Pehredaar Piya Ki 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ratan Plans Honeymoon Trip With Diya

Pehredaar Piya Ki 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya tells CT that Ratan has called her to meet at a hotel, if she can go. CT comments even a fool with crown can rule and says she is thakurayan and has right to do anything. Diya goes to hotel to meet Ratan. Priya sees her and asks if she is going to meet Daata Hukum, he has arranged her a surprise so well. Diya says Ratan is feeling alone, so he called her. Priya says she has her husband with her, so she is not alone, gives her example and says thakurani has Ratan with her. Diya leaves.

Bhuvan yells at Priya that she is supporting one who considered them culprits. Priya says if he is not culprit, then why he is worried. He shouts if she means he attacked daata hukum. Priya says she did not say that. Bhuvan shouts not to forget he is her sasur. Priya comments world’s rule is fake currency does not have a value. Bhuvan gets very angry and taunts she is also a fake currency, else her husband would not have left her alone. CT enters and comments first think and speak and speak sweet, she needs family most at this time. Priya goes to her room. Bhuvan scolds CT that she gave lenience to Priya even after his warning, she should not have sent her out of house. CT says Priya will not confront him again and she will speak to her, asks him tto sit, she will get him badam milk.

Diya enters hotel and sees folk dancers dancing around her. Ratan makes her sit on a dining chair and sits next to her. Flowers shower on Diya and she gets very happy. Waiter brings special cake. Diya asks what is all this. Ratan says it is all for her. She cuts cake and eats. Ratan asks to feed even him. Diya asks if this was his surprise. Ratan asks if she likes adventure like Disneyland, wonderland, Barcelona. She says she likes Switzerland and says it is her favorite dream destination. Ratan thinks it is wise to go to her favorite destination as Mohak told, else he will be in trouble. He says it is final then, they are going to Switzerland for honeymoon. Diya is surprised. Ratan says Mohak jiju told newly married couple go to honeymoon and then become bestfriends for life.

CT reminisces Bhuvan’s words while preparing garland and needle pierces her finger. Shivani rushes to her seeing it. CT says needle or tongue, wrong moves pierce heart. Shivani says even she is doing same, why she is punishing Ratan, she should forget old words and not let Diya between her and Ratan. CT says daata hukum Maan proved that he did not trust her and brought pehredar for her, she does not have any motherly love for Ratan.

Diya tells Ratan that they cannot go to honeymoon. He says they can. She gets Sajjan’s call that he reached home safely and reminds her to keep her eyes and ears open. Ratan informs family that he and Diya are going to Switzerland for honeymoon. Mohaak reminisces brainwashing Ratan and smirks. Yash asks for how many days. Ratan says 15 days and tells Sakshi that Diya loves Switzerland and he loves London, but settled for Switzerland. Priya takes Ratan and Yash inside. Sakshi taunts Diya followed by Bua. CT yells at Diya that they have respect here, diya is trying to ruin it, don’t know what Maan saw in her and gave Ratan’s responsibility to her. Diya asks to give her a chance to speak. CT leaves followed by others.

Precap: Shivani drags Diya and pushes her out of house. Whole family watches.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Everyone is sooooooo bad in the house
    Mohak jiju ruko mei aa rahi hu aapko maarne
    How dare he brainwash my kiddo ratan n my teju plzzzzzzzz keep ur eyes open don’t trust anyone , all r villains n wanna harm u princess , stay away from all
    Honeyoon idea was cute until that mohak came
    I wonder his name should be Stuhak (Stupid Mohak) chaalo kahika
    but my diya will act as ratan’s guardian protecting him frm all evil spirits

  2. NGO seeks ban on Pehredaar Piya ki
    The Jai Ho Foundation has shot off a complaint to Commissioner of Police Datta Padsalgikar and Union Minister Smriti Irani raising strong objections to the content of the tele-serial Pehredaar Piya Ki, and seeking a ban on it.

  3. Shrilatha

    I really don’t get people’s mindset…I am not in a mood feels like if now one bashed comes here I am gong to give left and right to them …now in one of the shows a girl’s clothes r gonna be taken off and yet people watch it and here if they show women weak they watch it if they show a woman is protecting a male they hate it and ban it wow…I am ashamed that I belong to this society…

    1. Ya ratan don’t know the meaning of honeymoon,he thought he will play there in water falls was innocent,he thinks its play trip..but they are complaining unnecessarily with out watch,only points on suhgrath? to ban the show.

    2. Varshni

      You are right shri !!! Even I feel d same !!!

  4. Richa19

    HEYYYYY GUYSS!!!!!!!! After a long time know?? Missed me.. Anyone??? I missed u all soo much…. ??????actually don’t get time to come on tu much……

    Well coming to today’s episode….. I loved the way Kunwar Rani sa ( don’t know her name ) gave a tight slap on bhuvan’s face by her words…. But also felt bad when she was taunted back ‘!!! ????

    Ppl only find bad in girls.. Fir chahe khud k bete mein lakh kharabhi ho.. ??? well N wht to say abt CT ‘!!! ???? can’t understand her n its too early to judge her character…..

    Ratan’s surprise ??? N happiness on Diya’s face ??? lovely ??? N the way she dreamt abt switzerland… I too wanna go there one day!!!!! Well….

    Guys u saw the reaction on her face when he said abt honeymoon…. SHOCKED!!!! She never thought that he’ll be saying that…. n ratan also didn’t knew anything abt that.. but his jija brainwashed him …poor kiddo. ….. hadd hoti hai yaar!!! N see how loads of ppl r thinking it on other way ????

    Poor Diya she didn’t even got a chance to speak…. N how all r accusing her… Shivani n sakshi ????????

    Precap — Allah knows wht might hv happened that Shivani took that step… N see how all r just standing n looking… ( this happens in every serial.. Don’t know y??)

    Well ct really loves ratan, I suppose…. Coz she was hurt when maan gave ratan’s responsibility to diya… If she has motherly affection towards ratan then she’ll surely feel bad…. Even she had sympathy for Kunwar Rani sa…… Well can’t say……

    Ahaan ‘!! Did u guys watched the new promo ???? it’s damn awesome…… I guess the advocate will say that maan has transferred all his property on Diya’s name….. I’m 95% sure….. Well lets see… N loved the way ratan supported her ????

    I guess Teju shld use less blush on her cheeks coz it doesn’t look very nice with the neutral make up she wears otherwise…… Many r saying that she should carry neutral make up like in first two episodes….. Even I liked her that way….. Well that’s my opinion if someone didn’t liked it then I’m sorry!!!!!!!!

    And then u might be aware of the petitions making round till now…. N I really hope u hv signed the petition in support of Ppk!!!!

    N also comments here are getting sooo less…… ???? peeps are busy but still few r really taking time n commenting on this page… N hats off to u all ‘!!!! ? ? ? ?

    I really don’t understand why ppl r judging the show only by a few caps n wrong articles…. This is soo disgusting……

    Ik the concept is new n never ever in the history of Indian television has it been showed….. Many ppl hv accepted the show whole heartedly!!! Coz they r taking like wht it is…. As an entertainment show n nothing personal!!!!!!

    Ppl r saying that this show is a bad influence on their children ? ‘!!!! ???? I mean there r n no of shows which hv bad influence on children n still they r running or had been shown…… N parents n family are the ones who hv influence on children so this is a very lame excise to get the show ban!!!!!

    Well this debate is endless and can’t say more abt that……. I just hope the show goes on and no more problems are created for teju, show, channel and ph!!!!!!!

    Have a grt weekend guys amd keep smiling always ????? hope we’ll have a conversation this time on this page ?? and also I’ll be updating my ffs soon!!!!!!!!

    Love u all!!! ? ?

    Keep smiling ☺

    1. Could you plzz post the link of the new promo?

  5. The show drew great ire from the viewers for references to suhaagraat and honeymoon. The petition, asking Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Zubin Irani to take the show off air, has earned more than 1 lakh signatures. They got negative publicity because of child marriage.but they enjoyed that they simply used the term suhaagraat and they have to pay for it.

    everytime Teja is saying they didn’t marry for marriage pressure in real and reel.if they concentrate on the concept of peheredaar rather than exaggerating suhaagraat and honeymoon plan, I don’t think one lakh people would sign the petition.i know everyone is going to say they didn’t show anything but then what was the need of this negative publicity.
    I don’t think fans of this page will understand this.

    I don’t think bcci will take action against this show but I am happy at least one lakh people are against the show.


    1. everytime Teja is saying they didn’t marry for marriage pleasure not pressure.

    2. I don’t think bccc not bcci

    3. Saloni2128

      hahahha 😛 naymaz immature 😛 crazy fans for Teju itna kya yaar.. khud ki life nai hai kya :O and main kyu maru hahaha 😛 😛 bdw thanks for entertaining us… finally got to know india me kitne velle log hai jo faltu serials k piche itne pagal hai cant stop laughing hahahaha 😛

    4. Saloni2128

      Can you please tell me where to sing the petition to bann this show can u just send the link here in comments.. I also want to sign

    5. Me to want to sign dat petition to ban this crap garbage

    6. IQRA222

      miss saloni pls pls stop coming to this page. i for one am really sick of your rude ways. we all are here gettiing sad and you are just again again sprinkling salts on our wounds!!! what do you really get after hurting us??

    7. Hey saloni
      Yaar agar itni free ho toh bottle kholo chullu bhar Paani lo aur dub jao
      Hamara time waste mat karo
      We all r damn busy dude
      Opps sorry chullu bhar Paani se tumhara kya hoga , ulta Paani hi Ganda ho jayega tumhaare sich se
      So I have one more idea
      Take a bottle of hit or phenyl n spray it in ur brain!!!!!
      Tumhaare dimaag ka pest control karo bahut zarurat h tumhe uski??

    8. Hey Amal just look at Amal Clooney the famous human rights lawyer
      Defends ppl , fights for human rights
      And u?????
      Posting senseless , crap material here
      Kyun ???? Koi kaam dhandha nahi kya tumhaare paas??????
      Itni zada fokti ho kya ?????
      At least stop saying bad abt teju????
      This is a zipper , zip ur tongue u seriously need this sweetie

    9. I think you need that zipper.keep it with you dear.

  6. their is nothing wrong in the show…. the title says caretaker of ratan sa not lover or any other worst meaning words… if they want to complain their is a show that always shows women are cheap.. b*t*h.. characterless… not having any heart.. always planning to defame that she a characterless… she had relationship with anybody…. and the dialogues of the show are very unlistenable worst.. if any girl is forced to listen those dialogues she will definitely break the TV in the next second… it is kumkum bhagya…

    1. People have already complained .see the news below.

      Things are not going great for popular show Kumkum Bhagya. According to a report in India Forums, fans of the Ekta Kapoor show have lodged a complaint with the National Consumer Complaint Forum against the show.

      Apparently, the viewers are tired with the same plot twists of the show, and want nothing to do with it anymore. They want the show to end, according to the same report.

    2. IQRA222

      hello gopu!! thanks a lot for supporting PPk in its crucial time.. but pls do not involve any other serials in this page. if you have any problem with any show pls do go to the particular show’s page..

    3. Saloni2128

      U can’t stop me while giving my views! And I have already signed the petition to bann this show! And if I am saying something angaiotbia show then I am rude Waah waah ?? god bless

  7. Lol!plans to honeymoon…good that this serial is going to be banned!

    1. IQRA222

      well thanks a lot for representing your invaluable views!!

  8. Frozengirl16

    Thank u for update MA

  9. Nice episode,&CT fears and will care only bhuvan,so there is no doubt if CT turns villain for bhuvan happiness.? …so ratan and diya alone in this cunning family,at least priya supporting diya,that’s enough.?.anyway waiting for next episode ?
    Loves Diya ?

  10. Astra

    thank you for the update MA

  11. Astra

    bhuvan is a stupid. hate him. poor diya. all family members are playing with her. she is too young to handle all those cunning foxes. i likes diya’s costumes and dress yesterday.. teju is looking pretty.
    ratan has said something being childish and he don’t even know meaning in it.. poor diya got scoldings bcz of misunderstanding. and that shivani.. how proud she is..!! she is dragging away diya in that way..!! i want diya to slap that girl. amd girls, who liked ct’s locket? she is really a great locket selector?

    1. IQRA222

      hello asthu di!! didu totally correct all the family is playing with our princess. and teju did looked beautiful!! and didu no idea what ct mixed in the juice

  12. Fenil

    Sorry for not coming herr actually episode hi nahi dekhe the.ab dekhe.

    Episode was avg.

    Poor Diya and Innocent Ratan?.Kakisa might be strict but she is good.

    1. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!! no problem bhai but really missed you!!

  13. Astra

    btw.. what has ct mixed in diya’s juice..

  14. Plz don’t ban this .if u want to ban first ban beyadh serial.

    1. IQRA222

      hey dhiya di it good to see another supporter of PPk here. but pls dont involve beyhadh or any other serials here!!

  15. IQRA222

    hello there everyone!! how r u all?? see i really know that we are not fine at this crucial stage but guys i want you all to have faith in Teju, our show and most of all God. we all should try our best to save the show and leave the rest to God because he knows who is right and what should happen so pls pls do be calm and pray for our show and Teju!
    the episode was a good one
    i so hate this family of ratan.. but dira scene was nice. our princess looked beautiful when she was happy! i wish she remains happy all her life!!
    i so so hated the precap!! that shivani is a witch . pls someone throw her out before she even touches my princess!!
    and once again pls pls be calm guys
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all

  16. Priya15

    After reading this article ..i feel happy to know that some mature media people do exist….

  17. Priya15

    I m sure people who filed ban against this show wouldn’t even watched atleast one episode of it.. The pic which they show to ban the series itself show it….. First watch and then do whatever you want guys.. Be matured…. And people who say kid is planning honeymoon should know that the kid is being given wrong guidance by HIS OWN FAMILY to do so.. And pls note diya REFUSED it!!!

    And some media should understand there is nothing in the show which is vulgar and should stop naming it as ROMANCE which is actually a cute scene between the leads…

    1. Ya..&Who wants to ban ppk,sure those people had shit minds?? ,bcoz in serial they didn’t shown wrong between DiRa,but shit minds imagining shit thoughts that’s why they had problem with this serial.even smrita irani political people wants ppk to seems they are giving more importance to serials than to solve poor peoples problem’ are not seeing real people suffers&not stopping shit movies but reacting on tv serial fiction.???

  18. Every one who have commented here I am sure aap logo ke ghar aisa tv hai jisme sirf sony tv nhi balki aur bhi channels honge right. ppk jin logon ko pasand aya hai at least unko to dekhne do yar n if u guys didn’t like it or think of it as crap or wasting ur own precious time just change the channel at least use ur “remote” fully. If you don’t like something just ignore it don’t hurt those others fot liking the same thing. Everyone have their own choices accept this 1st.

  19. I like this serial very much. Its just a fiction . Plz dont ban this serial. If you dont like to watch this serial means dont watch it .

  20. I totally agree with you saloni.this is what NGO people are telling.they struggling hard to fight against chid marriage, here people are praising a social issue.i don’t want to argue with any of the fans because I know you will talk about murders happening . however most of the time those crime as are getting not watching saas bahu but there also people who are doing wrong getting negative criticisms.but here a person who did crime getting appreciation in the name of indirectly they’re supporting child marriage.

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