Pavitra Rishta 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Purvi roaming at K house while thinking about Soham and Manv’s confrontation. Sulo comes there and Purvi tells her how Manav has reacted by seeing Soham. Sulo says that Manav is right from his point of view because Soham is the responsible one for Archana’s coma. But further she says that Soham should get the second chance as it is not exactly his fault. Balan and Varsha have given him wrong upbringing, so he has now become a goon. Purvi says that Varsha should also be given a second chance in this circumstances. In that time Manju comes by saying that Soham has come to stay with his mom. Purvi gets excited and wishes to meet with her Soham dada to console him as Manav has told him bad. Sulo disagrees to let her go there. Varsha who is staying in front of K house calls Soham for her prayer and wishes him as Soham is going out for any good work. Purvi sees that.

Ovi comes to meet Arjun at his office with her baby. The receptionist tells her that the boss is bust in a meeting. Ovi agrees to wait for him in his cabin while she sees that one CD from some one special is kept on the table. Ovi starts the CD while the baby starts crying. She leaves the cabin and Arjun enters there. Arjun starts looking at his PC which is showing that Purvi and Onir are communicating with each other. Purvi says Onir if she has done right or wrong by giving her baby to Ovi. Onir consoles her that it is necerssary for Pari’s future. Arjun then starts recapitulates every little events when Purvi gets worried for the baby. Arjun thinks that baby’s DNA test was done with Onir and Arjun and report said that Pari is Arjun’s daughter. so, if this test is right Pari is Arjun and Purvi’s baby. He gets emotional and Ovi comes. She asks if Arjun is okay or not. Arjun sees that baby and says that he is is alright.

Some neighbors come to meet Manav and Savita at D house for inviting at holi party. Manav directly dines to go there as he is not in good mood for Archana. Savita goes to console him. Arjun drives the car while thinking about Purvi and his incidents and tries to find out some clues. He gets hurt how could Purvi do to hide the truth from him. He is sure now that Dr Onir even knows everything before hand as he has exchanged the baby. He even knows Purvi and accepts her with her stage. Arjun nows finds truth in Mittals words also and remembers how Purvi always keen to take care of the baby.

Arjun’s car comes at the gate of K house while he is watching Purvi trying to shut the windows of the house. This makes him remind about some beautiful past moments where Arjun, the boss helped Ms Purvi to do the same thing. He starts crying. He thinks that Purvi has done many sacrifices for other, now he will not let her suffer any more. So he comes out from the car approaching towards the K house. In the mean time, Soham comes and he threatens Arjun to stay away from Purvi. He says that he is happy to get Onir as his sister’s husband. Onir is not a well known doctor, he is a good human being unlike Arjun. Onir keeps his promise which he has made. But Arjun, promised to marry his one sister, but got married with another rich sister. Now, when Purvi is happy in her new life with her husband, Arjun should stay away from her. Arjun threatens him if he is not Archana aunty’s son, then he would not let Soham go.

Pre Cap – this is the holi party where Arjun drags Purvi to asks if DNA report is right or wrong. Purvi confirms that Pari is Arjun’s daughter then he asks who is Pari’s mom..

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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