Pavitra Rishta 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th April 2013 Written Update

Soham speaking to himself saying seems like Ovi has got big misunderstanding about Purvi.. Purvi is very happy with Onir.. it’s Arjun because of whom all these happening.. I will go and talk with Ovi. Right then Ovi comes out.. very sad and just keeps walking. Soham follows her. A car is about to hit Ovi, but Soham pulls her back on the last moment. Ovi calls Soham “brother” and hugs him. She tells him that she got betrayed.. Arjun with Purvi. Soham says, your misunderstood.. they have done nothing.. Ovi says, no.. I loved Arjun so much, but see what he did. Purvi took away everything from me.. I have nothing.. everything is finished. Soham says, Purvi is your sister. why would she backstab you? Ovi says, you don’t know.. she took away everything from me.. and today she took away the thing that I loved most. Soham says, don’t say like that.. you just became a mother. Ovi realizes that she’s hugging him. Soham continues, you got lovely daughter like Pari.. you have everything. She moves back and gets angry now. She says, what do you think by doing all this you will come close to me? You’re also one of them.. who will come close and then betray me. Don’t touch me. She leaves from there.

Teju calls Jignesh and guides him what to do and all. Jignesh says, you care so much about our family.. and have almost because part of our family, but you still call my mum.. Snehlataji? Teju says, once I become part of your family, then I will call her mummyji or whatever she wants. Jignesh says that day is not too far. Teju hangs up. Manav comes there and sees Teju happy. Teju tells Manav how Jignesh helped her out so many times. Manav says, it’s good to hear that you are going to family where good people like Jignesh are living.

Purvi is wondering why Punni called her to hotel and she never came. She’s about to call her, but then receives call from Manav. Manav invites Purvi and her family for party which they have arranged for Ovi.

Purvi is lost in some thoughts and Onir comes there with water for her. He asks her why Punni called her. He sees her nervous and asks her what happened. Purvi tells him about Manav inviting for the party. Onir says, that’s good news. Purvi says, not for us.. I can’t go to the party.. I don’t know what to do. I convinced Arjun to marry with Ovi. I still remember that day.. and now by telling truth to everyone.. I am breaking their marriage. First I thought to take you with me so I don’t get weak.. but tomorrow it’s their anniversary and I can’t tell her about all this. If I tell her before that, then she will break down completely. Onir says, you’re right.. and it’s good that we found out that it’s their anniversary tomorrow. For now don’t tell anyone about this.. once celebration is over.. we will go to baba and tell him. Purvi says, yes.. but we will have to keep an eye on Punni. She says, I went to hotel but she never came.. something is going on in her mind.

Ovi returns home. She wipes her tears before entering. It’s very late and very dark. As soon as she enters… lights come on and everyone comes out with a cake and wishes her a happy anniversary. Arjun is also present there. He wishes her and hugs her.

Ovi in her room, thinking about all that she heard today. Pari cries and she carries her and sings lowri. Pari stops crying. She then again remembers Purvi telling Arjun that Pari is their daughter.. Ovi puts Pari down and Pari starts crying again. Ovi just ignores and goes back to sleep. Arjun now comes there and takes Pari with him.

Soham back to his home. Varsha asks him about Archu. Soham tells her that Archu signed before going to coma. Varsha says, that’s how Archu tai is.. she got such a big heart.. but despite that she didn’t forgive me.. so imagine what all I did to her. I am not worth of her forgiveness. Soham then tells her that he met Ovi and how she was crying.. taking Arjun and Purvi’s names. He says, she was in very bad condition.. I still don’t understand why she was crying so much. Seems like something bad happened with her.. she said Purvi betrayed her.. but why would Purvi do that? She’s her sister. He then says, Ovi hugged him and he felt like she took him as brother.. like how Purvi does. And then someone knocks the door and says, he has work for him. He says it’s a big party and they need extra men. When he takes Manav’s name.. Soham says, he won’t come. But Varsha says, he will come. Guy leaves.

Varsha tells him, not for Manav jiju, but go for Ovi.. it’s a big day for her tomorrow.. she will be happy if you will be present there. Soham agrees. Varsha then tells him, but don’t go in front of anyone.. they may not like seeing you there.

Punni on the phone with Manju. She says, I won’t come. Manju says, you’ve to come in family function and Manav invited so you have to come. Punni says, fine. Mittal comes and Punni disconnects the phone. Punni tells him about the function.. Mittal says, I am not interested in any of your family function.. and reason I let you go is because you finish my work. Punni says, I am trying.. I gave this work to Purvi because I got some proofs against her. Mittal says, what proofs? Punni gives him the CD. Mittal says, when you had this CD, then why didn’t you give me before? If you had given me this before.. he would be in jail right now. What’s your problem? He then laughs and says, not a problem.. tomorrow is great day to bring this truth out.. I will gift this CD to Ovi.

Precap: Onir tells Purvi, after finding out the truth about Pari.. everyone will be shocked.. but once they find out the reason behind it, then no one will blame you….

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