Pavitra Rishta 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th January 2014 Written Update

Everyone takes their seat in awards ceremony. Purvi and Arjun-Ovi look at each other’s tables. RK comes and sits with Purvi. Ovi and Arjun wonder who is sitting with Purvi. Arjun says he didn’t see his face. Ovi tells him it seems like Purvi is moving on in her life. Arjun says, maybe.. that is what I wanted. Ovi says in her mind, Arjun you can’t even lie properly.

The host announces nominees. Arjun and RK both are in the nominees. The award goes to RK. Purvi claps for him. Arjun wonders what Purvi is doing with RK. The chief guest gives award trophy to RK. RK gives a small speech and thanks all his staff. He then says he came to awards function for the first time and got award because of his lucky charm. He says he wants to share the award with that special person. He invites Purvi on the stage referring her as his fiance. Arjun is shocked. Purvi goes on the stage. RK shares the trophy with her. Media question RK when he’s marring. He doesn’t say anything and leaves from there with Purvi.

Purvi is alone. Arjun and Ovi come to her. Arjun congratulates her. Purvi says thank you. Arjun asks her if she’s happy. Purvi asks if he’s happy. Arjun says yah. RK is talking with some people. He notices Purvi is with Arjun and Ovi. He comes there. Arjun congratulates him for the award and new life. RK thanks him and says nice to meet you. He puts his arm around Purvi’s shoulder and they leave from there.

In car, RK asks Purvi if any problem. He got such a big award and she doesn’t seem happy. Purvi says everything is fine. RK says she would be more happy if Arjun had got that award. Purvi says it doesn’t matter to him. He has won many awards and many times he lost as well. It’s just part of the game. RK says you know him very well. Purvi says more than myself. RK asks how much you love him. Purvi says I love him a lot, and you know this very well. She then asks him why he wants to marry her when she loves someone else, is divorcee, and a mother of a girl. RK says you love Arjun a lot, this is the reason I want to marry you. I like your royalty. Purvi is confused. She says I am loyal with Arjun because I love him more than myself. What do you think I will be able to give you same importance? RK says, not at all, but I don’t have any regret on my decision. Purvi says in her mind, he’s a very strange person.

Other side, Ovi tells Arjun that he’s very strange. He lied so much to keep Purvi away from him, and now when she’s with someone else, he has problem with that too. She asks him what he wants? Arjun says, I don’t want anything, I just want her to move on in her life and stay happy. But why she said yes to marry RK? Ovi says what’s problem in RK? He’s rich, a successful businessman. What more one would want? Arjun says, I have problem. I can’t see her with anyone else. No matter how successful he is, he is not right for Purvi. Ovi asks, then who is right for her? You? You know very well that you’re the right person for her. There’s still time. Go and tell her everything. Arjun says, I can’t tell her. I can just love her, can’t show it to her. You know everything, then why are you asking all this? Both Arjun and Purvi are sad.

Ankita is making arrangements for her sleep. Ankita says, I am sleeping on the floor as there is no couch here. Naren asks her to sleep on the other side of bed and sleep at the opposide end of the bed. Ankita looks at him….Manzilein ruswa hain…plays….Ankita caresses him while the song plays. Naren gets a dream. He gets restless. in the dream, he thinks to propose to Ahana and seeks Rushaali’s help.

He recalls the time when he was in America. Naren’s employees talks about the telecom deal and asks him to come. Naren says I am going to do the deal of my life and I can sacrifice any deal for her. Naren gets restless and wakes up. He shouts Ahana. Ankita holds him and takes care of him. Naren says, Raunaq’s room is haunted. We will shift to our room once he marries. Ankita asks him to sleep and says I am with you. Ankita thinks who was Ahana and what happened to her. Her death changed his life. I have to go to the depth of his problem. I didn’t see Ahana. But one thing is sure that you are very lucky that sir is loving you even in this condition. Sunanda asks for Shirish and Rushaali. Servant informs her that they don’t come so early. Sunanda says, they are not disciplined. Sunanda asks him to bring tea. Ankita brings tea. Sunanda turns and see her. She asks, why did you bring it. Ankita says, I wake up early so I prepared tea. Sunanda says, this is Karmakar’s house, here everyone’s work is decided. It is servant’s work to prepare tea. They get salary for it. If you work then they will become lazy. Ankita says, I likes to do it. Sunanda says it was fine but not anymore. You are this house bahu. You have to behave accordingly. She asks her not to do anything for her. Kinnari comes and greets her. Kinnari says, I shifted everything to my room. Sunanda praises her. Kinnari says, I need your permission. I want to do dance rehearsel in my room for our sangeet function. Sunanda gives her permission.

Kinnari is happy. Sunanda asks her to enjoy every function of her marriage. Kinnari thanks her. Naren asks, who is dancing? Kinnari tells him about her performance with Raunaq on sangeet function. Naren says, we will also perform. Ankita says no. Naren says, it is final. I will dance with Ahana. Ankita says, I can’t dance. Naren asks her not to take any tension as he is here. Sunanda taunts her.

Kinnari asks Ankita, are you laughing at me? Ankita says no, I was laughing at Naren’s sir talks. Kinnari says, I will show your place and value at the sangeet function.

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