Pavitra Rishta 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with RK and Purvi getting down at the Dhaba for having tea. He asks Purvi to sit in the car and drinks tea. He gives 1000 Rs to the dhaba guy instead of 20 Rs. Beggar asks RK to give him money, but RK refuses and says your blessings are of no use to me. Pia thinks to get down but fails. Pia tries to free herself. Purvi hears the voice. RK says, some boxes are kept in the decky. He tells her that he is taking her to some place. It is very special place. I feel relaxed. Purvi says, it is very late. RK says, it looks beautiful in night.

Arjun and Ovi comes to the dhaba and enquire about Purvi and RK. He says, I don’t know. I can’t say. Beggar asks 2 Rs from Arjun. Arjun gives him 1000 Rs note. Beggar says, I asked you 2 Rs and you gave me 1000 Rs and tells about RK who didn’t give him anything. Arjun asks about RK. Beggar tells him that they came 3 hours before and headed for the fort. Arjun asks Ovi to call the police. Ovi calls the police and says my daughter and sister is kidnapped by someone. Police says, we are reaching there. Arjun asks Ovi not to be scared. Arjun is driving the car and asks Ovi to try Pia’s number.

RK stops the car at the fort. Purvi asks, why we came here? we were going to Mumbai naa? RK says, I want to show you this place. I came here often, it is very peaceful place. We will sit and talk here for sometime. Purvi feels strange. They climb the stairs of the fort. RK cooks up fake stories and asks her to come to the edge. He asks her to eat Mufli and says my wife also liked it. Purvi says, when did you get married? RK says, I got married some years ago. I love her very much. She wasn’t my wife but life. He tells her that they used to come here.

He says, we had a fight and one day she died. I couldn’t express my love to her. Purvi says, I understand. How she died? RK says, I killed her with my own hands. Purvi is shocked. She wants to snatch my land with me. I had to killed her. Purvi asks, why did you bring me here? RK asks her to relax and gives the mufli. Pia thinks to get down the car. She tries to free herself. Purvi hears the voice. RK says, lets see. Purvi asks, who is inside? RK opens the decky. Purvi is shocked to see Pia. Pia cries and tells Purvi that he is a murderer and he killed his wife. RK says, she is very clever. You will also die. Purvi and Pia are together. RK says, you might be thinking why I want to kill you? because your face resembles my wife. She was a fool. I killed her and got her land but I didn’t have proof so I acted to marry you. I took your photos. Your job is over. Now I will go to my home and you both will go to my wife as she is alone and needs company. They get scared. RK targets the gun at Purvi. Pia asks her to let Purvi go as she can’t see her die. RK says, ok as your wish. He asks her to get ready to die. Purvi asks her not to do anything.

Arjun and Ovi comes. RK says, I will kill you all. Ovi says, let them go. RK says, I don’t understand why Pia wants to die with them. Pia says, you can’t touch my dad until I am here. Ovi says, kill me but don’t do anything to my daughter. Pia tells Purvi that she is Pia. She says, I came to repent her mistake. Purvi is shocked. RK says, your family tree is strange. Pia asks him to let Mausi and Arjun go. She says, kill me but let them go. She tells Arjun that you got seperated from mausi because of me. RK says, your story is more interesting than a daily soap. I won’t upset anyone. I will kill everyone. Arjun says, this is not right. They start fighting and a bullet is fired from the pistol, doesn’t know it hit RK or Arjun. Purvi, Pia and Ovi are shocked. Arjun looks on.

Ankita tells Mansi to change her clothes as they have to go to court. Ankita asks her not to worry as they have truth with them. She asks her to have trust on her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. This serial is very good

  2. i only like ashvik in this serial oterwise this serial is bakwas

  3. Around and purview character is good in this serial

  4. Narenandankita’scharecterisalsogood

  5. ashvik r the best but doon they are quiting so….

  6. if ashvik will not present in the show then i think trp must be in top.
    there melody drama i just hate it.

  7. i love you purvi and arjun

  8. ashvik r der best dey r der reason 4 me watchin dis drama I wonder who the bullet hit I hope it Is rk. good storyline today ekta

  9. ashvik r best i am this serial bcoz of them only

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