Pavitra Rishta 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th August 2013 Written Update

soham threatens balan, but balan calmly states that if he dies he’l never find gauri.. balan wants to makes a deal, he says he wants bisnu lala back n only then he’l get gauri back.. balan then tells him.. there is a man named shaukat,9 same guy arvi met yesterday) who will be having an eid celeb at home, he tells him to steal an expensive necklace from the wife n then he’l knw that bisnu is back.. soham asks balan to confirm if gauri is really with them.. balan makes a call, n gauri talks to soham, she tells him not to be come bisnu again n not be a bad guy again,soham tells her he’l get her out of there…

soham gets home.. her parents n very worried n question abt gauri,, soham goes into his room n keeps hearing evrything gauri n her parents said.. he cant take it anymore n covers his ears..
he then thinks to himself, that once everyone is asleep he’l leave..
suddenly his conscience, talks to him n says how can he be so selfish n sacrifice an innocent girl like that.. he has to save her, soham then says that would mean he has to turn to his old ways n become bisnu again.. soham is very confused, he recalls everything gauri told him at the railway station n how she stopped him from leaving.. he then remembers archana n wishes she was there to help him..

the next morning, soham meets a guy who gives him some supplies n a gun.. and says he is glad soham is back in bussiness.
soham is at the shaukat residence as a caterer.. he asses the place n the number of ppl there.. he is going towards the kitchen n crosses the lady’s room n notices the necklace.. he goes in looks at the necklace.. the lady comes there n soham hides behind the door.. she wears the necklace n leaves… soham thinks now he’l have to steal it from her neck!!! balan calls n confirms if everything is as planned, n also tells him he’l come to the party to keep n eye on him.. soham tells him he can do whatever he wishes but wants gauri after all this.. after he cuts the calls he bumps into shuakat n grumbles, shaukat asks him who he is, soham apologizes n says he is irfan from the catering..

at K house sulo n manju are watching the promo of the new show do dil bandhe… and say they’l watch it.. varsha has packed her packed her bags n wants to leave.. sulo convinces her stay till archu returns..

the kidnappers untie gauri n tell her eat her food.. one of the guys gets a call n goes out, the other guy has left his phone on the floor, gauri picks it up n makes a call to soham , she is just able to say his name, when the kidnappers catch her n snatch the phone n threatens her.. soham overhears this n is worried..
the celeb has begun n all the guests are coming in… soham is serving drinks.. ARVI also come there.. (both look amazing) as they enter there is a pattern at the enterance (like a big & sign) purvi asks him what it means, arjun tells purvi its not just a pattern n tells her to wait a week n she’l knw what it means.. balan is there n tells soham not to try any tricks..

a slow dance performance going on.. (ishq ki… ye tune kya kiya) arvi are watching the dance.. purvi notices her chain is loose n tries to fix it.. arjun sees her n comes to help n share a awkward stare.. shaukats wife comes there n pulls them to join the dance so soes the daughter.. they reluctantly join.. arjun holds purvi n twirls her a couple of times n does n romantic dip (*dreamy*) they then separate n the dancers dance around them.. arjun n purvi look at each other..

PRECAP: one of the guests is scolding soham for being careless n dropping the drink on his clothes.. arjun comes from behind him , tells the man its ok n not to be angry on this eid day n says the caterer made a mistake n taps him on his shoulder n only then notices its soham , both are shocked..

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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