoz in movie sridevi gets married to somene else and anil loves her but here diya will get married to ratan and she wont die….i guess they jst got the point of a child loving an elderly woman.jst that.but i soo wish it had been like lamhe.i fell in love with the stry after reading that ppk is inspired from lamhe but the stroy wont change……hmm it will be a new one and will wish to see how ppk turns after leap….yes seeing temish together will definitely be a treat.raksha dear you are already in the grp.,no need to ask

  26. Fenil

    Hey Friends !! Just ignore bashers if u will reply them then again he will reply and so on…..
    U know guys because of this only i stay away from Swaragini page and Swasan -RagLak.
    If you guys will spoiled this page also then sorry to say i will not come here also but will try to ignore.
    Don’t even dare to speak against Helly,Teja,Namish,Varun.
    I know here many are RagLak and RagSan fans.

    Sorry if my words hurts you.

  27. Riana

    I dont watch this show on Tv but on YOUTUBE…l???l…Its amazing an show…Love it…Diya (Teju) is sooo beautiful in this look ??…Ratan saa is sooo cute his acting is really appreciating other kids…Anywayzz last scene was shocking…

    Precap: Superb but shocking too !…

    Hi Fenil…Nay…Fairy…Antara…Iqra dear n everyone of this family…

    1. Sargam

      hey riana,so glad that people are watching the show on youtube also.that defines our love for ppk…teju is indeed one of the most beautiful faces we ever saw on tv and her evry look and evry character jst has its own magic which leaves us a kid i find his acting really cute…really a cutie pie

  28. Asra

    Ohh god am super late….what can I only I watch the series….
    diya holding the arrow na it’s just fabulous dear….she’s like a brave princess….
    and dance omg i can’t take my eyes from my mobile….am saw only diya…dance queen….soo gorgeous our princess in that leghna….
    abhay entry s simple but he stole my heart his smile Ufff…After nami vk he s my fav….jelabe wala scenes awesome….
    abhay u have a dough competition yar…give hard work to impress diya bcz ratan s soo cute intelligent…
    Our cute ratan chooo cute….payal scenes and his talk superbbb yar….
    His angry s also cute…
    omg who’s going to save ratan…diya or abhay…am excited…

  29. Sargam

    love ppk,i am soooo grateful for the makers for choosing this storyline,today’s epi was more than awesome……1st scene how diya fixed the bow and her face expressions,i felt really happy and admired her more,cutie ratan,awww nishana bada sahi hai banna sa ka.then the lehenga scene,haha,how diya was muttering to herself and was irritated by the lehenga…..aww she is toooooooooo cute….my baby…..and how diya told him men not alowed,aww ratan was too cute,bae was looking totally like a pari….then ratan praised her,and in return coughed to hear diya praise him,choo sweet………loved her dance,this show gave everything i wanted to see teju doing and people doing for her,her dance,her naughty nature which will soon changed into a savoiur..and most imp. people loving her….loved abhay and ratan’s scene,they both looked 2 small kids …..destiny is also giving signs that it will be #DIRA…her jiji wanted to show abhay bt see who came ratan saa…..when diya meet abhay how casually she said hi bt when she came
    to know that he is the one,how her eyes bent in shy…..awww……so many aww moments….the last scene just hooked me up.woah ratan about to fall down..i hope diya saves him … one else…i saw new promo posted by sony.does it mean ratan’s maa will die?i hope not,she is such a good lady and caring mother….love affan and now suyyash too.

    1. Sargam

      i was jst travelling in bus and eavesdropped on a convo…hehe….actually at a bus stop there was ppk posters and a girl said to her freind”bhot acha show hai yeh”,i jst couldnt help but grin widely.we are tejaholics thats why maybe,maybe we are ignoring evrything but see normal people they are also liking it,and i feel proud to be a teja fan.and now whenever i will go to college i could see teju,her ppk posters are on bus stop and this will make my day more happening…..
      i consider ppk as my good luck charm,it came and i got many good news in jst 2 days,i know i might sound mad but i jst couldnt help feeling like this….my lucky charm.ppk and teju is ofcourse my reason to smile…..
      love you teju……love ppk and keep watching it

  30. I have been watching, not commenting. Reason: Bashers. ?????

    Okay, so I am not afraid to say that SOME things are a bit off about this show. Mainly Ratan’s relentless pursuit of Diya and no elder stopping him. But the pros are wonderful and Teja as Diya is beautiful ???

    And to all those who find it “regressive” and are calling it as “the lowest”, just one thing for you guys. Watch Balika Vadhu(where patani kitne age ke bache were getting married, Gulaal where older woman married younger brother in law to save HERSELF and Phulwa where man married younger girl, kyuki Banda bada ho to chalega par Ladki badi ho to bawaal!!!”

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