Pavitra Rishta 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th September 2013 Written Update

Manav is searching for a file. He checks Soham’s closet and is shocked to find a bottle of alcohol. He asks Archana. Savita comes and handles the situation by saying it’s Manav’s father’s and she hid there. Manav gives bottle to her. Savita says she will throw it out. Manav leaves. Savita closes the door and asks Archana what happened to Soham all of a sudden. Archana tells her everything and says Manav shouldn’t find out about this. Archana says, I don’t know what to do. Savita says, don’t worry.. I am here. I will solve everything.

Soham is searching his closet. Purvi comes there and asks, what are you finding? You’re finding alcohol bottle right? Why are you doing all this? You know you’re putting yourself into trouble by doing all this. That day Baba didn’t find out because of aai and aaji. You know very well what would happen if Baba finds out about this. Soham is leaving, but Purvi stops him and makes him sit. She tells him that this is not her Soham dada whose doing all this. She says, I never asked you for anything, but today I want to you ask you for something and you will have to give me that. Please return me my Soham dada who always used to stay happy and was listening to me. I miss him a lot. Please bring that Soham dada back. Soham wipes her tears and says, I will bring him back, but you also promise me that whenever I need you, you won’t go anywhere. Purvi says, did I ever leave you like that? I have always been with you. I promise you I will be here whenever you need me. She then tells him to get ready as it’s Sachin’s haldi. Soham says, I can’t come to that function. I have a lot of work. He leaves from there. Arjun sees and says in his mind, I will have to talk about Soham with Purvi after the function.

Haldi function beings. Teju comes and says she will apply haldi first. Savita stops and says it’s aai who applies the haldi first. Archana comes and applies the haldi to Sachin, followed by others. Manav tells Archana, look our Sachin is so happy. It seems like 25 years hard work finally paid off. Archana says it’s all thanks to sanskaar that he got from you and aai.

Sandeep gives Sachin’s photo to Balan and says, I have heard that your gang kidnaps people easily and end their game, I just want you to kidnap him. Balan is surprised to see Sachin’s photo. Sandeep asks what happened? You can’t do it? Balan says, when do you want us to kidnap him? Sandeep says after 2 days it’s his wedding, I want you to kidnap on that day. He gives him advance money.

Arjun comes to Purvi. Purvi says, I am missing Soham dada a lot. Everyone is so happy inside, and Soham dada doesn’t want to attend the function. I don’t know what and how to explain him. Arjun says, as much as I know Soham, I don’t think he wants to understand anything. Don’t know what’s his mindset. I am afraid that if he remains like this, then all the hard work that everyone did to change him, will go in vain. I am afraid he might do something wrong. Purvi says, no… what are you saying? I know he is going through bad phase, but he will never do anything wrong. Our family love will take him out of this situation. He was in similar situation before, but aai’s love changed him. Arjun says, I understand, but love for Gauri has made him crazy.. he can do anything. You’re his sister and you love him a lot and that is why you’re ignoring all this, but he has no clue about what’s right and wrong right now. We can’t ignore his actions otherwise we will have to regret tomorrow. Do you get what I am saying? Purvi says, you can say anything, but I know Soham dada can never do anything wrong. Arjun says, I also hope that. He wipes her tears and makes her smile.

Balan calls home, but Archana picks up. Balan hangs and thinks how to contact Soham.

Purvi tells Arjun, aai called me so I am going there. Arjun is playing with Pari. He says, no one cares about us. Your mum is going, leaving us alone. Purvi says, there is nothing like that. My Pari has her father, and her father has Pari with him. She’s leaving, but Arjun holds her hand and stops her. He gets up and back hugs her. Purvi says, leave me.. Pari is seeing. Arjun says, let her know how much I love you as well. Purvi says, aai will scold me. Arjun turns her and says she won’t scold. He kisses her forehead. Purvi’s phone rings. Purvi says I told you.. look she called again. Arjun disconnects and says, I am letting you go now, but tell me when you will return. Purvi says, after a year. Arjun says, will you be able to live 1 year without me and Pari? Purvi says, no. Arjun says, you will miss us in mehendi function too.. that is why I am saying, take me and Pari to mehendi function. We will sit in a corner. Purvi says, I can take you, but on condition.. you will have to put mehendi in your hand. Arjun agrees and says he will have ‘P’ written on his and Pari’s Purvi says, i was just kidding. Arjun says okay.. we can’t come there.. but we can at least drop you there. Purvi says okay. They leave with Pari.

Gauri’s mother and relatives are waiting for Archana. Archana, Purvi, Teju, Ovi, Shalini come there with menedi. Gauri’s mother welcomes them and then goes to call Gauri.

Purvi puts mehendi in Gauri’s hand. Teju tells her to put Sachin’s name there too. Teju then says she has some work and takes Purvi and Ovi with her. Archana tells Gauri that she knows everything about Soham and apologizes on his behalf. She says, he won’t do anything.. I will handle him. Gauri looks at the window and Soham is standing there with an angry face. Gauri decides to stay quiet. Soham goes away. Gauri tells Archana, I will be right back. Gauri follows Soham and tries to stop him. Soham angrily grabs her hands and pushes her to the wall. He asks, why are you trying to stop me? Whatever happens to me.. why do you care? You don’t love me, right? Then why are you trying to talk to me. You’re trying to show sympathy for me? I don’t want it. Gauri tells him to leave her. Archana comes there and sees them. She asks Soham to leave her, but Soham still doesn’t leave. Archana says, how many times I explained to you that she is your to-be bhabhi. Leave her hands. Soham doesn’t listen. Archana shouts and he finally leaves her hands. Gauri has hurt herself very badly and blood coming out. Soham leaves from there.

Gauri and Archana come back to the function. Gauri’s mother asks what happened to her hand. Gauri says there was water and she slipped and her bangle broke. She continues, but Archanaji was there.. and she handled everything. Purvi is in a doubt. Gauri’s mother takes her inside to apply medicine.

Precap: Sunday’s Pavitra Rishta special episode promo. Everyone dancing.

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