Pavitra Rishta 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th September 2013 Written Update

Shalini comes to Purvi’s cabin to give a file and calls her mam. Purvi tells her to call Purvi only and asks if she’s liking here. Shalini is very happy and says her mission to come to Mumbai finally completed as she got such a good job in this company. Purvi then talks about whether she found a new house and it would be uncomfortable to live with Onir. Shalini says if there is anyone with whom she is most comfortable with, then it’s Onir. But she says that she has found a new house because otherwise the society might make the stuff up. Arjun enters and asks Purvi if they need to order anything for Ganesh Utsav festival. Purvi says no. Purvi and Arjun invite Shalini for the function in their house. Shalini says she will definitely come and leaves. Purvi then asks

Arjun to call Onir and invite him too. Onir also says yes. Purvi says she will talk to Onir about Shalini tomorrow.

Soham returns home. Archu wants to talk to him about something, but Manav comes out and tells Soham to get ready as they have to go to get Ganesha’s idol. Soham tells Archu that he has to get ready and walks off.

Sachin, Soham, Manav come to take Ganesha’s idol. Sachin and Soham bring it out. Manav then goes to get their car. Gauri and her brother are passing from there. Gauri and Soham see each other. Soham loses his balance and was about to drop the idol. Sachin tells him to be careful. Manav comes and they are leaving, but on the last moment Gauri’s brother calls Sachin. Gauri and her brother go to meet them. Gauri says hi to both Manav and Sachin and ignores Soham. Gauri and her brother came to get Ganesha’s idol too. Sachin says if they are done then they will drop them. Gauri says they still have to select the idol and have to go for shopping too. Manav reminds her to come to Sulochana’s house for the dinner in night.

Sachin, Soham, Manav bring the idol to their house. Everyone welcomes Ganesha. Archana suggests they should let Sachin to the puja first as he’s going to get married, he will get blessings from the bappa. After Sachin everyone else does the puja and darshan. Ganesha comes in other houses too.. Sulochana’s, Gauri’s, and Arjun’s. Everyone is doing puja in their respective houses.

Shalini and Onir arrive at Arjun’s house. They are doing the darshan together. Purvi and Arjun find their pair amazing. Onir wants to play with Pari. Purvi takes him to their room.

Onir is playing with Pari. Purvi asks him if he loves the kids. Onir says he loves them a lot, all his stress go away when he plays with them. Purvi then tells him to think about his own kids, to get married. She further says that she even has found a girl. Onir asks who. Purvi says Shalini. Onir says he never saw from that angle and he doesn’t think Shalini has any feelings either. Purvi tells him sometimes people get scared to express their feelings and who knows she might have tried to tell, but Onir didn’t understand. She tells him to think about it.

All families have gathered at Sulochana’s house and everyone is doing Ganpati’s arti. Vindo says it has become like tradition Manav and Archu always start the arti. Sulo says Manav is also a son of this house. Everyone is happy. Archu goes with Manju to help her out in the kitchen.

Soham arrives late, drunk. Manju goes to him and smells it. Purvi notices and takes Soham inside. Manju comes the kitchen and start telling Archu that she had said Soham will never change. She says that her and sulochana were talking about his marriage, but which father would give his daughter to a guy like Soham. Archu looks at her with anger. Manju tells her not to look at her like that and asks her to go and check how drunk Soham is. He can’t even stand on his feet and came drinking on such day. Manav is passing from there and hears Manju saying that Soham will never change, he was a goon and will always remain one. Manav gets angry and shouts at Manju. He tells her to look at herself first and then talk about others. He brings up all the past stuff. Vinod interferes and Manav also shouts at him. Archana calms Manav down. She then tells Vinod to understand that Manav is sick. Vinod says if he’s sick, then keep him in the house, don’t spoil their day. Archana says okay. She asks Manav to leave from there. Everyone leaves.

Purvi is last one with Soham. She tells him that she understands his sorrow and told him not to do anything wrong. Archu overhears it and asks what is it to Purvi. Why Soham is behaving like this.

Precap: Archana tells Soham that she will find a nice girl for him, but Soham says he wants Gauri only as she means everything to him. Archana says him has he gone crazy?

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