Pavitra Rishta 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Prashanth informing Ankita about tonight’s meeting and asks her to reach on time. She says driver has let car in office itself. Prashanth says he will drop her in his bike. She says bye to Ashi and Vaishnavi and tries to leave, but Vaishnavi asks her to have breakfast and leave. During their tussle, milk glass falls. Kinnari who is sitting there says it is a bad sign and something bad will happen today. Ankita asks Vaishani to get ready and go to school and leaves with Prashanth. Pari sees her going and thinks today is Ankita’s last day.

Neena calls Pari and asks her to get her jewelry or money to safeguard her secret. Pari agrees hesitantly. She takes out jewelry thinking she cannot get into bad books in front of her family with her secret revealed. Naren asks why is she taking out jewelry. She says is giving it for polishing.

Neena and Sachin wait for Pari in a secluded place. Pari comes with jewelry. They call her and asks he to keep her jewelry and move from there. Once Pari leaves, Neena and Sachin come out and take jewelry happily, they think Pari is a golden hen and they will not cut her once and gets golden eggs frequently.

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Ankita waits for her drive in a parking lot. Pari watches her hiding and thinks with Ankita dying in car accident, she will get back all her property. Ankita calls cab, but it does not stop. Pari thinks she will not get cab, so she will use her car and die and happily leaves for her home. Naren sees Ankita waiting for cab and thinks of dropping her. He goes near her and asks if her car is not starting. She says driver has not come and she is waiting for cab. He insists that he will drive car they both have to attend same meeting and forcefully makes her sit in car. He tries to start car looking at her, but it does not start. She asks him to concentrate on starting car and not look at her. He smiles and starts car. He then asks if he used to look at her same way when he was mad and she used to smile. She says yes and say it looks like it will rain. He says with rain a new story will start with new memories and old one will stop. He thinks if he told this sentence before and repeatedly looks at Ankita. Ankita reminisces his same words when he was mad.

Neena and Sachin get Pari’s jewelry to their room. Sachin says they have to sell it before Pari sees it. Neena says she will not wear it in front of Pari. They hear door knock and Neena is shocked to see Pari standing out. Pari gets in and says she was feeling low, so she came to talk to them. Sachin asks if everything is alright. Pari says she has a secret which she wants to tell them and says she made Ranvijay’s accident. Neena asks why is she telling this to them. Pari says she wants to lessen her guilt and says a lady is trying to blackmail me with this secret and must be laughing on her lucky, but it is not like that… She removes jewelry from bedcover. Neena and Sachin car schocked to see that Pari knows about their plan. Pari says she will tell about their blackmail to everyone. Neena says she will also reveal her secret. Pari says she does not have any proof and she recorded her voice via microphone and if she reveals her secret, she will tell her secret to everyone and insult her in front of whole family, takes her jewelry and leaves.

Ashi and Vaishnavi insist Teju to show switch on cartoon channel. Pari says they have to finish milk first. Teju switches on music channel and kids start dancing. Kinnari comes and adds tablet in Vaishnavi’s milk. Vaishnavi by mistake drops her milk on Kinnari’s gown. She gets irked and tries to walk out, but falls. Kids laugh on her. Pari comes there and Teju tells that kids are waiting for Ankita. Pari says she will not come now and then says she has gone to a meeting and will come late. Teju takes kids to their room to tell them story. Pari thinks Teju will have to do it everyone now as Ankita will not come back again.

Precap: Naren who is driving car with Ankita gets tensed seeing car brakes not working.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This Pari is a witch, b*t*h and good for nothing loser. Get her out of this show. The world does not need people like her. I hate her but in the end she will be the biggest loser. Whatever you wish on someone will return to you.

  2. y is this show still running. they taking off good shows and leaving this dumb no good show that lost its essence so long ago. how stupid

  3. Every show has to have a villain. Pari is just that. I must admit I LOVE to hate her. Without her Ankita has no one to “defeat” which she will very soon

  4. ankita and naren make a great pair

  5. I really hate this b*t*h pari ,don’t worry ankita gu tek back she naren from u ,pari is a freaking whore sorry to be disrespectful but she really pissing me off

  6. princess minnu

    i think naren will get his memory back and he will remind the time he spent with ankita and this will irritate pari

  7. Yes seems like Pari’s plan will backfire

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