Pavitra Rishta 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren sleeping near Ankita’s home. Ankita comes insearch of him. She asks, what are you doing here? Attu called me. Naren says, I won’t talk to you. Ankita asks him to reply to her questions. She asks, why did you come? Naren says, I came to see my Ahana. Ankita asks him to come. Both of them are on the way to the home. Naren says, I am angry on you. Why did you file the case against Raunaq. I didn’t get sleep without you. Ankita says, me too. Naren says, I won’t talk to you. Ankita says sorry and rests her head on his shoulder. Purvi sees her phone switched off. RK comes, Purvi tells him about her phone which is not working. RK says, I will get another phone for you. He asks her to get ready as they have to go to sign some papers. Purvi asks, at this time? RK says, this meeting is important for you. After the signatures you will become 50 % partner in my business. He asks her to get ready. Purvi asks, won’t this dress work out. RK says, I got a formal suit for you. Purvi is surprised. RK says, I am waiting for you downstairs.

Pia calls Purvi but her phone is switched off. She thinks to ask the receptionalist. Chadda comes and asks about RK. Receptionalist asks him to wait in his room. RK’s men tells Chadda about the girl who was following RK’s car. Chadda asks him to get the info about the girl from the CCTV footage.

Shekhar comes to the Karmarkar’s house and asks about Naren. Shirish talks to the commissioner. Naren comes with Ankita. Sunanda asks, where were you? Ankita tells her that Naren was sitting outside her home. Naren asks Attu not to scold Ahana. Sunanda says ok, now you can go. Naren says, but where she will go? I read that girls live at their husband’s home after marriage. Shekhar looks at Ankita. Sunanda says, if you want her to live here then she can stay but we won’t live in this house. We will go from here. Sunanda says, if she means a lot to you then we respect your feelings but we can’t live with her under the same roof. Sunanda asks him not to forget about Raunaq in jail because of Ankita. Shirish says, I didn’t question you before but I want to tell you something. Raunaq was with Kinnari on his wedding night. I have faith on her.

I will leave from this house. Naren requests them not to leave. He says, I want to live with you all. Ankita says, no one shall leave because I am going. She tells Naren to accept her wish. She says, I don’t want to feel helpless infront of everyone. She asks him to promise that he won’t come to her house. Naren feels bad. Shekhar thinks, I know what to do in Court.

Ovi asks Arjun about his condition. Arjun says I am fine and asks her to eat something. Ovi says, I will get soup for you. She calls Pia. Pia says, I am fine and worries about Purvi. Ovi says, may be she went out. You are just doubting on RK. Pia says, RK has different plan and we can’t trust him. Ovi says, I shall come there. Arjun comes and asks, with whom are you talking? I heard Purvi’s name. What is the problem? Ovi seems tensed. He looks at the phone and says you are talking to Pia but she is in Australia. Ovi tells him about Pia. Arjun asks, why she hide her name? Ovi cries and tells him that Pia is in Pune. she followed RK and went there. Pia feels he can do wrong with Purvi. Arjun asks, what is going on? Ovi says, RK is a murderer. Arjun is shocked.

RK and Purvi come for the meeting. He introduces Purvi to his clients and employees. Lawyer asks her to sign on the papers. Purvi says, what? Rk says, my everything is yours. Purvi reads the power of attorney. RK says, we are going to get married soon and wife’s right is on husband’s property. He makes her sign on the papers. Photographer takes their photo. RK says, I am giving power if attorney to Purvi. Purvi looks on tensed.


Chadda asks RK, when you have planned to kill Purvi then why did you give her property. RK says, it is part of my plan. Pia hears this while hiding in the cupboard.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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