Pavitra Rishta 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th September 2013 Written Update

episode begins with archana questioning purvi.. she begs purvi to tell d truth n not to hide anything from her, she tells her soham is very important in her life n doesnt want to lose him again..
purvi finally tells archu, that soham loves gauri, and that d wedding has broken him, purvi adds that when gauri denied loving him, he was hurt even more.. archana says why soham didnt tell her before, purvi says, soham thought that she had gone with his proposal to gauri, archu blames herself for soham’s condition, purvi tells her, not to blame herself, and that its just one sided love.. archu tells purvi she has to set things right.. purvi tells her she will support always..

at home.. archu sees soham approching chawl.. she goes down n confronts him.. she requests him

to stop all this, she throws away the bottle n tells him that purvi has told him eveything.. soham looks at her.. archu tells him, she knows he is hurting, he understands him, but if gauri doesnt love he has to forget n move on.. she tells him she will find a nice bride for him.. saoham begs her to bring gauri fir him.. archu says he has gone crazy, she is to be his sis-in-law, and if she doesnt love him, then he cant force his love on her, n that both of them will not be happy, she tells him to forget her n get back to his life, she promises him that they will love him n support him.. soham gets angry, says nobody understand him n leaves

teju n ovi are not feeling sleepy n chatting.. they discuss abt their childhood days n laugh.. then they discuss abt the incidents at vinod mam’s house..
ovi then asks her abt sunny.. she tells teju that after sachin its her wedding.. teju tells ovi that they are on a break! FB to scene.. where, sunny tells her that his family is moving to rajkot.. he says he doesnt expect her to leave her fly n join him.. teju then comes up with d idea that they will take a break for a yr.. and if things workout they can be together or if in the mean time they find sum1 else they can move on..
ovi tells teju she is crazy.. teju says she lives her life on her terms..

at balan’s hide out.. one of d goons comes n tells him abt soham’s love n how the girl he lovesis marrying his elder brother, balan says this is the perfect time to manipulate soham..

next day.. ovi n savita looking at a dress, teju tells archu she wants tyo take soham along to invite ppl.. archu tells her to take purvi n ovi n that soham can be home..
archu then comes to soham room, he is sleeping.. she wakes him n tells that manav n she r going to temple n that he has to come with them.. soham declines n leaves..
purvi calls to ask abt soham, archu tells her that she has decided to take soham with her n not let himj out of their site.. she then tells purvi not to tell any1 abt soham n gauri..

manav happens to hear this n asks her what not to tell? she tells him, it was purvi n that they were discussing a party for sachin n not to tell him.. she then tells manav to get ready to got to temple..

shalini at onir’s hospital.. she comes to his cabin, she tells him its lunch time n stop working..she informs him that she was close by for a meeting n that she has brot his fav dish for him.. onir keeps looking at her and recalls what purvi had told him.. he suddenly proposes her.. shalini is taken aback, he tells her how she has always helped him n supported him n wants her to be his companion..he asks her what her opinion is.. she cries with joy n tells him, when they pretended to be a couple she wished it was for real.. n she accepts..

at the temple, soham is with manav n archana.. manav tells the pandit to pray for his son who is to be married soon.. pandit goes to bless soham, manav tells him its not soham’s wedding but his elder son sachin’s.. soham is sad n archana looks at him..
one of balans men calls him up n tells him where soham is.. balan says he will be there right away..

PRECAP: balan with soham at a bar, balan tells soham that if he loves gauri n wants her, he will see that he will get her, n that he will bring gauri to him..

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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