Pavitra Rishta 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Puja at the Deshmukh’s house. Pari asks Ovi, what are you seeing? Ovi smiles and says I am seeing happiness in your eyes and blesses her. Pari says, I don’t believe that I am getting married to Naren. Ovi says, Bappa will always be with you. You marriage will be successful. Teju comes and asks what are you talking about? Pari says, we are talking about my marriage. It was unexpected. Teju asks her to enjoy. Manav tells Archana that Pari is looking beautiful. He compliments Archana and says you looked beautiful during our marriage rituals. Choodi rasam/Bangles rituals starts for.

Ovi and Teju make Pari wear the bangles. Archana stops Neena and says you too have the same right as other kids. She says, even more than other kids. She assures her that they are equal for them. Sachin stops to hear it. Archana says, don’t tell again that you will leave this house. Manav will secure your kids future. Neena nods in a yes. Neena tells Sachin, did you see the change in your aayi and baba.

Manav gets a call from the Inspector. He notes down the address and tells Archana that they need to go to search for Soham. They leaves. When they reached there, they find no one in the house. Manav enquires with the neighbours. They say they don’t know. Archana says, I feel Soham will come here and waits for him. They get inside the house and looks here and there.

Neena tells Sachin that she didn’t see any other lady as political as Archana as he has to do all the work. She tells him, where your aayi and baba went? Sachin says, I don’t know. Neena says, something is wrong. Sachin says, I am not getting my file. They hear Sulochana talking to Manav and asking him not to worry. Neena asks sulochana. She tells them that Archana and Manav went to Soham’s house, but Soham is not at home. Archana and Manav are waiting in his house and will bring him here. Neena and Sachin get tensed.

Sulochana lights the diya infront of God. Pushti asks, what happened? Sulochana says, there is some good news. I will tell you later. She requests Bappa to give them Soham. Pushti says, I know you are talking about Soham Kaka. I know you miss him. Sulochana praises him. She starts telling her about Soham. She says, it is very difficult to understand him, and once one understands him then they can’t stop themselves from loving him. He used to sing bihari songs. He used to love us so much. She says, I believe my Soham will come back soon. Pushti prays to God.

Pari gets ready. Pushti comes and says your eyes have changed. Looks like we have to call the doctor. She pulls her leg taking Naren’s name. Ovi too pulls her leg. teju says, you are really lucky. Pari smiles. Neena comes and asks Pushti to go to sleep. Teju says, let her stay here and enjoy. Neena takes Pushti with her.

Manav tells Archana that day has passed. We have to go home now. We will return tomorrow. Now we have his address. Archana refuses to go and says I will take Soham with me. Manav says, Soham might have know that we are coming here. He assures her that they will come tomorrow. Archana says, we will go to the Police station also. They leave.

Ritesh Deshmukh comes to the Police station and says my wife came here and filed a police complaint. Inspector says, we will caught the thief soon and asks them to be careful. Inspector says, your wife is so arrogant and mad. Ritesh asks him, not to speak like that. He says, my wife is good and sweet, but gets little angered. He gets her call. Amna Shareef asks, did you get my necklace. He replies no. They come to promote their film Ek Villian. Inspector says, sweet, good…..Ritesh asks him to search the necklace soon. He goes and collides with Manav. Manav says, we will meet later and goes inside the Police station. Amna calls Ritesh again and asks him to come soon.

Precap: Soham comes to Karmarkar’s house and beats Naren.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  7. Very good soham beat naren till he remember ankit is wife and not pari

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