Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2013 Written Update

It’s Gudi Padwa time. Ruchi is making rangoli outside their home. Sulo comes out and does tulsi’s pooja. Varsha is looking there. Sulo by mistake calls Purvi and then realizes she doesn’t live there anymore. Soham sees Varsha looking at them, and cheers her up. Gudi Padwa’s preparation start at Varsha’s house as well.

Police arrive at Varsha’s house and arrest Onir for changing babies. Varsha and Soham say he is innocent, but Onir tells them to let police do their duty. They leave with Onir. Varsha asks Soham to call Purvi and tell her. Purvi has left her phone in the house. Soham goes to mandir.

Arjun is on the phone and Pari is crying. Baby’s caretaker is sleeping. Arjun takes Pari in his hand and gets angry at baby’s caretaker. DK comes. Arjun is very worried and says I won’t give pari to anyone after this. He asks Dk to call the doctor. Doctor tells Arjun, Pari is absolutely fine. The best food for baby is mother’s milk, but as her mother is not here.. we will have to give her powder’s milk. Baby was just hungry and that’s why started crying. Dk looks at Arjun playing with baby and seems happy.

Break 1..

Purvi is at the mandir. She blames herself for differences that came between Ovi and Arjun and also prays for not punishing Onir for her mistakes. Arjun comes and stands beside Purvi with Pari. He asks God to give him strength to fight with current situation. Pari starts crying. Purvi looks at her. Arjun turns and looks at Purvi. Purvi takes Pari in her hands and she calms her down. Arjun says, she gets quiet as soon as she goes in her mother’s hands. Purvi says, I am not her mother.. Ovi is her mother. Priest comes and says you brought her on right time.. we will do Gudi Padwa’s pooja. They come out of the mandir. Purvi returns Pari to Arjun, but he doesn’t take her. He says, it’s better if she stays with you. Purvi says, I already told you that Ovi is her mother.. I can’t keep her. Arjun says, it’s strange.. no one wants to keep Pari with them. She’s very young and there’s no fault of Pari in what happened. She needs a mother, please. Purvi says, I know Ovi is very angry at this moment, but I know Ovi will accept her. Arjun says, she won’t. Soham comes running there and gets surprised to see Arjun and Purvi together. Soham tells her about police arresting Onir. Purvi gives Pari to Arjun and asks Soham to take her to him. Arjun says, I will also come. Soham says, NO NEED. The far you stay from Purvi, the better it will be. Purvi’s brother is with her now. Purvi and Soham leave.

They come to the police station. Purvi cries and tells Onir, it would be good if you hadn’t married me. Onir says, what are you saying? All your problems are mine.. I will be fine don’t worry. Manav comes there with his lawyer for Onir’s bail. Police say, we can’t give bail to him.. there will be a direct hearing. Manav tells Purvi that it was Sulo who told him. There’s no fault of Onir in what happened.. why he should suffer? But its unfortunate that we can’t get him out on bail. Onir says to Manav not to blame Purvi alone for what happened as he also knew about everything when he got married to Purvi. Manav says, I didn’t come here to blame her or anything, but yes.. your wife has destroyed my daughter’s life.. and for me she’s responsible for that. Soham gets angry. He tells Manav, whatever she did.. didn’t do purposely. Manav tells him, we don’t want outsiders’ interference in our personal matters. Soham says, so now I will be an outsider from your saying? It’s my right to support Purvi.. and it’s my right to interfere in your all personal matters. Archu aai has given me that right. I am brother of Purvi, Ovi, Teju and no one can take away that right from me, not even God. Manav leaves. Purvi puts her head on Soham’s shoulder and cries. Soham tells her nothing will happen to Onir.

Break 2..

Punni is waiting for her driver in the market. Ruchi sees her and goes to her. Ruchi says, after all that happened, you’re still shopping here? Do you even have any guilt for what you did with Sulo aaji who loved us so much. Punni says, you’re elder than me and don’t try to interfere in my life. Ruchi says, I still have values that I got from aaji. You might be elder but your thinking is still small.

Savita is trying to make Ovi eat. She doesn’t want to eat. She says I will eat later. Savita leaves. Arjun enters with Pari and Ovi starts leaving from there. Arjun says, listen to me.. I know I made a mistake, but all that happened before our marriage.. I didn’t betray you at all after marriage. Give a chance to our relationship for sake of our childhood friendship. Ovi says, relationship are based on faith.. and I don’t need to tell you what you did. You could have told me everything before our marriage, but you didn’t. And even after marriage, you didn’t forget her. Arjun says, I didn’t know anything about Pari. Savita and Damodar come there. Arjun says, fine.. leave all that. You tell me where should I take Pari if she needs her mother. Ovi says, take her to Purvi.. did you forget she is Purvi’s daughter? Why don’t you three start everything from scratch? Arjun says, Purvi gave her baby to you.. she did such a big sacrifice. Ovi says, right.. but I am not that great.. I can’t take betrayals. Arjun says I agree with everything you’re saying.. but what’s Pari’s fault? She says, she will reminds me of your and Purvi’s relationship. So please leave from here with Pari. She goes to her room. Savita closes the door as neighbors were listening and she also leaves.

Episode ends with Arjun holding Pari.

Precap: Damodar tells Manav, Ovi even refused for bringing Pari here. If it stays like that, then that day is not far when Ovi and Arjun will get separated for forever.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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