Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita confronting Rushali that she broke her and Naren’s relationship and even kept her daughter away from her. She says she is worse than Pari who did all this to get back her love, but being a mother she ruined her son’s happiness. She says she will forgive Pari, but not Rushali. Naren comes out with his bags and says Pari that he wants to go out of this house and says Pari tried to sell her daughter Ashi and says he does not want to see her face from now and will divorce her. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Manav asks him to not take any decision in anger. Naren says he does not want to change his decision and says he cannot stay with a woman who is so selfish and can go to any extent for her benefit. He says she even tried to kill Ankita and says Pari that because of her selfishness, she is no where in life and Ankita got everything in life because of her truthfulness. Ankita asks him to forgive Pari and says he can stay in his old house with Pari as she bought it for him. Naren carries Ashi and says he is taking Ashi with him now, says she has equal right on Ashi, but he will not accept Pari now, leaves from Manav’s chawl with Ashi.

Archana sees Ankita sadly looking outside window in the morning and asks if she did not sleep whole night. Ankita says no and says she is tensed seeing Pari and Naren separating. Archana says Naren is taking right decision and must have thought many times before taking this decision. Ankita says she does not want them to separate. Archana asks her to remember the time when went away from everyone and before going asked why should she stay here when Naren is not hers now. She says Pari did many mistakes and even tried to get away from Ashi, Naren loved her so much, but she didn’t care about his feelings at all. She asks her to accept Ashi and Naren back and settle down in life, says her husband and daughter are waiting for her and not to forgo this chance.

Pari starts throwing things in her room and hurts he hand during the process, starts writhing in pain. Naren holds her hand and says he loves her a lot. She asks why did he tell that he will divorce her. He says he will at any cost as he loved her and she betrayed her many times. He now loves Ashi and her mother Ankita and Ankita is not selfish like her. Pari asks him not to praise Ankita in front of her and asks him to leave her aloe. She opens her eyes and realizes it is just her imagination. Ankita comes there and asks why is she doing this to herself. Pari asks why did she come here. Ankita says she came to inform that she is going back to Naren for the sake of her daughter. She asks Pari to apologize Naren as he is soft hearted and will forgive her. Pari asks her to stop her drama of sympathy and says she is the one who is brainwashing Naren and trying to separate them.

Naren is busy unpacking Ashi’s toys, etc., back at his home. Sunanda comes back home and says Naren that his daughter has grown up and will need bigger toys. Naren gets happy seeing her and asks when did she come. She says he came just now and asks why did not he inform her about all the problems he faced and says she knows Rushali is behind all this. Naren says he does not want to take his mom’s name. Sunanda says she came to meet Ashi and not him, takes out toys. Ashi comes there and gets happy seeing new toys. Sunanda says she is just a replica of Ankita and will surely take good care of him like Ankita. Naren asks if Ankita really took care of him. Sunanda says yes and says when he was mentally ill, she took a good care of him, but he forgot her easily. She says Ashi is both hsi and Ankita’s daughter and asks him to make a right decision.

Precap: Ankita says Naren that she does not have anything to give him and requests him to give back her daughter Ashi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Reading this episode is nice wake up to this morning thank you for bringing aunty Sunanda back, remember she told both Naren and Ankita that the home was empty they need a baby well aunty your wish come true with love a sweet big baby 5yrs old, laugh, and enjoy her ,Naren remember you have 2 daughters Vashiravi and Ash, she wil havel her sister to play with. Naren what are you for, go and get Ankita and Vash and bring HOME TO AUNTY Sunanda now aunty needs Ankita and you Karen. Keep us up with good episode like this thank you’s

  2. Hope naren an ankita get back each other they make a good pair

  3. Too much drama glad the showing ending on the 24th oct

  4. when are asha ritwik comming

  5. Ankita should have gotten Ashi because he was crazy about Pari and left Ankita with her unborn child . Ankita left and his mother stole the child. It would have been nicer during the episode if the police had arrested Pari and Rushalli and put them in jail to rot. Pari is as bad as Rushalli or even wores because Pari know that Naren was married to Ankita before – she should have done her research. Dumb Dumb Bang Bang!!!!

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