Pehredaar Piya Ki 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ratan Plans Honeymoon Trip with Diya

Pehredaar Piya Ki 10th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sajjan tells Diya that CT and family gave him a nice reply and expelled him out of hotel. Diya says she did his checkout. Sajjan is surprised. Diya shows a plant and says he told it got strength to support itself, she also is strong now and can protect herself and Ratan from everyone. Sajjan says she is surrounded by enemies. Diya says nobody can harm her now. Sajjan says whenever she needs him, he will be with her. He gives her a knife and says it is her protection and she should not separate it from her. They both hug and cry. CT watches from balcony.

Bua fumes in front of Sakshi that a cheap girl did a big drama, what was the need to call police. Sakshi says once Mohak brings lawyer and reads out Maan’s will, Diya will be shown her place. Bua says Maan trusted Ayush most. Sakshi says he trustedMohak more and there is no need to involve outsider. CT watches them from balcony.

Female maid tries to lure cook in kitchen. Cook say he is baal brahmachari and she should stay away from him. Jhumki walks in, and cook says one cat was not enough that another cat came. Jhumki drops oil on floor silently and makes maid fall. Maid yells that she and her thakurani/Diya will fail. Jhumki says let us see.

Diya looks at Maan’s portrait and says she had to call police to protect Ratan, if she did right. Bua hears her and says she cannot protect Ratan with her father’s given knife, responsibility’s weight is more than this knife, she will fail. She thinks she will see how will Diya become pehredar piya ki.

Mohak meets lawyer and tries to convince him to tell what is in Maan’s legal will. Ayush also tries his best. Bhuvan tries his luck over phone and says his brother asked to take property’s responsibility repeatedly, but he did not, now he has to, asks if same is written in will. Lawyer asks all 3 of them to wait till evening. Bhuvan laughs that lawyer gave him hint, now he will see rain of money.

Ratan and Yash enjoy ice cream at hotel. Yash says if maasa will know, he is having ice cream here, she will scold him. Ratan says nothing will happen. Rajasthani fold dancers come singing and dancing in front of a newly married couple and waiters serve cake. Mohak greets them and wishes happy honeymoon. Ratan asks Mohak for whom he did so many arrangements. Mohak says it is called honeymoon, when they marry newly, husband takes wife to honeymoon and they eat and spend time together and then become bestfriends forever, if husband does not take wife on honeymoon, she would get angry. Yash suggests not to get Diya angry then.

Diya walks hurriedly thinking it is time for Ratan to come from school. Shivani clashes with her and yells if she cannot watch and walk. CT scolds her that salt should be according to taste and ego should be according to status, it is her mistake. Bua comments she clashed with Thakurani. Diya says CT that she did not do wrong by calling police. CT comments beautiful face and intelligent mind cannot be trusted. Diya gets sad.

Diya goes to kitchen and asks cook to give her maggi for Ratan. Ratan calls her and asks to come to Kesar Mahal restaurant right now. Diya gets worried and asks what happened, if he is fine. He says he is fine, she should just come here.

Bhuvan looks at diamond and thanks jeweler for sending such a beautiful piece. Ayush taunts they did not get this month’s allowance yet, but Bhuvan is enjoying diamond. Bhuvan says he I stil valued a lot and asks when is lawyer coming. Ayush asks if hhe did not speak to lawyer. Bhuvan says his brother must have left property in his name. Ayush says he would have told this if he had not sold his property share to his brother to fulfill his desires. Bhuvan shouts at him. Drama continues.

Precap: Ratan informs family that he and Diya are going to Switzerland for honeymoon. Family is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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      Please grow up 🙁 by signing this kind of petition , What are you trying to prove 🙁 Why are you supporting this stupid show 🙁 🙁

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    I too signed through two mail IDs…i think in that maans will that property will look after by Diya until ratan get 18/21..if it is …then this show will get more interesting to see how Diya will handle all of idiots in that keshar mahal

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    i like teju most.

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    hello there my ppk family!! how r u all.. see i know this question should not be asked now because i know you all are sad… but guys pls be sad. i have a firm belief that our PPK will not be banned.and i personally dont want any of my brothers and sisters panicking over here about the thing which is not going to happen! so pls cheer up my friends. and even i have signed the petition if any of you have not then pls do it on the link given above by shri di..
    coming to the episode it was a nice one!
    the starting ss and dira scene was a fab one..
    that cook and maid scene was a funny one
    but i really hated this mohak to an extent. he is sooo arghhh spoiling the mind of a little boy.. shame on him..
    precap is a shocking one!!
    but anyways waiting for the next part
    take care keep smiling and writing
    love you!!

  9. Shanaya16

    most stupid show ever…ruining the kids…….pathetic show line and story… offence to lead characters…..karan wahi said it right that at least we cannot make show like how i met your mother? or GOT etc…..but stop selling bullshit story lines in sake of TRPs……

    1. Shrilatha

      Shanaya just one thing have u watched it at least one I know that just u drag itself here to point out the show..see I have seen more stupid shows then this but u don’t comment there why?
      Don’t involve Karen wahi here or any others mahaan actors here I know why u r here time if I want to speak anything on this show watch one episode and say where is it ruining the kids.

    2. Richa19

      Dear shanaya!!! I’m sure u wouldnt hv said these words if u have even once seen any of the episodes…..

      n I’m sure u also know that there r n no of shows which dont hv good influence on children still they are shown…

      n if ur children are also getting influenced by this show n want to marry a girl elder than him then its not the shows fault…. it s fault of parents n guardians who r not able to guide their children….

      pls keep REEL and REAL lives separate !!!!!!!!!

    3. Saloni2128

      Richa this is completely fine to marry a girl who is older than guy but atleast look at the age 🙁 that poor guy is 9 year old kuch toh samjo blindly kuch bhi follow mat karo

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      Richa I know the concept and I have read the written updates for two or three episodes I just dnt want to watch it on TV :@ By watching it on TV eventually TRP will get high which I don’t want for some nonsense show. There are many shows many actors/Actress who are doing good job.. but this show 🙁 Why u guys are not understanding that its showing child marriage 🙁 and if they want Diya to protect that kid then they could have shown the bro/sis bond or else she can adopt him (Mother/Son) or else best frnds…let me tell you now all are saying to bann this show so director will take the leap of 10 to 15 years and then that kid will grown up and they will show the love story (That is fine) but why child marriage why honeymoon n all those words for nine year old kid

    5. Saloni2128

      RICHA I have seen the episodes! And please don’t drag other shows in between! Does your IB stands for Ishqbaaz? Hahaha u r comparing ishqbaaz with this show lol ?? and devanshi i m hearing for the first time i dunnoe about that show.. God bless that poor kid who is playing role of husband.. And please understand wo bache ka age dekho n see his character totally nonsense leave it!

    6. Saloni2128

      RICHA I have seen the episodes! And please don’t drag other shows in between! Does your IB stands for Ishqbaaz? Hahaha u r comparing ishqbaaz with this show lol ?? and devanshi i m hearing for the first time i dunnoe about that show

    7. Shanaya16

      At one end u guyz wants india to be developed country…n then u support this kind of shit…come on girl grow up…
      Chalo forget about the story line n concept…

      Do u know our indian constitution or indian laws…

      To marry someone….a boy must complete 21 yrd n girl must be of 18 yrs…do u agree that?

      So now u guyz are supporting chile marriage…

      Just to support ur fav actress…

    8. Shanaya do u even know the reason behind this story??????????????behind ratan marrying diya???????????? Do u know diya is ratan’s guardian , stop bashing ppk
      Go watch n get satisfied with ur so called “devanshi” which has nil story n nil performance
      even life ok’s ghulaam fetches more trp than that stupid crap Devanshi!!!!!!
      Pathetic serial isin’t it???????? PPK last week got 0.7 Trp and ur devanshi got how much?????????guess?????????? 3.0 ???????????nah then?????????? 0.3 yah
      devanshi got trp 0.3 n the reason best known to us all
      So stop blabbering here go to ur devanshi page n first off all protect it from getting wrapped up then speak about ppk
      And abt Bullshit lines well sweetie when we can bear ur bullshit comment then why not karan wahi (who himself is a bullshit)
      and when u don’t like a serial u ignore it not post shitty comments ok
      learn some manners n courtsey
      now tata bye bye …………never do comment again

    9. Excusme naymazz why to drag devanshi hr???? They said dey r devanshi fans????u urself assumed that..and coming to trp devanshi got 0.8 trp whn it was on 7.00 pm slot now the time changed and try fall sdch have devanshuz trp and devanshi hav sdch trp..and let me talk abt piya ki trp…its only 0.8????? Very sad..8.30 is a good time slot na den why so low trp??? Its d time whn family members togethr watching shows phir bhi piya only got 0.8???
      Tchh tch tch..u guys r saying like piya ki in 1st positions..

      Concentrate on ur fav.


    10. Shanaya16

      Go get a life dude…

      I don’t watch such creepy serials for sure….

      I do watch some sensible serials like friends…hope u know my taste now..

      I just come here to read some OS n then found such creepiest comments

    11. Saloni2128

      Hi Shanaya 🙂 I am happy that you are the sensible person over here and you are not following this show blindly

    12. Richa19

      hii saloni!!! first of all i wasn’t getting reply option above so replying u here. ..

      Secondly dont worry i wont give u any ” pravachan ” or ” gyan ” !!!! so chill

      thirdly… ik the age bet diya n ratan is too much.. but if u had seen the serial then u might hv not commented like this…

      fourth… I’m not following the show blindly or just watching bcoz teju is there… NO!!! I hv seen the show thats y I’m supporting it….

      fifth… if u dont wanna watch it then dont… but at least dont say bad abt it just by seeing a few clips or gifs. .. which are just misguiding not only u but hundreds of ppl….

      i hope i havent bored u….

    13. Richa19

      Saloni…. give me one Hindi serial which is not showing non sense!!!!! one at least…..

      there are n no of shows which r crap n wht not…. when ppl can bear the domestic violence on women ( devanshi, ib ) , marriage with a corpse ( again Devanshi) , marriage with animals ( once again devanshi.) young girl marrying a man of her Father’s age ( kuch toh log kahenge,moh moh k dhage) n many like these…… then ppl dont hv problem then y now ???

      ppl take that also as entertainment thrn y not this???

      n abt being bro sis or best friend … then pls watch the epi onve again n u’ll find ur answers…..

    14. Richa19

      saloni…. if u hv problem with the show then y the hell r u commenting here??? i literally didn’t wished to drag any other serial here nor wanted to talk to u like this but cant help it…

      oc he’s playing a role of a husband but he’s not actually being her husband ….. dont knwo wht is there in ur brain but if u hv seen the epis dont know y r u saying all this. ….

      cutting the long part short. . if u hv any problem wifh the show then ols just ignore it. … no need to comment …. n yeah i meant ishqbaaz for the domestic violence thing okay???? n pls for god’s sake im not comparing this with that coz i watch both the shows. ….

      n there r many more imp things on which the govt n ppl shld concentrate instead on a television show!!!!

    15. Saloni2128

      Domestic violence in IB waah waah hahaha 😛 but u r okay with child marriage 🙁 yaar child marriage ko support karte h India me abhi bhi log… bache ne school jana chhod k shadi kar lena better lagta h tum logo ko… Great its my mistake that M talking to you people who cant understand anything…

    16. Saloni2128

      @ Shanaya now every blind followers will speak bad and they will start give u pravachan :@

    17. Shanaya16

      I know saloni…that’s y i ignored them…i know i m right and i don’t need to prove anything to this blind followers for sure…even smiti irani took action and now we will see wht they can do.

    18. Saloni2128

      Yup Shanaya just ignore them 🙂 🙂 I hope you are doing good 🙂 🙂

  10. Jayanti

    hiya peeps…how r u all???? I am soooooooo sorry for not being able to comment from such a long time…since my college started and my coachings I do not have any time to login in on tu….and also I have not been able to watch any of the recent episodes……A big sorry to my sisters iqu , shri , richa , adi , folly , sargam and many others….i missed u guys a lot…and I have signed the petition and whosoever is reading the comments …please do sign it…ppk really need it….It is really not showing anything bad….It deserves a fair chance…atleast know the full story and stop bashing the actors of ppk…all of them are doing a wonderful job…..and all my tejaholics….teju needs our support….please sign the petition everyone.

  11. Atleast the actress in dis stupid show wear somr good dress..she her self exposing her body to that innocent child..insha allah save that child.i hope this show dont affect that innocent child.all peoples are behind money that they never care for kids future.
    Where this society leads to??
    I never allow my childrens to watch these type of vulgur shows..yhm like serials are good atleast they show some values not vulgarity..
    Insha allah

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